The Mystery BeginsMature

Gabriel joined the others again.

“Bed time?” Sylver yawned.

“I suppose so” Gabriel nodded Dawn beckoned him beneath the fur cloak again Gabriel smiled tiredly and obliged.

“I'm going back to the fire” Sylver said “are you two staying here?”

“I think so” Gabriel said as Dawn pulled him down.

“Can I just say?” Sylver said smiling Gabriel nodded his face half obscured by Dawn's feathers. “as much as I think it will be an issue when we go home you two suit each other wonderfully.” Gabriel grinned. “Goodnight you two try and get some decent sleep we have a long way to go.” Sylver turned and walked to the fire.

“Night Sylver” Gabriel said.

“Goodnight.” Dawn said at the same time he looked down at the prince who was getting comfortable with his head just under Dawn's chin. “Sire?” he whispered Gabriel looked up and smiled. “goodnight.” Dawn said quietly.

“Night Dawn” Gabriel said still smiling he closed his eyes.


Marcus fidgeted as Sylver's magick ran into him slowly beginning to heal the grazes and bruises. When he finished he strapped up the small angels arm in a makeshift sling.

“Are we ready to go?” Gabriel asked he was bundled up in a thick woollen tunic and cloak.

“Warm enough?” Sylver smiled pulling on his own cloak. Gabriel nodded as they headed outside. Overnight it had snowed and Gabriel shivered. “can you even move in that lot?” Gabriel grinned and bent down scooping up a handful of snow and launching it at Sylver.

“You bastard” Sylver spluttered water dripping down his hair Dawn laughed as Sylver threw one back Gabriel dodged gracefully.

“See?” Gabriel grinned “I can move perfectly well”

“You still look like you’ve gained twenty pounds.” Sylver grumbled shaking water from his face.

“At least I'm warm” Gabriel said he kept his eyes open for other travellers as they began navigate their way along the base of the mountains.



“Horses” Gabriel growled six hours later “why did I turn down horses?” his fingers were numb, and he couldn’t feel his cheeks or ears. Even Dawn had begun to shiver his teeth chattering slightly.

“I suggest we find somewhere to stop” Sylver said he was helping Marcus along now.

“Preferably somewhere close.” Gabriel coughed his chest was hurting the cold irritating the arrow wound.

“I agree.” Dawn shivered.


It was another two hours before they found a small gap in the rock of the mountain a small ledge over hanging it. It offered a little protection from the snow and the bitter wind. Marcus almost fell as they stepped onto dark patch of stone the snow piling up around it in deep drifts. Gabriel sat down pulling his knees up to his chest and tugging his cloak around his legs.

“I can’t start a fire.” Sylver said he sounded exhausted.

“I can try” Dawn said sitting down beside the prince.

“Okay” Sylver said “just concentrate.” Dawn nodded and held out his hands closing his eyes.

“Fire Dawn” Gabriel chuckled after a few moments. Dawn opened his eyes to see a quickly hardening spray of ice in front of him. Sylver laughed tiredly.

“Don’t worry Dawn” Lou's voice said “you're still learning, allow me.” A strange deep red fire sprung up melting the ice spray that Dawn had made. Dawn was looking at his hands frowning.

“Don’t worry Dawn” Sylver smiled at him, “it takes practise.” He yawned.

“It probably doesn’t help that you're cold and surrounded by snow.” Lou said sitting down. “Were you thinking about the cold?”

“No” Dawn sighed “I was thinking that I need a shower.”

“Ah” Lou grinned “that’s why you conjured water.”

“Sleep” Marcus mumbled settling against Sylver.

“Good idea.” Lou said as he watched Sylver gently lay Marcus Dawn beside him making sure the small angels cloak was covering him completely. “All of you get some rest and I’ll keep the fire going.”

“Are you sure?” Gabriel asked Lou nodded “I’ll probably manage around four hours so sleep and I’ll wake you up before I go.” Gabriel nodded and lay back his pack acting as a pillow the prince ignored Dawn's invite to lay beside him, the large angel sighed and curled up beside the fire.

