A Pleasant ConversationMature

Lou whooped happily and spread his wings zipping quickly through the trees laughing to himself before a small group of daemons caught him and vanished.


Gabriel was shoved roughly along the corridor moving as quickly as he could despite the heavy shackles around his ankles. Someone dragged at the metal chain that connected his own metal collar to his wrists as they entered a lavishly decorated oak panelled room. The prince was shoved roughly and he landed on his knees in front of Lord Aim.

“You don’t have to kneel your highness” Aim said bending down to look at Gabriel the price stared back at him, his breathing ragged. “You sound awful highness.” Aim said he gripped the chain near Gabriel's neck and dragged the prince to his feet. “do you think you're clever?” Aim asked smiling.

“Compared to some” Gabriel growled Aim laughed and shoved him into a chair nearby. Aim looked at the guards near the door.

“Tea” Aim said “now. For my guest and myself.” Aim moved behind Gabriel's chair, as the angels left, he shoved it towards a small table. Aim settled into his own chair opposite the prince. “Now, highness” Aim said “let’s talk”

“I've got nothing to say to you.” Gabriel snarled, his body was stiff and aching the adrenaline from the escape attempt was gone and a painful tiredness was starting replace it.

“You have plenty to say.” Aim said as a tray with two cup, a bowl of sugar, a cream jug and a steaming tea pot, was bought in. the serving boy set it on the table, Gabriel looked at the boy carefully as the tiny angel poured the tea. “Leave us Jonathan” Aim said.

“Yes my lord” Jonathan bowed and shot a piteous glance at Gabriel before scurrying out of the room. Aim lifted one of the cups from the tray nodding at Gabriel, when the prince didn’t move Aim sighed and lifted the other cup pressing it into Gabriel's cuffed hand. Gabriel looked down at the brown liquid vaguely aware of what it was.

“Sugar?” Aim asked Gabriel looked up at him and shook his head dully. Aim dropped a sugar cube into his own cup and sat back in his chair. “Now, Gabriel” Aim said stirring his tea. “I know we've never been friends, even when you and your family have been here as my guests you snuck around trying to find out things about me, but I hope whilst you are here this time we can get to know each other a little better.” Gabriel cocked his head his mind kicking back against the exhaustion that dragged at him. The steam rising from the cup in his hands made him look down at it.

“What do you want?” he asked looking at the liquid in the cup.

“Better” Aim smiled “I want to help you” he said reaching over he poured cream into Gabriel's cup. The prince watched as the colour of the tea changed.

“Help me?” Gabriel said tonelessly.

“Yes” Aim said sitting back again. “You abhor your mothers rules.”

“So?” Gabriel looked up.

“As do many others including myself.”

“She is still our queen” Gabriel said.

“True.” Aim said “but is it still treason if you were to take her place?”

“Yes” Gabriel said Aim frowned for a moment.

“Are you sure?” he smiled.








The End

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