Gabriel saw Dawn shift away from Tairas as Sylver spoke updating him on the strange events Tairas didn’t speak through the tale or afterwards.

“Dawn?” Gabriel whispered as the large angels knee touched his Dawn looked at him “he won’t hurt you.” Tairas looked at Dawn and cocked his head.

“Tairas you're unnerving Dawn” Tairas smiled slightly and inclined his head in a small bow.

“Forgive me” he said.

“He has that effect on people.” Sylver smiled.

“Its okay I’ll get used to it.” Dawn said.

“You won’t.” Gabriel said lighting a cigarette Tairas frowned at him “you're not eating” Gabriel growled at his brother. “I've know you for thirty nine years and you're still weird.” Dawn laughed Tairas raised thin eyebrows and Dawn shivered unpleasantly as Tairas flashed a full toothed grin at Gabriel, the large angel felt like a field mouse between two snakes.

“Oh I forgot that bit.” Sylver smiled “Gabriel's found a partner.” Tairas looked at him a quizzical look on his face and Sylver pointed at Dawn. Tairas frowned.

“Mother?” he said Dawn shook his head not knowing why the single word had been used.

“We’ll deal with her later.” Sylver said Gabriel smiled at him and Tairas nodded.

“congratulations.” He smiled.

“Thanks Tairas” Gabriel said “anyway I think I'm getting some rest.”

“Guard?” Tairas said to Sylver as Gabriel settled down.

“I've set up a circle as you know.” Sylver smiled. “But I’ll stay awake for a little while.” Tairas nodded and lay down too closing his eyes within minutes he was asleep.

“I don’t know if I like him.” Dawn said as Gabriel lay his arm over the large angels chest.

“Don’t worry” Gabriel smiled “he just takes a little getting used to.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be used to the way he stares” Dawn mumbled he heard Sylver laugh softly.

“Don’t worry about it Dawn” Sylver said “you either love him or hate him we have no choice but to love him.”

“bastard.” Tairas said suddenly making Dawn jump then the large angel laughed in spite of himself and Gabriel smiled and cuddled up to Dawn burying his face in against Dawn's shoulder.



Dawn opened his eyes as low conversation met his ears, raising his head he saw Gabriel still asleep on his chest beyond that Sylver and Tairas were sitting by the cooking pot talking with Lou.

“Good morning.” Sylver said quietly seeing that Dawn was awake.

“Hi” Dawn said gently he shifted the prince off and settled Gabriel back down beside him. When he sat up he saw Tairas frowning at him.

“What?” Dawn grumbled.

“He didn’t wake up” Tairas said suspiciously.

“He’s been ill” Sylver said as Dawn settled the fur cloak over the prince and moved to the fire sitting down beside the tall daemon.

“The sleeps good for him.” Lou said Dawn nodded.

“So what now?” Dawn yawned.

“Well I've been working on unblocking the Rannin” Lou said.

“And we should get home” Sylver said Dawn nodded sadly.

“Problem Dawn?” Lou said kindly, he rested a hand on Dawn's shoulder.

“I suppose not” Dawn sighed.

“Don’t worry” Sylver smiled “we’ll work something out.” Dawn shook his head.
“I don’t want to work anything out.”

“What?” Sylver asked. “I thought you cared about him”

“I do” Dawn said “but if he gets hurt because of me then I’d rather not sort it.”

“You’ve worked it out.” Sylver said.

“His injuries, you mean?” Dawn said he nodded slightly.

“I suggest this conversation ends.” Gabriel's voice growled.

Dawn turned to see the prince as he stood up Gabriel's eyes were a dark blue his face pale.

“Gabriel calm down” Sylver said.

“No” Gabriel growled “you have no right to discuss this.”

“Gabriel enough” Sylver said firmly “please.” The prince looked at him and Dawn and Lou shifted slightly, Tairas seemed unaffected even as the air seemed to crackle around the prince. “We care that’s why we talk about it.”

“I never asked you to care.” Gabriel snarled “so don’t.” Gabriel turned lighting a cigarette and walked away into the trees.

“Shall I follow him?” Dawn asked.

“No” Sylver said quickly “you're likely to lose your head right now.”

“You know,” Lou said thoughtfully “Gabriel's moods are odd.”

“Duh” Marcus said sitting up.

“How long have you been awake?” Sylver asked.

“Since the shouting started.” The small angel yawned.

“What I meant” Lou said “was that they're extreme, he's so volatile.”

“He never used to be” Sylver said.

“I think Gabriel's depressed” Lou said frowning.

“It’s possible” Sylver said.

“I thought angels were usually happy.” Lou grinned.

“Well he's not” Sylver smiled sadly.


Gabriel returned to the fire a few hours later.

“Still here?” he said to Lou his voice was dull and his facial expressions seemed forced.

“I thought I’d wait until you came back” Lou smiled as Gabriel sat between him and Dawn.

“Why?” the prince said as Dawn put an arm around him.

 “To let you all know what happened yesterday.” Lou said Sylver straightened up listening intently and Lou laughed.



The End

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