“How do you get so much energy anyway?” Sylver asked laying Dawn Lou smiled.

“Either I leech it or take advantage of the time differences.”

“Huh?” Sylver frowned

“I always thought you were more articulate than that.” Lou grinned “time in my world runs much more quickly than here.”

“So?” Sylver asked quietly.

“So a week in my world in one night here.”

“Really?” Sylver asked fascinated by this information Lou laughed again.

“Yes” Lou smiled “but I'm not explaining it now, get some sleep”

“Okay” Sylver nodded knowing that Lou was right “but I probably wont sleep for long.”

“You need to recharge” Lou frowned as Sylver closed his eyes “your magick is running dangerously low.”

“I know” Sylver said looking at Gabriel to make sure his brother wasn’t listening. “But I'm no good at anything else, I cant hunt or fight physically so magick is all I can do.”

“Then charge it up” Lou smiled “and can I suggest having some fighting lessons when you get home.”

“If we get home.” Sylver sighed closing his eyes again.
“No,” Lou said “when you get home.”



Gabriel opened his eyes and through his lashes he saw a strange sight. The froe was flashing and flaring no longer warm, beside it Lou was on his knees his hands outstretched Gabriel could see right through him, he sat up.

“Lou?” he said worriedly.

“Gabriel” Lou was struggling for breath “thank the Goddess, they did it.”  Then he vanished along with the fire.

“What?” Gabriel said to himself then swiftly woke Sylver and Dawn quickly explaining what had happened.

“Well,” Sylver frowned. “Either his magick had run out but he was still trying to help us or someone’s attacked his body.”

“But what did he mean when he said ‘they did it’?”

“I'm not sure” Sylver said “if he was killed his spirit would have stayed here but knocked out or injured he would have just vanished.”

“But it’s like he was stuck” Gabriel said “and for some reason when I woke up he could leave.” Dawn moved to the scorched floor where the fore had been and picked up a charred piece of parchment it was folded in half neatly with Gabriel's name scrawled on the outside.

“It’s for you” he said handing it to Gabriel the prince didn’t even reach out to take it instead he raised an eyebrow at Dawn. “Sorry sire” Dawn mumbled.

“Read it” Sylver said waking Marcus and quickly explaining what had happened.


Gabriel, it read, there are raiders in the mountains I have taken care of half of them but my magick is gone. Will stay as long as possible to keep the fire go…


The note stopped abruptly.

“He burnt himself out for us.” Sylver said taking the note and rereading it.

“But why?” Gabriel said standing and swinging his back on.

“No idea” Sylver frowned tucking the note into his pocket and pulling his own bag on. “We’ll ask next time we see him.”

“And thank him.” Dawn added “Sylver come here.” Sylver looked a little shocked at the order but did as he was told. Dawn took his hands and Sylver groaned, clenching his teeth as Dawn's magick travelled up his arms burning as it went.

“Enough” Sylver growled after a few moments. Dawn released him Sylver's skin glowed slightly.

“sorry.” Dawn mumbled his cheeks burning.

“Its okay” Sylver panted gold flecks of magick floated from his skin and vanished into the snow outside.

“What the hell was that?” Gabriel demanded.

“Gabriel it’s alright” Sylver said getting his breathing under control “Dawn, a little too much but don’t worry.”

“Sorry” Dawn said again.

“Don’t be” Sylver smiled “and thank you.”

“What is going on?” Gabriel asked.

“He refilled my magick” Sylver said “Dawn you have a surprising amount of power burning in there.” Dawn nodded.

“Aren’t you tired?” Marcus asked.

“No” Dawn said

“At all?” Sylver frowned Dawn shook his head.

“You’ll be a powerful magick user.” Sylver smiled.

“Do you think I can?” Dawn asked as they set off.

“Yes, Dawn, I do” Sylver smiled the glow in his skin was starting to die down.




The End

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