Band of BrothersMature

Sylver walked a tight circle around the campMarcus saw a wall of copper fire flare behind him encircling the small clearing.

“What’s that for?” Marcus asked as the circle faded and Sylver sat back down.

“Protection.” Sylver said “it keeps anything out that means us harm including mosquitoes.” Sylver smiled as Marcus laughed. “you think I'm joking”

“So what else does it keep out?” Marcus asked.
“Anything” Sylver said. Both of them leapt up as the circle flashed a shout of pain echoed through the forest and they saw a figure fall to the ground. “Well I must say” Sylver smiled “my timing was perfect.” He walked over to the intruder then he frowned and Marcus heard him swear.


Gabriel and Dawn burst into the clearing.

“What was that?” Gabriel panted.

“You’ll never guess” Sylver said sheepishly.

“Then tell me instead” Gabriel growled.

“I think I knocked Tairas out.” Sylver mumbled Gabriel walked over to look at the unconscious angel he knelt down and tugged the cotton scarf away from the angels mouth and nose.

“Yes Sylver” he grinned “you did” Gabriel stood up then he burst out laughing

“It’s because he snuck up on us” Sylver grumbled.

“When does he not sneak?” Gabriel said bending down he lifted his younger brother up struggling slightly he set him down beside the fire.

“Where’s Benjamin?” Sylver frowned.

“No idea” Gabriel said vaguely looking out into the trees.

“We can ask when he wakes up” Sylver said untucking the scarf from Tairas’ face and tugging the angels hood down.

Dawn looked at Tairas he saw dark brown hair, so different from the twins but he had the same face shape.

“Why is he unarmed?” he asked Gabriel.

“He doesn’t need to be” the prince smiled.

“He fights barehanded?” Gabriel nodded “why can he do it and not you?”

“Tairas went of the monastery in the outskirts of the city they specialize in religion and the fighting arts. Mostly staff and double sword but Tairas happened to be there while a Spirit Warrior was staying Tairas trained with her until she left.” Dawn's eyebrows rose.

“A Spirit Warrior” he said in awe.

“The only female in over a century.” Gabriel said

“Well I think he's mad” Sylver said “up at sunrise and working until late.”

“What work?” Marcus asked.

“Ritual fasting, prayer and falling on his face for hours on end.” Sylver laughed “and only four hours sleep until it begins again.”

“No thanks.” Marcus said pulling a face.

“I’d love it.” Dawn said “learning to fight with a Spirit Warrior.”

“I wouldn’t” Gabriel said. “I train enough as it is, although I've been neglecting it since we've been travelling, but apart from prayer time the monks are rarely alone” Tairas lashed out in his sleep then his eyes snapped open Dawn saw eyes darker than his own before he jumped back as the angel flipped himself into his feet.

“Tairas its us” Sylver said the angel lowered his hands and looked at each of them in turn Dawn's body temperature seemed to drop as the angel stared at him, the steady brown gaze was unnerving.   

“Tairas.” Gabriel said the angel looked away from Dawn to stare at his brother. “Where’s Benjamin?”

“Gone” Tairas said Dawn frowned the thin angels voice was strangely and unexpectedly deep.

“Gone where?” Sylver asked Tairas shrugged.

“He knocked me out” he said his speech was slow but intelligent.

“Are you hurt?” Sylver frowned Tairas shrugged again.

“I'm not psychic” Sylver growled “are you hurt or not?” Tairas shook his head.

"Are you joining us?” Gabriel asked beckoning to Dawn to sit down.

“We’re heading home.” Sylver added

“Why are you here?” Tairas asked.

“It’s a long story” Gabriel said rubbing his head.

“Sit down” Sylver said “I’ll explain while we eat.” Tairas nodded and sat down beside Dawn.








The End

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