Stranger in the WoodsMature

Tairas performed the short prayer for the angels including all of them together as they didn’t know exactly who they were or how many of them there were.

Vivien got his own and two more tags were found as Dawn, Sylver and Marcus used their collective magick to cremate what was left of the troupe. Gabriel fastened the tags around his neck one for a Philip Jensen and one for an Abigail Porter.



That night the prince didn’t speak as he stared blankly into the fire. Dawn looked around at the others. Sylver sat reading silently Marcus was asleep or seemed to be and Tairas had his eyes shut his back straight and his hands on his knees.

“Gabriel?” Dawn muttered the prince didn’t stir and Dawn sighed standing up he walked away from the fire.


Dawn walked around the small forest for an hour before he realized someone was following him, he spun his sword coming up fast the dark figure ducked away beneath the blade and Dawn stopped.

“Sorry Tairas.” Dawn muttered the quiet angel smiled “why are you following me?”

“A word?” Tairas said indicating a fallen log nearby Dawn re-sheathed his sword and sat down Tairas settled beside him.

“What did you want to say?” Dawn asked after a few moments uncomfortable silence.

“You’ve picked a hard path” Tairas said his voice didn’t waver at all staying unnaturally level all the time.

“You mean with Gabriel?” Dawn asked

“In part yes,” Tairas said.

“What’s the other part?”

“Your family.” Tairas said Dawn looked at him.

“What family?”

“I know who you are” Tairas said.


“I speak to my brothers in meditation” Tairas said “they keep records.”

“Your brothers?” Dawn was confused.

“The monks” Tairas explained his brown eyes seemed to smile. “They know you.”


“Your uncle took you to them”

“Dawn?” Gabriel's voice cut through the conversation Dawn jumped up and saw the princes sword was drawn.

“I'm here” Dawn called Gabriel hurried over.

“Why did you go off alone?” he snapped.

“I wasn’t alone.” Dawn turned but to his alarm Tairas was gone. “But…?”

“Then who was with you?” Gabriel growled.

“Tairas” Dawn frowned his head was starting to hurt.

“Tairas is beside the fire he hasn’t moved for the last four hours.”

“But…” Dawn didn’t know what to say, “he followed me and told me that he knew me”

“Knew you?” Gabriel asked “I think you need some sleep Dawn”

“But he was there” Dawn pointed at the log. “What’s going on?” Dawn cried frustration making his voice tense.

“Let’s go back” Gabriel said gently sheathing his sword he took Dawns hand and pulled him into a tight hug.

“I don’t understand any of this.” Dawn mumbled into Gabriel's hair.

“Let’s ask Sylver he may know.” Gabriel gripped Dawns waist tighter. “Please don’t go off alone again”

“I'm sorry” Dawn said he was calming down slightly now.

“I thought something had happened to you.”

“I'm fine” Dawn took Gabriel's shoulders and moved him back to look at him properly. “How are you?” Gabriel smiled sadly.

“I’ll be okay” Gabriel said “it’s just been a bad day.” Dawn nodded.

The End

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