Two Magick WordsMature

Dawn and Sylver walked either side of Aura picking of stragglers that eluded her magick. Suddenly Aura and Sylver stopped Dawn and Tairas moved up beside them. A strange figure was picking his way up the corridor, he was dragging his left leg and his bloody wing using a metal pole as a crutch. The angels face was unrecognizable but the almost completely blood soaked braid that hung over his shoulder was the giveaway.

“Gabriel?” Sylver called the figure stopped and looked up one eye was completely bloodshot and the other was obscured by the thick line of blood that ran from his hairline.

“Sylver?” the figure said in a surprisingly strong voice. “Mother?” he smiled his split lip beginning to bleed again “Dawn” he grinned then he sighed, his eyes rolling back and he collapsed. Sylver grabbed Dawn as he began to move forward, Aura walked serenely to the crumpled figure on the ground. She held her hands out and her magick wrapped around the prince warmth soaked into his limbs and Aura gasped for breath.

“Mother, stop” Sylver said running forward and resting a hand on her arm.

“Please,” Dawn said “Milady. Let me carry him.” Aura looked at him her face pale.
“Why would you offer that?” she asked looking back down at her son.

“Because it’s my job, Milady.” Dawn took a breath. “And because I care about him and everyone here, we all need some rest.” He prayed silently that his gamble would pay off.

“He’s right Mother” Sylver said as Aura nodded slowly.

“Very well, Dawn.” She said “but don’t hurt him.” Dawn moved forward and slid one arm gently beneath Gabriel's shoulders and the other under his knees and carefully lifted him off the cold floor. Sylver moved to his side and looked at his brother.

“Dawn?” he said slowly “is he…?” Sylver stopped.

“He’s alive” Dawn smiled sadly at Sylver who nodded as Gabriel's eyes opened slightly.

“Got to go home” the prince mumbled through bloody lips. “Got to get home”

“You will” Sylver smiled at him “we've come to take you home.” Gabriel looked at him.

“Sylver?” he slurred a small smile on his face.

“Gabriel” Aura moved forward and Gabriel reached out a hand to her.

“I'm sorry for not greeting you correctly” he said quietly as his mother took his hand she smiled.

“Where is Aim my son?” Aura said gently.

“I knocked him out” Gabriel mumbled his eyes starting to close again.

“In his rooms?” Aura asked,

“No” Gabriel said “down there.” He pointed back the way he'd come and Aura nodded.

“Sylver,” she snapped “healing at once.”

“Yes mother.” Sylver nodded taking Gabriel's hand from her.

“Tairas follow me” Aura swept off down the corridor.


Dawn hiccupped slightly as he tried not to look at Gabriel.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said quietly as Sylver magick ran into him beginning to numb the pain, Dawn looked down at him and the tears fell.

“I'm sorry.” Dawn sniffed.

“Dawn” Gabriel said his eyes closing.

“Yes sire?”

“Love you.” Gabriel muttered slipping into a peaceful sleep.





The End

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