A Little Gratuitous ViolenceMature

Dawn followed Sylver and Tairas, the quiet angel left them as they reached his rooms.

“See you in a moment Tairas.” Sylver said continuing along the corridor. “Dawn you will carry Gabriel's spare sword, if he can use it when we get to him.” dawn nodded as they jogged up a flight of stairs.

“Okay” he said as they reached Gabriel's rooms.

“It’s in the wardrobe on the back of the door.” Sylver said stopping outside the door. “You probably won’t be on the advance guard, mother doesn’t know you yet.” Dawn nodded as Sylver “do you have any more clothes here?”

“Only my neat clothes.” Dawn said.

“Get changed and use the sink to wash up.” Dawn nodded and Sylver moved to leave. “I’ll se you back here when I'm ready.” Sylver called before he closed the door.


Dawn stripped off his filthy clothes and twisted the tap the water gurgled slightly and then ran freely, dawn smiled.

“Well he told the truth about that at least.” Dawn thought before sticking his head under the faucet rinsing dirt, blood and sweat from his short hair.


Before he left the bedroom to wait for Sylver he checked the full length mirror inside the wardrobe ensuring that he was completely clean he scrubbed a smudge of dirt from his forehead and went to wait for Sylver.


Aura looked up as Tairas entered the throne room.

“Mother.” He greeted dropping to one knee.

“Rise my son” Aura said then she frowned “where is Benjamin?”

“He was a traitor, mother” Tairas said quietly.

“How so?” Aura asked.


Outside Gabriel's bedroom Sylver stopped dawn.

“Mother is going to question us about what happened” he said “now, do not even mention Lou all the things he did we will say you did. That will put you in mothers good books. We will say that you teleported Gabriel out when he was shot and you found water in the tunnel.” Dawn nodded. “And under no circumstances must she find out that you and Gabriel are any more than prince and servant, clear?”

“Yes” Dawn said quickly.

“Good” Sylver smiled “let’s go.”


Gabriel put the undrunk tea on the table as Aim stood up.

“I don’t think we are going to agree are we?” he asked.

“I doubt it” Gabriel said coldly.

“Very well, then you will return to your cell.” Aim opened the door “take him” he called to the guards three of them filed in. “Come along.” Aim said as they wrenched Gabriel into a standing position by his chains. The prince moved slowly down the corridor watching the guards carefully. He moved his hands apart and quickly wrapped the length of chain around the neck of the guard on his left swinging him into the one on his right both slammed into the wall, sliding down onto the floor. The single guard that followed ran forward as Gabriel moved his wrists together the chain going slack. The guard fell back as the heavy chain links smashed into his cheek Gabriel spun to face Aim who looked mildly surprised that the three guards were out cold. Gabriel kept the foot of heavy chain in his hands.

“Gabriel,” Aim smiled “what is the point?”

“No point” Gabriel said “it just makes me feel better.” Aim stepped towards the prince and Gabriel swung the chain Aim caught it and pulled it roughly aside. The princes sharp reflexes saved his head from smashing into the wall but his back and wings soaked up the impact instead and he cried out.

Aim released the chain and clicked his fingers, Gabriel felt his feet leave the floor invisible bonds strapped his legs together and pinned his arms to his sides.

“Try again, Gabriel” Aim smiled Gabriel growled and Aim laughed and flicked his wrist the prince slammed into the wall, he heard the crunch as several ribs cracked and his cheekbone shattered his mouth filling with blood. “Again?” Aim asked his voice pleasant. Gabriel spat the mouthful of blood at his captor Aim sighed and wiped his cheek with his sleeve and Gabriel hit the other wall back first. His head exploded with pain as stars flashed before his eyes. “And again?” Aim asked Gabriel  stared at him defiantly though a rapidly swelling eye.

“Threes a charm” he growled he felt two of his teeth move as he spoke.

“I think I have a better idea.” Aim grinned using a handkerchief to wipe the rest of the blood from his face.

“You really think I care?” Gabriel snarled.

“I think you will” Aim grinned.

The End

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