Sleep, Memories and an Offer You Can't RefuseMature

Sylver's tea was sweet and pleasant Gabriel felt himself relax he was sitting beside Dawn. Tairas had turned down the tea instead he lay down and closed his eyes.

“I wish I could do that” Lou said as Tairas snored lightly.

“Me too” Gabriel said setting down his empty mug and snuggled up to Dawn who was already laying down. Dawn smiled and covered them both with the large fur cloak.


Lou watched Dawn closely making sure the angel slept and he sighed his thoughts wandering.
“Lou?” Sylver said quietly the daemon looked at him. “Are you okay?” Lou nodded slowly.

“I'm fine youngling.” He sighed.

“You care about him don’t you?” Sylver said looking at Dawn and his brother.

“Yes I do” Lou said “I care about all of you.”

“Can we take a walk?” Sylver asked.

“I'm supposed to be on guard.”

“I put a circle up earlier.” Sylver smiled Lou nodded and stood up.

”Sure” he smiled too and they walked away into the trees.


Sylver and Lou walked around the forest in silence for a few minutes.

“So what's bothering you?” Lou asked.

“Dawn's real name, its unusual” Sylver sighed “I recognize it from somewhere”

“Do you remember where?” Lou asked.

“I remember the smell of roses.” Sylver frowned. “We were young, very young but Daryll was around so we must have been around ten.”

“Dawn is a few years older than you he went to the monasteries orphanage when he was four.”

“Then I don’t know where we were.” Sylver stopped frowning.

“Tairas went to the monastery at eight years old.” Lou smiled. “You all went with him to see it.”

“So he was there when we were?” Lou nodded

“Most likely.” He said “Dawn stayed there until he was fifteen.”

“Poor guy” Sylver sighed as they carried on walking.

“Who?” Lou asked.

“Dawn” Sylver said “I can’t imagine what sort of life he's had.”

“A lonely one.” Lou said.



Gabriel shifted in his sleep and Dawn woke up fighting the effects of Sylver's tea he looked down at Gabriel and smiled.

“I hope I can stay as your family.” Dawn muttered.

“Me too” Gabriel mumbled back.

“Sorry Gabriel” Dawn stroked Gabriel's hair “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You didn’t I was already awake.” Gabriel looked up at him and smiled. “How are you?”

“tired.” Dawn said Gabriel moved lifting himself up on his elbow he saw shadows beneath Dawn's eyes.

“So I see.” He said he pushed Dawn's hair back and smiled. “I care about you.” Dawn smiled.

“I do too.”

“And what about me?” Gabriel laughed Dawn grinned.

“You know what I mean.”


Sylver and Lou walked back to the fire and Gabriel jumped as Sylver cleared his throat and Dawn and Gabriel sprang apart.

“Bloody hell, don’t do that.” Gabriel snapped sitting up Dawn's face was a deep red as Sylver looked at him a barely concealed smile on his face. “No offence Lou”

“For what?” Lou laughed.

“I presume hell isn’t bloody.”

“Depends if the alcohol supply is in or not.” Lou smiled Gabriel looked at him closely unable to work out if the daemon was joking.

“I don’t think its warm enough for that kind of thing by the way.” Sylver said sitting back down.

“What sort of thing?” Marcus sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Nothing happened” Gabriel growled. “Mores the pity” he mumbled to himself.

“What was that last bit?” Sylver asked grinning.

“Nothing.” Gabriel snapped laying back down his back facing Dawn.

“Sorry Dawn” Lou smiled sitting down too Dawn mumbled something incoherent and if possible turned even redder, Sylver laughed even harder, and Lou winked at Dawn.

“Will you shut up Sylver?” Gabriel snapped sitting up.

“Sorry Gabriel” he smirked “sorry Dawn.”

“It’s okay” Dawn said shifting uncomfortably Gabriel lit a cigarette offering one to Dawn.

“So nothing happened then?” Sylver smiled Gabriel glared at him.

“No” he snapped.

“Then why the cigarette?” Sylver grinned Gabriel stood up.

“I'm going to smack you if you carry on”

“Enough boys” Lou said loudly Gabriel turned to him.

“What?” he growled.

“Gabriel please.” Dawn muttered tugging at the princes trouser leg Gabriel turned and walked away the copper circle flashed as he strode through it.

“I’ll go” Lou said following the prince.   


Lou found Gabriel sitting a few yards from the clearing his back resting against a tree.

“Gabriel?” Lou said quietly crouching down beside the prince.

“Go away”

“This isn’t about what's just happened is it?” Gabriel looked at him.


“Then what is it?” Gabriel shook his head. “You can talk to me” Lou added the prince shut his eyes and Lou flinched as the back of Gabriel's head met the tree trunk. “Don’t do that” the daemon pleaded putting his hand behind Gabriel's head.

“Why not?” Gabriel growled. “It makes me feel better.”

“Please” Lou sighed “tell me what's wrong”

“You told me I could choose my path” Gabriel said looking at him.

“Yes I did”

“How can I?” Gabriel mumbled “mother will kill him.”

“Choose what you want it will work out.”

“How can you know that?” Gabriel snapped.

“Because I do” Gabriel glared at the daemon.

“Well, I don’t believe you”

“Gabriel you care for Dawn” Lou smiled “and yes you may have to hide it for a while but you and Dawn will be together.” Gabriel stood up and watched Lou do the same.
“Nothing I do ever goes right when mother is involved”

“You don’t want to go home do you?” Lou asked gently.

“No” Gabriel shook his head. “But I have no choice.”  

“I'm afraid there are two choices” Lou said “either you go home….” He paused.

“And the other?” Gabriel prompted.

“You’d never agree” Lou said Gabriel frowned

“What is it?”

“You come with me. You and Dawn”

“Are you crazy?” Gabriel snapped.

“I told you, you wouldn’t like it.” Lou smiled “but the offer is always there.”  




The End

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