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Barricaded in Aims living quarters Aura instructed Dawn to put Gabriel on the lavish bed. Dawn did so covering the prince in the silk blankets. Sylver shoved the dopey, bleeding figure of Lord Aim across the room. The bound angel tripped, falling over the large rug beside the bed Dawn caught him by the collar and the large angel lifted him from the floor by the back of his neck.

“You hurt him” Dawn growled.

“Dawn” Aura said calmly “do with him as you please but I require him to stand trial in a week.”

“Yes milady.” Dawn said his eyes never leaving Aim’s face.

“I will go and organize the convoy.” Aura said as Dawn threw Aim down into a chair, Tairas tied his arms and legs to the wood tightly.

“You have this all wrong.” Aim said seeming to come to his senses Aura looked at him.

“You mean like last time?” she said

“I did not realize it would come to this” Aim said Dawn growled and lifted Aim chair and all bringing his face up to his level.

“You will address her highness correctly.” He snarled Aim laughed Aura smiled at Dawn.

“if you will all excuse me.” Aura said she settled a hand on Dawn's free arm. “Do not tire yourself out. My son will need you.” Dawn nodded gripping tighter as Aim wriggled in the chair.

“Yes, milady.” Dawn said.

“I will ensure the convoy gets here and we will sweep the house for stragglers.” Aura said

“Please look for Marcus mother.” Sylver growled Aura nodded.

“Mother?” Tairas spoke up “can we not teleport home?”

“Sylver” Aura said “I must go, please explain.” Sylver nodded and Aura vanished Sylver moved to the figure on the bed.

“Gabriel” he muttered then he looked up at Tairas as Dawn put Aim down. “we can't teleport the magick and technique involved could kill him.”

“Why?” Dawn asked Sylver smiled at him.

“Basically the teleport is a shortcut through space it squeezes the traveller through the quickest route to their destination, not instantaneous but quick enough.” Sylver said all of this in one breath “the shock could do permanent damage.” He added his voice breaking slightly on the last word. Dawn moved away from Aim and walked round the bed to Sylver.

“Sylver?” Dawn knelt in front of the angel who looked away from Gabriel his eyes meeting Dawn's. “It’ll be okay” Dawn said Sylver smiled sadly.

“Do you really believe that?” Sylver asked as Tairas began to walk around Aim. Dawn nodded.

“I hope so” he said Sylver nodded.

“you two are a right soft pair.” Gabriel groaned from beside them.

“how are you even awake?” Dawn asked smiling he moved to sit beside the prince.

“Sheer stubbornness.” Gabriel coughed and winced. Careful of the obviously broken fingers Sylver took Gabriel's hand.

“Gabriel” Sylver said as his hands began to glow “I can’t heal any bones until they’ve been set. Besides I don’t think I have enough magick left.”

“I know” Gabriel said as the warmth flowing into him began to relax his tired and aching body. “If you can stop my head swimming I’ll be grateful.”
“I should be able too.”

“Hi boys.” Lou's voice said Dawn looked up but Sylver's eyes stayed closed.

“Hello Lou” he said Dawn just stared at the daemon his face contorted with anger.

“Hello, Dawn” Lou said gently as he moved towards the bed Dawn stood up.

“Back off.” He growled,

“Dawn” Lou stopped putting both of his hands up in front of his chest. “I'm not going to hurt anyone.”

“I don’t care.” Dawn snapped Lou sighed then his eyes moved to Gabriel.

“What the hell happened to you?” he cried in shock.

“I could ask the same.” Gabriel said seeing the cut that disappeared into the daemons dark hair. Lou's eyes moved to Tairas and Lord Aim.

“Hello, brother.” Aim smiled Tairas’ fist cracked Aims cheekbone and Lou walked over to him leaning his hands on the arms of the chair.

“I am no brother of yours.” He whispered.

“Blood defines us, Lucifer.” Aim said though bloody lips.

“Perhaps,” Lou said his face inches from Aim’s. “But when you fall, and I will make sure you do, I will make damn sure that you are screaming for the rest of your life.”  Lou stood straight then he looked at Dawn for a moment then at Sylver. “Sylver?” he said Dawn turned to the two angels on the bed. Sylver was swaying slightly his hands still locked onto Gabriel's. “Sylver.” Lou shouted he and Dawn moved at the same time Dawn gripped Sylver's arms trying to get him to let go. Carefully Lou untangles their fingers and Dawn lifted the angel away setting him gently on unsteady feet.

“Sylver” Lou said firmly lifting the angels face he took him gently from his son and Dawn moved to the bed. “It’s okay” Lou said gently as Sylver looked up vaguely.

“Gabriel?” Dawn muttered.

“I'm okay” Gabriel smiled splitting his cut lip again.

“You’re lying again” Dawn said trying to smile Gabriel nodded.

“Lou why are you here?” Sylver asked as he sat back down on the bed. Lou turned and walked to Aim.

“To do this.” he gripped Aims skull and the angel shrieked.

“Lou, no” Sylver shouted but the daemon had already let go.
“He’ll remember nothing” Lou said “no recent memories and I've taken some from his past too.”

“But why?” Sylver frowned.

“Dawn” Lou smiled at his son sadly. “You will take the credit for everything I did the water, the arrow, everything.”

“I can’t.” Dawn growled.

“You can, he will remember nothing he won’t remember that I was even here or that you are his nephew.” Sylver nodded slowly.

“He won’t be able to involve Dawn at all.” Sylver said understanding what Lou had done, Lou nodded.

“And Marcus?” Gabriel croaked Lou smiled.

“My dear nephew is already with me.”

“How?” Sylver frowned.

“When I left after Dawn teleported you home” Lou said “my people found him hiding behind a bush.” Sylver and Dawn laughed and Gabriel snorted. “I though a family reunion was in order.” Sylver looked at Dawn.

“Dawn?” he said quietly.

“I have my family.” Dawn said gripping Gabriel's hand gently. “I don’t need you Lucifer.” Lou looked shocked then he nodded sadly.

“Very well.” He managed to choke out. “I won’t bother you again”

“Good” Dawn said.
“But take the credit it means you can stay with your prince.” Lou vanished leaving them alone.

“Dawn” Sylver cried “he's your father.”

“I don’t care.” Dawn mumbled trying not to let tears roll down his cheeks.

“You do care” Gabriel said from beside him.

“I don’t, he, lied to all of us and he's a daemon.”

“So what?” Gabriel asked.

“How can he be anything to me?”

“Dawn” Gabriel coughed as he propped himself up awkwardly.

“Yes?” Dawn said reaching to help but Gabriel smacked his hand away.

“You are the lowest rank of angel as a technical orphan, I am the highest rank a male angel could ever be. I could say the same about you but I don’t because I can love you and I do.”

“It’s not the same.” Dawn argued weakly looking at his hands.

“Explain how it’s different, please.” Gabriel clenched his teeth his back arching as the pain spiked through him.

“Gabriel let me try again” Sylver said rolling his sleeves up.

“No” Gabriel snapped. “Let me sleep and let Dawn think about what an idiot he's being.”

The End

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