Sylver watched them go a small smile on his face.

“What are you grinning at?” Lou asked.

“It’s nice to see him happy for once.” Sylver said “both of them” he added Lou nodded.

They started walking early the next morning Gabriel was quiet again trudging along automatically.

“Morning” Lou said catching up with them.

“Hey Lou” Sylver said is eyes half closed against the fierce and cold wind that had woken them all that morning.

“Lovely day.” Lou grinned the wind obviously not bothering him “watch out for the cave ahead.” He said walking uphill easily unhampered by a heavy pack.

“Where?” Sylver asked.
“Around three miles.” Lou said “it’s got an underground stream and a little waterfall.”

“So?” Marcus asked.

“So we’re stopping there” Gabriel spoke up.

“We’ve got to get home.” Sylver growled.

“Well go ahead” Gabriel snapped “I'm stopping at least.”

“Fine” Sylver grumbled.



The cave was further than Lou had thought and the wind was howling through the mountain pass by the time they reached it and even Sylver was grateful as they crouched down and crawled through the hole that led into a massive cavern.

“How did you even know this was here?” Sylver asked.

“I've been checking the route ahead for the last few days before I came and found you all for the evening.” Lou smiled “I wondered where the small tunnel went so I had a look.” Sylver lit a fire in his palm and everyone looked up as the light hit the ceiling splitting into a thousand pieces.

“Crystal” Sylver said moving to the wall and examining the sparkling stones.

“Where is this waterfall?” Gabriel asked Lou smiled and pointed to the back of the cave.

“Then that’s where I’ll be” Gabriel said

“Don’t go alone.” Lou called “Dawn”

“I’ll go too” Dawn said grabbing his pack and hurrying after the prince.

Tairas smiled and lay down his hands behind his head looking at the twinkling lights above him.

Sylver dropped the fire to the floor and it flared into a decent sized campfire.

“Lou?” he said looking at the daemon.
“Yes Sylver?”

“Can you tell me what's wrong with Gabriel?”

“I think that’s up to him Sylver.” Lou smiled.

“I suppose so” Sylver sighed he jumped as a loud crash echoed around the cave. “Gabriel?” Sylver shouted jumping up, Tairas caught up with him and Marcus followed close behind.


Gabriel pulled his pack off looking into the deep pool the light of the last half of one of Dawn's candles lighting up the small space. Dawn moved to Gabriel dumping his pack on the floor he wrapped his arms around the prince.

“Hey” he grinned.

“Hi” Gabriel laughed.

“Aw aren’t you two sweet?” a voice drawled from the darkness.


The End

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