Gabriel was having trouble catching his breath, he almost laughed at the thin leather strap that Aim held.

“You will come to my way of thinking.” Aim said

“Not if you keep doing that” Gabriel growled. “As beatings go its not one of the best I've had.” Aim snarled in frustration.

“Fine” he said he dropped the strap on the bed beside the prince. Then he lifted Gabriel and dumped him unceremoniously on the floor. “Fine” he said again grinning maniacally. “We shall try something different then.” He knelt down his magick pressing Gabriel into the cold stone floor use his hands to spread the princes right wing, Gabriel flinched as Aim pulled out a singe feather.

“What are you going to do?” Gabriel sneered “tickle me?” Aim stood brushing the feather thoughtfully across his chin. Gabriel's humour was short lived as Aim rested a booted foot on the thin bones of his wing, the prince clenched his teeth as he realized what was going to happen.

From outside the door came an almighty crash, screams and shouts met Gabriel's ears and Aim frowned moving his foot and walking to the door.

“What’s going on?” he roared at the guards outside the door.

“I'm not sure sire.” The guard replied. Gabriel realized that he could move slightly now Aim wasn’t near him and he could see the leather strap hanging from the edge of the bed. He reached up pain coursing through him and snagged it with the tips of his fingers. It fell the end smacking him in the face he almost laughed again as he held the ends making a loop.

“Well find out” Aim snapped to the guard, he slammed the door shut. “now,” he smiled at Gabriel “where were we?” he looked at Gabriel's bruised and bloody face. “Ah yes, I remember lets see what's made of an angel that cannot use his wings.” He poised his foot on the top joint of the princes bloody wing.

“You’re an idiot” Gabriel snarled he whipped his hand out the strap catching Aim’s ankle and he wrenched the angels feet from beneath him. Aim crashed down on Gabriel's wing snapping the fragile bones Gabriel heard the scream before he realized it was tearing itself from his own throat, Aim’s head hit the floor and his eyes slid closed. Gabriel felt his captors magick dissipate as Aim fell into unconsciousness. The prince rolled over pulling his ruined wing from beneath Aim. He used the bed beside him to pull himself up, the shouting outside was getting louder. He examined the bed realising that it was more of a trolley and had metal poles that formed the sides. His mind was fuzzy but he managed to slide one of the poles out using it as a walking staff he dragged himself to the door after pulling his own sword from Aim and tucking Dawn's dagger into his belt. He pulled the door open expecting to have a fight on his hands but the corridor was empty.



The End

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