Journey to a FortressMature

Sylver urged his horse to go faster.

“Sylver.” Aura called the angel sighed and dropped back to his mothers side, the sound of hooves on the dry mud roads was almost overpowering as over a hundred soldiers raced along behind them. Dawn, Tairas and Gabriel's other brother Daryll rode along behind Aura. “My son” Aura said as Sylver levelled with her. “Speed is necessary but haste will get you killed.” She informed him.

“Mother, goddess only knows what is happening to him.” Sylver had an unpleasant feeling tugging in the pit of his stomach.

“He will be fine” Aura said “Aim will be demasculated if not.”

“Mother please let us get there first the soldiers can catch up.” Sylver begged.

“My son you are aware that Aim lives in a fortress.” Sylver nodded “I may only carry one, two if pushed but if my power is depleted we will not win.”

“I know that” Sylver said “but Dawn can take us” Aura looked at him for a moment then turned back to her horse.

“Francis.” She ordered the small woman rode closer to her “call a rest stop when we near the SoriLake.”

“Yes milady.” Francis dropped back and Aura looked at Sylver “we will set up my tent and discuss it properly.” She said Sylver nodded.

“Yes mother.” He smiled.



The guards followed Francis’ instructions to set up a small grey tent that Aura swept into her sons followed her.

“Where is Dawn?” Aura questioned. Tairas left and Dawn felt a tug on his sleeve he turned from the soldiers tales to see Tairas.

“Mother” he said Dawn nodded he was beginning to understand the strange angels single worded requests. He followed Tairas quietly entering the tent he saw Aura, Daryll and Sylver seated on the canvas covered floor. Awkwardly he knelt before Aura.

“Rise my boy” Aura said “this is no time for formality.” Dawn sat down beside Sylver “now we have a day and a half of fast riding and at least one horse change before we reach Aim’s residence,” she informed them “but I have the ability to carry one faster and from what my son tells me you do too” she looked at Dawn “from what was said I believe you can carry two but at a time of great stress, do you believe you can do it again?” Dawn frowned.

“I can try.” He nodded.
“Very well” Aura nodded “if not ensure it is Tairas you carry, I am to understand this ability is new to you?”

“Yes milady. I have only used it…” he paused “a few times.” Aura looked at him closely then nodded.

“Very well you will carry Tairas, I will carry Sylver.” She looked at Daryll. “Keep the soldiers well behaved get to us when you can.”

“Yes mother.” Daryll nodded and left the tent as Aura gripped Sylver's hand.

“We will meet you there.” She smiled at Dawn before her and Sylver vanished. Dawn gripped Tairas’ hand he closed his eyes but the stifling tent still surrounded them when he opened his eyes again. Tairas moved and took Dawn's face in his hands looking into Dawn's eyes.
“Gabriel” he said quietly and Dawn tried again but nothing happened, “save Gabriel.” Tairas almost shouted it and Dawn fell back into long grass outside the fortress.

“I did it,” he grinned Aura smiled down at him and Sylver pulled him up.

“It takes time to get the hang of it” she said amused “especially with passengers.” Dawn nodded.

“Yes milady.”

“Alright.” Aura said she rolled up her sleeves and rubbed her hands together Dawn stepped back as sparks flew up from her fingers. Sylver grabbed him and pulled him backwards as electricity began to crackle around Aura.

“Keep clear and watch carefully.” He smiled “this will be impressive.”



The End

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