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Gabriel's hand tightened on his sword hilt as they rounded another corner the mountains loomed over them to their right and the snow blinded their left side.

“I haven’t seen anyone” he said after two hours they rounded a corner and Gabriel froze black scorch marks stained the snow the smouldering remains of bodies were dotted around for almost half a mile.

“What on earth?” Gabriel growled

“He said he stopped them.” Sylver said distastefully.

“Well he didn’t he massacred them” Gabriel snarled.

“You would have done similar.” Sylver said.

“I couldn’t do this” Gabriel said

“With a blade in your hand you could.”

“Not like this once enemy is dead that’s it I don’t hack them to pieces.” The prince sighed. “Let’s get out of here.” He said picking his way through the burnt ground and the still smouldering flesh. Something red caught Gabriel's eye.

“I count around twenty” Sylver sighed “give or take” he said seeing a leg cut from the knee down still standing in the snow, he looked away.

“Sylver I can stand in a battlefield with ghosts for company but this is just wrong.”

“I agree” Sylver said gagging slightly, “this cant be an angels destruction.” Dawn who followed closely behind Marcus frowned the blood rushing to his cheeks, he chewed the inside of his cheek until it bled.



A small group of trees grew nearby and the sun was beginning to set the cold wind growing stronger. Gabriel turned off course and began to pick his way through the trees.

“I think we’ll be fine here” he said sitting down the other three joined him Dawn watched the prince as he rubbed his legs. Gabriel looked up to see Dawn watching him and he smiled as Sylver stated a fire. Dawn looked away and began to rummage in his pack for his food bag. “Dawn?” Gabriel frowned Dawn looked up again “anything wrong?” Gabriel unlaced his boots.

“No” Dawn said sharply Gabriel froze for a moment looking at the large angel.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I'm fine” Dawn said Gabriel sighed.

“I use that line so often that I know when people who use it are lying.” Dawn glared at him and stood up swinging on his pack he walked away from the small group.

“What’s with him?” Marcus asked.

“Don’t go far” Sylver called then he looked at Gabriel “go after him” the prince sighed and began to retie his boots again.


Dawn sat down resting his back against a tree and ran his fingers through his black hair.

“Dawn?” Lou frowned walking out of the trees.

“Go away” Dawn said not looking up.

“What's wrong?” Lou asked gently crouching down in front of him. Dawn looked up.

“You look awful” he said

“Thank you Dawn” Lou smiled “now what's happened?”

“Your little display.” Dawn said.

“What?” Lou frowned.

“the raiders.”

“What raiders?”

“The ones you fried.” Dawn growled.

“Fried?” Lou looked genuinely confused “I didn’t fry any raiders”

“But you said…” Dawn frowned at him.

“I got rid of half of them by pushing a boulder in front of one of the tunnels, they had to backtrack.” Lou said “I didn’t have enough magick to keep the fire going let alone put on a display.”

“So who did it?” Dawn asked.

“no idea” Lou said “is that what's bothering you?”

“Half of it.” Dawn sighed “Gabriel and Sylver said the fire wasn’t the work of an angel.” Lou frowned again.

“It could have been” Dawn said “I could do something like that.”

“I don’t understand.” Lou said sitting down properly.

“The fire tore the raiders apart.”

“Ah” Lou said smiling “I think they meant that the morals were un-angelic not the fire.” 

“We did” Gabriel said from behind Dawn the large angel scrambled to his feet turning to face the prince.

“Hey” Lou said standing up more slowly.

“Hello Lou” Gabriel smiled.

“How much did you hear?” Dawn growled.

“Most of the conversation.” Gabriel said honestly. “Dawn were you worried that I thought you could do that?”

“I can” he said.

“The magick perhaps” Gabriel smiled “the morals no”

“What?” Dawn sniffed.

“Dawn” Gabriel lifted Dawn's face with both hands on his cheeks. “An arsehole killed those angels not content with their deaths they tore them apart. I don’t believe your conscience would let you do that.”

“What about Reif” Dawn asked.

“You didn't tear him apart Dawn” Gabriel smiled “and you still feel guilty even though it was an accident.” Dawn sighed and nodded.

“I'm sorry boys I must leave you.” Lou said from behind Dawn. They looked at him he was pale.

“Get some rest Lou” Gabriel said “and I'm sorry again” Lou frowned at him “for thinking it was you.” Lou smiled then grimaced vanishing.

“Sire I…” Dawn said once Lou had gone he stopped as Gabriel wrapped his arms around Dawn's waist.

“Dawn” Gabriel looked up at him “I care about you I don’t think you're a bastard and if there is a problem then tell me” Dawn put his own arms around the prince.

“I'm not used to telling people how I feel” Dawn said.

“You think I am?” Gabriel smiled Dawn chuckled.

“I suppose not.” He said.

“Just tell me in future if there is something wrong.” Gabriel said Dawn nodded.

“I will” he smiled “but only if you do the same.”

“If it concerns you Dawn then fine.” Gabriel said Dawn frowned.


“I have a lot of things on my mind.” Gabriel sighed “most of them unimportant.”

“I still want to know.” Dawn said.

An incoherent yell from the direction of the camp had the pair running towards it as fast as they could. 

The End

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