Sylver listened carefully to Dawn's tale his book propped open on his knees.

“Well,” he said when Dawn had finished “there is a few things it could be.”  He closed his book and reached into his pack pulling out the half empty brandy bottle and poured a large drink for Dawn, he passed it to the large angel before pouring one for Gabriel and himself. “Either, you're going mad, around our family it’s perfectly possible if not a little quick. You could be hallucinating, again tiredness can cause that.”

“I doubt it.” Gabriel said Dawn drained his mug and felt grateful as his head cleared.

“He’s overtired” Sylver smiled “it’s perfectly viable.”

“True” Gabriel nodded.

“Or Tairas” Sylver sighed “may be playing silly games again.”

“Silly games?” Dawn asked not believing that the stoic angel could do anything that seemed silly.

“The palace went through three cooks before mother realized that the ‘ghosts’ they saw were our dear brother.”

“What?” Dawn growled.

“When he meditates he can project himself to other places like Lou does.” Sylver explained “the monks have ritual fasts and Tairas used to appear in the kitchens and raid the cool boxes and the larder not that he could eat in that form but it didn’t stop him trying.”

“So is that it?” Dawn asked looking at Tairas.

“Most probably.” Sylver smiled.

“Then what he said must be true.” Dawn said hopefully he saw Tairas open his eyes.

“Tairas.” Sylver said holding a hand up to stop Dawn as the large angel opened his mouth. “Did you go travelling while you meditated tonight?” Tairas nodded.

“Always” he said simply.

“Do you remember where you went?”

“I walked round the forest.”

“Did you speak to anyone?” Gabriel asked Tairas looked at him steadily.

“No” he said.

“But…” Dawn started Gabriel put his hand on the large angels linking their fingers.

“Do the monks keep record of orphans?” Gabriel asked.

“The ones that go there.” Tairas frowned.
“Do you know if Dawn's there?” Sylver asked.

“I don’t.”

“I was number 2275.” Dawn said desperately.

“2275” Tairas repeated slowly as he shook his head, “no” Dawn felt the hope in his chest deflate. “Cyrus” Tairas’ voice cut into him.

“What?” Dawn said the name hit a chord somewhere inside him.

“Number 2275, birth name Cyrus.” Dawn looked at Tairas

“That’s my name?” he asked frowning.

“Information classified.” Tairas frowned and shook his head.

“Tairas?” Sylver frowned “what is it?” the dark haired angel had a strange look on his face he shook his head.

“I'm not sure.” He said “the file was destroyed.”

“What?” Dawn cried.

“Was there a surname?” Gabriel asked Tairas frowned his face twisting as he gripped the sides of his head to see the usually serene angel so animated unnerved Dawn.

“Stop” Lou's voice shouted he appeared in front of Tairas and a sharp smack on the angels cheek bought Tairas back to normal.

“What was that?” Gabriel was halfway around the fire heading for his brother.

“Don’t try and remember.” Lou snapped.

“What?” Sylver was standing too.

“Your memories of certain events are blocked.” Lou said calming down “it’s a good thing I decided to come and check on you all.”

“What is going on?” Gabriel snarled even Marcus was sitting up paying full attention.

“Sit down” Lou sighed he knelt beside Tairas lifting his face gently he searched the dark eyes with his own. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked.

“Light” Tairas said slowly “a headache.” Lou nodded.

“Brandy.” He said simply.

“Tairas doesn't drink” Sylver said.

“Medicinal purposes only” Lou insisted. Tairas coughed as the harsh liquid burnt his throat Lou looked at the angels eyes again relived to see the pinprick pupils were reacting again. “I warned you not to try and remember things.” Lou said sitting down beside Dawn.

“We didn’t know.” Sylver said sitting back down too.

“I suppose not.” Lou sighed “as far as I know most of Tairas’ memory is in tact but certain little bits appear to have been tampered with.”

“But what's Dawn got to do with it?” Gabriel asked.

The End

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