Inventions and the Little ThingsMature

The stretcher that carried the prince away from Aims fortress was a work of genius, Francis had given the orders for its construction using a flat piece of wood from Aims house and attaching poles to it somehow she managed to figure a way of connecting the small grey tent to it and filled it with cushions and blankets. Six angels held the poles as they walked it towards home.


Aura had her own tiny silver tent to get some privacy that evening and for that night she spent it alone getting some rest.

Dawn and Sylver spent the night with Gabriel the prince had been bandaged up as his transport had been built. Sylver had overseen the setting of Gabriel's broken bones but the prince had refused to let anyone touch his wing. Sylver had sighed and shown Dawn how to bandage the wounds effectively.

“How are you feeling?” Dawn asked quietly as Gabriel looked up at them Sylver's magick lit the tent but it was a pale fire.

“Sylver” Gabriel said trying to pull himself up higher on the pillows, “light a candle instead of wearing yourself out.” Sylver sighed and nodded and lit the candle that sat beside the Gabriel in a wide holder. “And I'm fine” Gabriel added looking at Dawn.

“You look better now.” Dawn said sitting down beside him Gabriel laughed hoarsely.

“I look awful” Gabriel said “I'm black and blue”

“That’s better then red.” Dawn smiled “and green” Gabriel frowned a small smile on his face.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“When we first saw you there was blood all over you and your skin was a strange grey-green” Gabriel laughed quietly.

“I suppose black and blue is an improvement then” he said he agreed Dawn looked up as someone spoke outside the tent.

“Permission to enter?” the voice said.

“Granted” Gabriel replied Francis looked in and smiled then pushed back the tent flap and walked in letting in a gust of cold air.

“Your highness, the boys have had their evening meal and I made this for you three.” She set a pot down and put a bag beside it.

“What is it?” Gabriel frowned.

“A rarity for one.” Francis smiled. “Rabbit stew.” Gabriel swore loudly and Sylver burst into laughter.

“Don’t you like it sire?” Francis asked crestfallen, Sylver wiped his streaming eyes.

“We had it almost everyday on the way here.” He said still chuckling at the look on Gabriel's face.

“oh.” Francis said “I can find something else for you.” Gabriel shook his head slightly.

“It’ll be fine” he said “I'm not really hungry.”

“But you have to eat something.” Francis frowned.

“I will,” Gabriel said.

“Thank you Francis.” Sylver said lifting the lid “and this has other things like herbs and potatoes in it. I can smell rosemary, basil and I can’t place the last one.”

“Wild garlic sire.” Francis smiled Sylver grinned.

“in reality we only had thin soup anyway.” Sylver said

“Actually I do want some.” Gabriel nodded as his stomach reminded him that he hadn’t eaten for the last three days.

“Thanks Francis.” Dawn smiled at her.

“You’re welcome sire.” She smiled too and left the tent.

“Why did she call me that?” Dawn asked as Sylver pulled three wooden bowls from the bag and shared the stew out between them.

“Maybe she knows something we don’t.” Gabriel said as Sylver sat down beside him holding two bowls. Gabriel looked at him. “Don’t you dare.” He growled. “I can feed myself.”

“Gabriel,” Sylver sighed “your right arm is broken in three places and you have the use of two fingers and a thumb on the other”

“So what?” Gabriel growled “I can still do this” Gabriel stuck his middle finger up at Sylver “I can do wonders with two fingers.” Sylver sighed as Dawn mumbled something and turned bright red.

“What was that Dawn?” Sylver asked as he settled the wooden bowl into Gabriel's lap.

“nothing.” Dawn said looking at the bowl in his own lap.

“Something about a whole hand so I don’t think I wish to know the rest.”

“Probably not.” Gabriel said fumbling with the spoon he dropped it and swore then began pulling his right arm from its sling.

“Don’t even think about it.” Sylver growled.

“I'm perfectly fine.” Gabriel snapped using his bandaged hand to arrange the spoon in his left fingers. Sylver sighed as the spoon dropped again Gabriel growled and tried again.

“it looks like your thumbs not working either.” Sylver said watching him closely as Gabriel tried again. Dawn picked it up from the blankets as Gabriel sighed.

“Don’t you dare.” Gabriel snapped.

”you need to eat.” Dawn said.

“I’d rather go hungry” Gabriel said.

“Don’t be stupid.” Sylver said firmly Dawn took the bowl from Gabriel's lap and gently took the princes right hand.

“Are there any open wounds near your wrist?” he asked.

“No Dawn” Sylver answered for Gabriel, Dawn nodded and reached around pulling the tie from the princes braid.

“Hey” Gabriel growled.

“Trust me” Dawn insisted tucking the spoon into the bandages and using the tie to secure it to Gabriel's thumb. The prince looked at his hand his head cocked slightly and moved his arm as much as the bandages allowed a small smile appearing on his face.

“What made you think of that?” he asked.

“No idea but eat its getting cold.” Dawn lifted the bowl and rested it on Gabriel's left palm.

“You really are a genius.” Gabriel grinned.

The End

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