A Few Small AnswersMature

“I can’t say” Lou said quietly.

“I'm getting sick of this.” Gabriel snarled.

“Gabriel” Lou said looking sharply at the prince “the few things I do know would most likely get you killed”

“What?” Gabriel shouted.

“the only thing I will say is that you two have known each other for longer than you think.” He looked at Dawn and smiled sadly.

“I really am tired of this bullshit.” Gabriel snarled.

“I know princeling.” Lou said Gabriel glared at him “sorry Lou said quickly unconsciously rubbing his cheek.

“So if we know what has been erased then it will put us in danger?” Sylver frowned

“It does, it can send you mad.” Lou sighed “I know that personally, or there is a chance that your mother will find out that somehow you know and well that goes without saying.” Gabriel nodded.

“So mother won’t accept it at all?” Sylver asked Lou shook his head.

“If you tell her you saw me she’ll say you're insane or even better remove any memory of me.” Gabriel stood up pulling his cigarettes out.

“Is there a chance the magick will run its course?” Sylver questioned as Gabriel began to pace restlessly.

“Yes” Lou said “that’s how I know what I know when I fell I remembered nothing”

“Nothing at all?” Dawn asked feeling slightly sorry for the daemon.

“Not even my name” Lou smiled bitterly.

“How long has it been?” Marcus asked.

“Over five hundred years” Lou said.

“What?” Gabriel stopped moving and stared at Lou “you fell when I was young I'm not even fifty yet.”

“You still are young.” Lou smiled “the time differences between the worlds make things seem to go faster or slower don’t ask me why because I don’t know.”

“So you landed in Hell with no memories?” Marcus asked Lou nodded.

“Yes” he said “I was completely alone and as I've said I went a little bonkers.”

“Anyway” Gabriel growled. “Can’t you even tell Dawn who he is?”

“The name is right.” Lou sighed “your name was Cyrus.”

“It doesn’t sound right.” Dawn said pulling a face he mouthed the name to himself a few times. “In the forest Tairas said my uncle dropped me at the monastery.”

“It’s possible.” Lou said nodding.

“Who is my Uncle?” Dawn asked.
“I don’t know” Lou said “I'm sorry.”

“No” Dawn said “I have my family now” he looked up at Gabriel.

“That’s a good attitude to have Dawn” Sylver smiled Dawn nodded sadly.

“I gave up searching years ago.” Dawn said “but if my uncle dropped me at the orphanage then he didn’t want me either.” Behind him Gabriel knelt down and wrapped his arms around Dawn's shoulders.

“I'm sorry Dawn” he whispered in Dawn ear “or should I call you Cyrus?”

“No” Dawn snapped “I don’t like it”

“Fair enough” Gabriel smiled “Dawn” Gabriel rested his chin on Dawn's shoulder.

“I think we should all get some rest.” Sylver said “emotions are running high and all of need to calm down.” Lou nodded.

“Do you want me to stick around and keep watch?” he asked.
“Sounds good.” Gabriel said liking the idea of the large daemon standing guard, he rubbed Dawn's shoulders gently doubting that the angel would sleep at all.

“Did you want some help to sleep Dawn?” Sylver said voicing his brothers worries. “I could make us all some tea” Dawn nodded.

“Yes please.” He muttered

“I’ll make enough for all of us” Sylver said pulling out the cooking pot once it was on the fire he put his hands over it his fingers glowing slightly. Soon all of them heard water bubbling away in the pot and Sylver began to add different herbs and spices to it.

“It better taste better then your willow bark tea” Gabriel grumbled his finger buried in the feathers of Dawn's wings.

“It will” Sylver smiled “it’s not a painkiller”

“But you give me willow bark when I can’t sleep” Gabriel growled he felt Dawn tense up beneath his hands and he shuffled forward until his body was pressed against Dawn's back.

“That’s because the face you pull is hilarious.” Sylver grinned.

“Bastard” Gabriel snapped.

“If I'm one you are too” Sylver grinned Gabriel felt Dawn laugh and he kissed the angels neck gently.

“Will you two get a room?” Sylver said.

“If you want to build us a tree house be my guest.” Gabriel laughed.

“Can I ask something?” Marcus said surprising them all.

“Certainly.” Sylver said stirring the pot.

“Why don’t we fly home?” Lou looked at him in surprise.

“The little angel has a point.” He said.

“We can’t” Gabriel said “as of four months ago its illegal mother decided that although angels have wings they aren’t dignified in flight”

“That’s ridiculous.” Lou snapped.

“That’s mother” Gabriel shrugged “her best one is still only women are allowed to bathe in the Rannin on Sunsday” Sylver snorted.

“I still think alcohol was involved in that one" he said.

“She’s crazy” Lou said.
“Yeah” Gabriel said as if Lou was stupid “that fact was in question?”

“I suppose not.” 

The End

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