Explanations and a Little Revenge.Mature

“I got stuck” Lou said simply “the pillar in the library is gone”

“What?” Sylver barked.

“Paradise is unprotected” Lou sighed.

“So how come you could go when I woke up?” Gabriel asked dully.

“I couldn’t” Lou smiled “its complicated but the magick I had in place for coming here changed when the protection failed my magick changed to try and accommodate it and I got stuck”  

“I don’t understand” Gabriel growled.

“When you awoke coincided with the moment I arrived in Paradise.” Lou said “I said your name as my body arrived that was what I gave thanks to.” Lou smiled as Sylver's eyes widened and the angel poked Lou's knee the daemon looked down at Sylver's hand and grinned.

“You’re real” Sylver frowned.

“No magick?” Sylver said “you're actually here?”

“Yes” Lou laughed “I had to come or my magick would have drained until it killed me.”

“But how could you have even moved?” Sylver asked.

“Some of my people bought me here.” Lou replied.

“Daemons in Paradise.” Gabriel growled.

“No princeling they went home.”

“I am really confused.” Dawn said

“He’s real that’s all that matters.” Gabriel said “and we need to move on”

“Are you staying?” Sylver asked Lou, putting out the fire.

“No young one I won’t” Lou smiled “I will be heading home today”

“Why?” Dawn asked “can’t we say that you helped us?”

“Redemption isn’t real, Dawn” Lou said “Aura would keep me as a prisoner.”  

“As a dog” Gabriel growled “I've seen the lower dungeons that’s where she’d put you”

“Not necessarily” Lou sighed “she had another place for the ones she wants no one to find.”

“Where?” Gabriel asked

“I have no idea princeling.” Lou smiled at him “but there is certainly such a place, somewhere.”

“You know I'm glad you came up here.” Gabriel said moving towards Lou.
“Why?” Lou smiled unsurely.

“Because I can do this” Gabriel slapped Lou's cheek, hard, the resounding crack made the rest of the group wince.

“You little bastard.” Lou growled holding his red cheek.

“Stop calling me princeling.” Gabriel smiled Lou glared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“I think I deserved that.” He grinned rubbing his warm cheek.

“Next time I’ll break your nose.” Gabriel said Lou laughed again as Gabriel turned to collect his pack from Dawn.

“I’d love to have a proper sparring match with you Gabriel.” Lou said finally dropping his hand to reveal a bright pink handprint blossoming on his face.

“Maybe next time.” Gabriel smiled.

“I’ll see you all later.” They all called their farewells and Lou vanished in a flash of deep red light.

“Gabriel Black-Lightning” Sylver grinned. “You have just bitch slapped Lucifer.” Gabriel looked thoughtful for a moment then he smiled.

“I did, didn’t I” he laughed. 

The End

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