“Gabriel you're bleeding” Dawn said as he released the prince he looked at his hands.

“later.” Gabriel said “Dawn, did you know about any of this?” Dawn looked at him in disbelief.

“No” he cried.

“Okay” Gabriel smiled “lets go” the prince moved quickly to the door and slowly pulled the handle down opening it as quietly as possible. Dawn saw the prince react fast gripping the two guards, outside the door, by their collars their heads came together with a loud crack before they slumped to the floor. Gabriel motioned for the others to follow him after pulling the guards swords from their sheaths he passed one to Dawn and looked back out of the door checking the corridor. He crept out into the darkness the others followed closely.


“Stop” Gabriel hissed as they came to a corner Gabriel rested his free hand of the stone wall and looked around the corner two more guards stood with their backs facing the prince. Gabriel tensed ready to leap out when Dawn tugged on Gabriel's sleeve. “What?” he mouthed annoyed Dawn pointed at Tairas and Gabriel smiled.

“I always forget that.” The prince grinned as Tairas moved forward rubbing his hands together as they began to glow with a steady deep blue light that curled around his fingers. “Watch this.”  Gabriel said to Dawn quietly but by the time they had taken the two steps around the corner the guards were out cold and Tairas had his hands on his waist waiting for them impatiently Gabriel grinned shaking his head.

“Thanks.” He whispered as they all caught up to the quiet angel.

They moved along one dark, stone passage after another.

“How big is this place?” Sylver asked they all stopped for a moment.

“I'm not sure” Gabriel said looking around the next corner then he smiled.

“I found a way out.” He said just as a shrill bell cut into the eerie silence.

“I’d say that’s our cue to leave.” Sylver smiled Dawn wrenched the window up and Gabriel raised his sword as he saw a small group of guards hurrying down the corridor.

“Dawn, Sylver get out” Gabriel called he shoved the two angels towards the window and they climbed out as the guards reached Gabriel and Tairas both angels were impressive to see Tairas barehanded and Gabriel with the blade stopped the guards quickly. They moved backwards towards the window quickly Sylver grabbed Tairas and hauled him out.

“Gabriel” Dawn shouted the prince was just out of reach Gabriel stepped back and Dawn grabbed him just as the guards did the same.

“Dawn” Gabriel shouted as he was pulled back in the window and vanished from view.


Suddenly Lou appeared beside them.

“Follow me” he snapped Sylver and Tairas started to move but Dawn was trying to climb back in the window lashing out as guards came near him. Lou growled and backtracked grabbing Dawn round the waist he lifted the large angel easily and carried him away. “Run” Lou said as they landed the other side of the fortress wall.

“Let me go” Dawn snarled in Lou's ear “right now”

“No” Lou panted as they ran through the trees.

“Lou cant you get us out of here the same way you did before?” Sylver shouted over their heavy footfalls Lou shook his head even as Dawn punched him squarely in the back. The daemon fell dropping Dawn and skidding to his knees, coughing. That’s when Sylver noticed the collar around Lou's neck.

“Dawn” Sylver snapped “enough.”

“We’ve got to go back.” Dawn shouted back

“We can’t” Lou said standing up again “Aim wont kill him he's too valuable.”

“That doesn’t change my mind” Lou gripped Dawn by the shoulders.
“Aura is on her way home” he said shaking the large angel. “Get there quickly.”

“How?” Sylver snarled “we’re miles from anywhere.” Lou sighed.

“Dawn” he said calmly “I need you to concentrate, you can get them home.”

“How?” Dawn mumbled.

“You can teleport.”

“What?” Dawn snapped

“You can do it, get them home.”

"I can't" Dawn said quietly.

“You can” Lou said his voice was gentle and he brushed Dawn's hair from the angels eyes “you can.”

“I'm just an elemental and a low level one at that.” Dawn said.

“Some gifts are specific to family.” Lou said Sylver looked at Dawn and Lou their faces inches from each other.

“no” he said astonished.

“I don’t know my family.” Dawn growled “and I don’t want to be like the few I've met.” Lou smiled.

“How about being like me?” Lou said Dawn frowned.

“What?” he shouted.

“He’s your father Dawn” Sylver said slowly Dawn looked at him.

“My…?” Dawn stopped and looked back at Lou. “You?” Lou nodded and Sylver grinned Dawn tore away from the daemon.

“Dawn please?” Lou said serious again.

“You’re a liar.” Dawn said quietly.

“You can call me names later” Lou said as Tairas moved gripping Dawn's arm.

“Please?” he said as Sylver took the other one they could hear shouting nearby.

“I’ll explain everything to you later.” Lou said Dawn glared at him.

“How do I do this?” he growled.

“Close your eyes” Lou said quickly “imagine yourself in Paradise, in a part you know.” Dawn followed the instructions and opened his eyes to see Lou still standing there. “Again” Lou insisted Dawn tried again but still saw Lou “and again.” Lou said.

“I can't” Dawn shouted when he opened his eyes again he saw the tiny room that joined onto Gabriel's bedroom.   










The End

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