Lord AimMature


Gabriel spun and drew his sword Dawn followed suit.

“Show yourself” Gabriel snarled a figure stepped forward into the dim glow of the candle.

“Hello boys” Lord Aim sneered. “You two have been hard to find.”

“That was the idea.” Gabriel said.

“I would put those down if I were you.” Aim smiled looking at the two blades in front of him.


Lou froze halfway to the waterfall Sylver looked back as the daemon cried out falling to his knees.

“Lou?” Sylver could see blood trickling down the daemons face.

“Go” Lou snapped before he vanished.


Gabriel levelled his blade at Aim’s throat.

“Why would I do that?” he growled.

“Trust me it’s in your best interest.” Aim smiled as a rope swung over Gabriel's head pinning his arms to his sides. The sword was wrenched from his hand as he glared at Aim beside him Dawn was being tied tightly. “I've been waiting for this.” Aim said his face inches from Gabriel's own. He stood straight looking at the unseen angels behind the prince. “Make sure he can’t move, this one is slippery.”


Sylver stopped as he felt magick ahead of them he put his arms out and stopped Tairas and Marcus.

“Gabriel?” he called.
“Sylver” Gabriel shouted back “get out.” Sylver turned dragging Marcus behind him. He only got a few steps towards the exit before magickal ties strapped his arms to his sides and bound his legs together, he fell hitting the sandy floor. Marcus and Tairas landed either side of him.

“Bind him” Aim walked up behind them and with the toe of his boot he rolled Sylver over and smiled down at him.

Sylver yelled as a metal collar was strapped around his neck it forced his magick back, the fire that lit up the cavern went out plunging them all into darkness. Aim lit his own hand a deep red fire making the shadows dance strangely on the stone walls. Sylver groaned in pain.

“Gabriel?” he mumbled seeing his brother and Dawn dragged towards them the prince had a scarf tied over his mouth and Dawn had a collar too.

“Do we tie the little one?” one of the captors asked.

“No” Aim said “release him.” Marcus was untied and he stood slowly.

“Marcus go” Sylver ordered Marcus looked down at him then to Sylver's confusion he smiled.

“Why would I do that?” he grinned the confidence in his voice sounded strange he flicked his hand and lifted Sylver up so he could look at the angel properly. “Thanks for the training by the way but as you see I didn’t need it.”

“Enough, Marcus.” Aim smiled.

“Sorry Father.” Marcus said lowering Sylver down again.


“I thought I recognized you.” Dawn snarled.

“So you should.” Aim smiled. “Its Dawn now isn’t it?” Sylver saw Marcus almost hopping with excitement.

“How do you know him?” Sylver snapped.

“Easy.” Aim smiled. “Go ahead Marcus.”  the small angel grinned.

“Do you know how hard it’s been travelling with you and staying quiet as you reeled the prince in with your ‘woe is me’ tales?” Marcus smiled as a scarf or something similar was tightened over Dawn’s mouth. “You being abandoned and all of that.” Dawn mumbled something. “Sorry cousin, I didn’t catch that” Marcus grinned.

The End

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