Gabriel launched himself at the little angel breaking out of his captors grip his forehead connected with Marcus’ nose. The resounding crunch echoed around the cavern and blood poured through Marcus fingers as he clapped a hand to his face. Lord Aim landed his elbow in Gabriel's stomach winding the prince who dropped to his knees coughing behind the gag.

“Well that was a lucky shot.” Aim grinned as Marcus whimpered. Gabriel growled as he saw his own sword in Aim’s hand the pommel hit him in the temple and he saw stars before passing out.



Dawn awoke to a pounding headache he opened his eyes to see darkness around he sat up slowly and felt around someone was laying beside him.

“Hello?” he muttered.

“Hello Dawn” Sylver voice sounded rough and croaky.

“Where are we?” Dawn asked.

“I'm not sure.” Sylver replied.

“Where’s Gabriel?” Dawn realized that he hadn’t heard the princes voice. “and Tairas?”

“I'm here” Tairas said from near Sylver.

“Is Gabriel with you?” Dawn asked.

“I think we’re all in the same cell.” Sylver's voice had moved.

“I think you're more intelligent then I first thought.” A voice said a candle flared to life illuminating Lord Aim’s face. Dawn looked around but still couldn’t see his prince.

“Where is he?” he snarled standing up Aim smiled as he lit a branch of candles that sat on a small table outside the cell.

“I wouldn’t worry” Aim said “he's being well cared for.” Dawn slammed his hands onto the bars of the cell and bit back the cry as a sharp spike of pain snaked up his arms he wrenched himself backwards. “I wouldn’t do that.” Aim smiled “you see where we have the power to use electricity the humans have found a way to harness it forcing it to follow their rules.” He pointed up at the thick bundle of cables that ran across the ceiling. “The humans have become very useful in their technological advances.”

“Where is Gabriel?” Dawn growled.

“Like I said” Aim said calmly. “He’s being cared for.” Aim looked at Dawn carefully. “You know you could be comfortable here, if only you'd hear what I have to say.”

“I don’t care what you have to say.” Dawn snarled.

“So family doesn’t matter to you after all?”

“Dawn stay quiet.” Sylver said calmly the collar around his neck sparked.

“You’ll find your Grace.” Aim said to Sylver “that the collar you wear will soak up any magick you attempt to use.” Tairas cocked his head his steady brown eyes watching Aim unblinkingly, then he grinned, Aim stepped back slightly a frown on his face.

“Anyway if you will excuse me I have some business to attend to.” He swept from the room.

“That was brave.” Sylver said to Dawn “if not a little stupid, you had a chance to get out.”

“Not without my real family.” Dawn said tonelessly.



Gabriel was laying on a bed his arms outstretched beside him, he tugged again the straps around his wrists cutting into his skin.

“Hello Gabriel.” Lord Aim said sitting down beside him he put the candle down beside Gabriel's head the prince stared at him refusing to spit the insults at the angel that were forming in his mind. “I've just spoken to my nephew, he's very loyal to you.” Gabriel bit his tongue. “Well your highness here is the deal, all I wish to know is where your mother is.” Gabriel looked at him and frowned. “Well?” Gabriel stayed silent and Aim shrugged. “Maybe Dawn will tell me.” Gabriel smiled.


Dawn growled as he paced the small cell Sylver and Tairas watched him Sylver sighed as one by one the candles burnt out. Dawn looked up as the door opened and Aim came in followed by two guards carrying a flat board that carried Gabriel.

“In there.” Aim said pointing to the cell next to them. “Well” Aim smiled looking at Dawn “your wonderful prince didn’t last long.

“What are you talking about?” Sylver snapped as he and Tairas stood up.

“He told me everything before he passed out.”

“Liar.” Sylver spat.

“Can you be sure of that?” Aim grinned.

“He wouldn’t.” Dawn growled.

“Like I said,” Aim shrugged “are you absolutely sure?”  Sylver gripped Dawn's hand discreetly and Dawn's reply never came. Aim locked Gabriel's cell as his guards left then walked to a small switchboard on the wall he flicked one of the levers and the buzzing of electricity built quickly.

“What did you do to him?” Sylver asked looking at the princes pale face, Aim smiled.
“Well it seems that our beloved prince is no stranger to pain.” Aim sneered “I just helped the existing injuries along a little.” Aim slotted two new candles into the holder and lit them then he left the room.


“Gabriel?” Dawn shouted through the bars, “Gabriel?” he tried again Gabriel didn’t speak but one hand rose pressing a finger to his own bloody mouth. Dawn stopped shouting as Gabriel's eyes opened the prince moved slowly unstrapping the restraints that merely held him on the board. Then he walked slowly to the bars of the cell looking at the door.

“Gabriel?” Sylver whispered “don’t touch it.” Gabriel looked at him and Sylver pointed up. Gabriel looked at the thick bundle of cables and frowned then he moved back to the board and sat down lowering himself carefully.

“What are you doing?” Dawn asked as Gabriel looked at the door.

“Shhh.” Gabriel growled.


The candles had half burnt down when Gabriel suddenly moved again Sylver saw him drag himself up and walk to the door again a frown on his face. Then he bent down and Sylver frowned as the prince looked at his shoes.

“Gabriel?” he hissed.

“Shhh” Gabriel said walking to the board he picked something up and Sylver saw him wrap it around his hands.

“No” Dawn snapped as Gabriel gripped the bars on the door of the cell then the large angel frowned as nothing happened. Gabriel wrenched the door up and back gritting his teeth in pain, nothing happened.

“Gabriel what are you doing?” Sylver asked.

“Will you all shut up?” Gabriel snarled and he wrenched again pushing up and forward instead the metal protested slightly and the lock clicked back the prince smiled opening the door.

“How the Hell did you do that?” Dawn asked as Gabriel walked to the switchboard and shut down the electricity. The prince walked over and held his hands up showing them the strap that had held him on the bed.

“Rubber?” Sylver frowned then he laughed as Dawn forced the cell door.

“How did you know about the doors?”

“I learnt a few things in the thieves guild in the city.” Gabriel muttered Dawn hugged him around the shoulders.

“You’re a genius,” he grinned.

“Not yet I'm not.” Gabriel said “we've got to get out of here now.”    














The End

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