Someone pounded on the door Aim looked up vaguely as Tairas moved away from him.

“Who’s there?” Sylver called coming up beside him.

“Its me Francis.” A female voice shouted back Sylver looked at the clock that sat on the mantel.

“Prove it” Sylver replied.

“Sylver.” Another voice ordered.
“Mother” Sylver grinned he started pulling the furniture away from the door.

“Sylver let us in.” Aura ordered,

“I am mother, I’ll be a moment.” He wrenched the couch away from the door and pulled the two locking bolts back opening the door. Aura was leaning on Francis for support. “Mother?” Sylver frowned taking her from the small woman he guided her to the bed.

“What happened?” Tairas asked.

“I attempted to get the troops here quickly.” Aura said her voice was weak. “I spelled the horses for speed and endurance.”

“Mother” Sylver cried outraged “that’s over one hundred horses, and extra equipment.”

“I know my son” Aura smiled tiredly, “but it worked, the house is clear and we have what we came for.” She looked at Aim.

“Milady?” Dawn moved from the bed and knelt in front of her.

“Dawn?” Aura frowned “you are upset?” she said commenting on the fresh tear tracks down Dawn's cheeks.

“I feel better now milady.” Dawn said Aura nodded.

“What did you want?” she asked.

“I can help” Dawn said Aura looked at him quizzically.

“How can you help?” she asked.

“He means a recharge mother.” Sylver said helping as Dawn frowned trying to find the right words, Aura nodded.

“Very well.” She reached her hands out to him and Dawn took them gently in his own large hands.

“Now not too much Dawn,” Sylver said resting a hand on Dawn's shoulder. Aura gasped as Dawn's magick flowed slowly into her it filled her veins with liquid fire.

“enough” Aura said sharply Dawn pulled his magick and his hands away from her and opened his eyes Aura was looking at him strangely. “Your magick is odd,” she said the strength had returned to her voice. “it burns and feels raw, untrained.” She frowned.
“it is mother.” Sylver said “Dawn has had no formal training of any kind as of yet but I hope to teach him in the future.”

“I think it wise Dawn,” Aura nodded smiling slightly.

“Yes, milady.” Dawn said.

“You have the makings of a very powerful magick wielder” Aura said “are you aware of what type of mage you are?”

“An elemental milady.” Dawn said.

“I am assuming that fire is your main practise?” Dawn frowned.
“I'm unsure milady.” He said.

“Dawn” Sylver smiled at his mother. “Mother means that fire is the element you have naturally.”

“Oh” Dawn nodded quickly.

“I must apologize Dawn” Aura said standing up “I use obscure language on occasion and most do not understand me.” Dawn nodded. “In future Dawn, if you do not understand please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.”

“yes milady.”

“Please lift my son again Dawn,” Aura said, Dawn looked at the prince and lifted him gently biting his lip as the prince hissed in pain.   

The End

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