Dawn, Sylver and Tairas ran through the corridors of the palace bursting into the throne room just as Aura and her guards entered through a side door. She held Sylver page long note still dressed in her travelling clothes she looked almost normal in breeches and a saddle coat, her hair tied in a loose plait. She looked up as the three angels skidded to a halt in front of her. Sylver pulled Dawn down as he and Tairas knelt in front of her.

“Rise.” Aura said mildly surprised “my sons” Tairas and Sylver rose Dawn stayed where he was as Sylver quickly whispered to him.

“Stay put.” He muttered as he stood up.

“And who is this?” Aura asked she stepped down from the raised dais her soft travelling boots making a small click on each step. “Rise young one.” Aura said Dawn stood up keeping his head down Aura put a hand beneath his chin and lifted his face.

“Mother?” Sylver said Aura looked at Dawn for a moment longer her pale green eyes searched his, Dawn swallowed then without releasing him she looked at Sylver.

“You may speak.” She said.

“This is Dawn” Sylver said “he has been a great help to us even saving his highnesses life.” Aura raised her thin eyebrows and looked at Dawn once more.

“You saved my son?” she asked Dawn swallowed again his mouth had gone dry.

“Mother?” Sylver said again.

“Yes Sylver?” Aura said her voice was slightly harsh now she released Dawn.

“Gabriel is with Lord Aim.” Aura's head snapped round her eyes blazing.

“Excuse me?” she said frostily.

“He took us prisoner Mother” Sylver said “the water was a way of getting us away from the palace.”

“Carry on” Aura said.
“Gabriel got us out Mother but they caught him again” Sylver said quickly.

“Is this correct?” she said to Dawn.

“Yes your majesty.” Dawn muttered.

“Very well” Aura said “prepare yourselves to leave immediately.” She looked at Dawn. “What part do you play in all of this?”

“His highness employed me temporarily as his man at arms, your majesty.”

“Did he now?” Aura said then she nodded and turned to the guards by the door. “Prepare a fresh travelling party immediately. Ensure there are fully trained guards this time.” The guards left to obey her orders. “Now my son” she turned back to Sylver her voice gentle again. “What is this?” she lifted Sylver's chin to look at the collar.

“I'm not sure Mother it restricts my magick though” Aura frowned.

“Come to me” she said moving to a window. Sylver followed her and she turned him so his back faced her, Dawn watched as the collar clanged on the marble floor. Aura moved from Sylver's side. “And you” she beckoned to Dawn who shuffled over to her, she smiled slightly as she moved behind him. “How long since you escaped?” she questioned as she removed Dawn's collar.

“Moments Mother” Sylver said.

“Then how are you here?” she asked.

“Dawn shares a talent with you Mother” Sylver said “he can teleport.” Aura smiled surprised.

“Really?” she said interested.

“Mother, how did he teleport with the collar on?” Sylver frowned as he thought about it.

“I am unsure.” Aura frowned looking at the metal collar in her hands and examining it carefully. Dawn shivered slightly, he could still feel her cold fingers on the back of his neck. “I see” Aura muttered to herself as she walked around them still looking at the collar. She looked up suddenly to see the three men watching her. “They have Elven runes on” she said “perhaps the name of the forger. I think they were designed to suppress the main forms of magick.”

“You mean elemental powers?” Sylver asked he picked up the other one and looked at it.

“Yes my son” Aura nodded “and learned magick so any Elven mage is powerless while wearing one but all angels are born with a gift and the elves are not.”

“They are?” Dawn asked Aura looked at him in surprise. “Sorry your majesty.” Dawn said looking back at the floor he didn’t see Aura smile.

“Indeed” Aura said amused “Dawn just address me as milady I despise two words when one will do.”

“Yes milady.” Dawn corrected.

“Anyway” Aura said “onto more important matters.” She took the second collar from Sylver. “Go and arm yourselves, may I also suggest showers?”

“Yes Mother” Sylver smiled Aura nodded as her own man at arms entered the room.
“Your convoy is almost ready milady.” She informed Aura. “we are waiting on the kitchens.”
“Thank you Francis” Aura said “please lock these away safely in my rooms.” She handed the collars to the short, stocky woman. “I will examine them properly later

The End

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