Twice Angry, Twice SmilingMature

“I think we need to move,” Gabriel said as Dawn came over to them.

“We can’t get far like this” Sylver said pulling Marcus up and sliding his arm around him to keep the small angel upright.

“I know but I don’t want to be where Lou or anyone else can find us”

“He’s not the enemy” Dawn said.

“I don’t know that” Gabriel growled.

“I do” Dawn snapped back.

“How?” Gabriel asked “because he told you?”

 “Enough” Sylver shouted.

“Yes he told me” Dawn snarled. “And I believe him.”

“Then you really are an idiot.”

“Why?” Dawn shouted “because I trust someone. Maybe if you tried it once in a while you wouldn’t be alone.” Gabriel stopped his eyebrows rising then he frowned.

“I thought I did trust someone Dawn” he said calmly. “Maybe I made a mistake.” He turned and began to walk back down the steep hill and Dawn sank to the floor his head in his hands.

“Dawn” Sylver said beside him.

“I didn’t mean it” Dawn sighed.

“Yes you did” Sylver smiled sadly. “And you're right but for now I need your help.” Dawn nodded and stood up taking Marcus from Sylver.

“I've blown it haven’t i?” he asked as he carried Marcus down the hill Sylver followed him slowly.

“No” Sylver said “somehow you’ve made an impact on him he’ll calm down.”

“I hope so” Dawn smiled

“He will, I've never seen him display public affection before now.” Sylver said.


Gabriel sat away from the fire that night. Dawn kept his head down not looking at the prince on the other side of the cave.

“Dawn its okay” Sylver said standing to cover Marcus’ sleeping form with his cloak.

“He’s probably cold.” Dawn said looking up. “Marcus has you, he has no one”

“He has you Dawn” Sylver said sitting back down again.

“But I can’t even speak to him without risking my general health.” Sylver laughed,

“Try” he said

“And get dismembered?” Dawn pulled a face.

“Try Dawn” Sylver said more seriously.


Gabriel looked up as he heard Dawn moving he saw the tall angel turn from the fire and walk towards him.

“Go away” he said tonelessly as Dawn reached him.

“No” Dawn knelt in front of him.

“Go away” Gabriel said again his voice rising, Gabriel eyes narrowed as Dawn shook his head. “What do you want?”

“Well I'm not here to apologize if that’s what you think.” Dawn growled.

“Dawn please.” Gabriel sighed “leave me alone.”

“Do you want to be alone?” Dawn asked frowning.

“Yes” Gabriel said.
“Look at me and say it.” Dawn growled Gabriel looked up and opened his mouth to speak, then he closed it again and nodded.

“Say it and I’ll believe you” Dawn said Gabriel looked at him the growled looking back at the floor.

“You know it’s not what I want.” He muttered. Dawn shuffled forwards and lifted Gabriel's face with his hands, the princes skin was cold.

“I know sire.” He smiled.

“I'm sorry Dawn” Gabriel said.

“So am I.”

“But you were right.” Gabriel said pulling out of Dawn's hands.

“Maybe I was but I didn’t need to shout it at you.”

“You had your reasons” Gabriel said “like the fact that I'm a stuck up bastard who never listens.”

“You listen in the end.” Dawn said he stood up and walked away Gabriel thought about calling him back until he saw that the large angel was just getting his pack. The prince sat back and lit a cigarette, closing his eyes.

“Sire?” Dawn frowned.

“Hm?” Gabriel asked looking up at him.

“I think your bandages need changing by now”

“I'm not wearing any” Gabriel smiled.
“When did you take them off?”

“When Sylver and Marcus were at the temple.”

“Is your back okay?” Dawn asked sitting down beside him.

“It’s fine.” Gabriel said resting his hand casually on Dawn's leg,

“Can I see?”

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“Please?” Gabriel looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh Dawn looked comical with bottom lip stuck out.

“Alright” he said Dawn grinned. “Let me finish this” Gabriel said holding his half smoked cigarette up, Dawn nodded.

“Gabriel sat in front of Dawn the fire near Sylver and the sleeping Marcus was just bright enough for Dawn to see by.

“Well I don’t think they're infected anymore.” Dawn muttered trying not to be overheard by Sylver. “But,” Dawn said tugging Gabriel's shirt back down “I want to keep an eye on them.”

“Why?” Gabriel asked spreading his wings slightly as Dawn pulled him backwards so he was laying in the large angels lap.

“Because they're still open, I can’t work out why though”

“They’ll be like that for a long time.” Gabriel said “no magick works on them either.” He gripped Dawn's wrist lifting it from his chest and directed the large angels hand to his collarbone. Dawn smiled until he felt a deep scar that ran over the princes shoulder close to his neck. “This one was open for months I couldn’t even move without it bleeding.” Dawn bit his lip as Gabriel pulled his hand away.

“How did…?” Dawn started he stopped when Gabriel sat up sharply. “I'm sorry I know it’s none of my business.”

“Its not that Dawn” Gabriel sighed “I just don’t like talking about it.”

“Or is it that you don’t remember?” a voice said, Gabriel lunged forward before Dawn could grab him and fell straight through Lou.

“Get out” Gabriel snarled turning to face the daemon.

“Is this your cave princeling?” Lou smiled sweetly. “Still haven’t forgiven me then?” he said when Gabriel didn’t reply.

“I don’t trust you, isn’t that enough?” Gabriel snarled.

“Do you trust anyone?” Lou asked his voice calm, again Gabriel didn’t answer. “Maybe you should get to know me?” Sylver joined them standing beside Gabriel.

“Why should I?” Gabriel asked.

“Because I know things” Lou said helping Dawn up “I remember things that you don’t.”

“None of which you are willing to say.” Gabriel snarled.

“Lou” Dawn said the taller daemon looked down at him. “I don’t think this is the right time for this” Lou smiled as Dawn moved to Gabriel's other side.

“Is any time right youngling?” Lou asked looking at the angry prince. “Are you always so short tempered?”

“No he's not” Sylver said “now voices down please Marcus is sleeping.”

“sorry.” Lou said “how is he?”

“Like you care” Gabriel hissed.

“He’s fine thank you Lou” Sylver growled gripping Gabriel's arm. “Excuse us” he pulled Gabriel away from Lou and Dawn. “What is wrong with you?” Sylver snapped.

“I don’t want him anywhere near me” Gabriel said,

“You have no proof that he's done anything”  

“I…” Gabriel stopped and sighed. “I know” he ran his hands over his hair, breathing deeply.

“Why don’t we talk?” Sylver said gently.

“We are” Gabriel replied,

“All of us.” Sylver smiled.

“Do I feel one of your stupid games approaching?” Gabriel asked suspiciously Sylver merely smiled and walked back to Lou and Dawn who were sat down waiting for them. “I'm not playing” Gabriel shouted after him.

“Playing?” Lou asked as Sylver sat beside him.

“I guess we’re not playing my game.” Sylver said lightly.

“What game?” Lou frowned.

“I ask a question then you ask one. Its good in situations like this.”

“It is not.” Gabriel growled grabbing his pack form beside Dawn.

“Maybe we can just talk normally?” Dawn suggested his eyes travelling over Gabriel as the prince bent over.

“Maybe” Lou smiled hopefully then his smile dropped as Gabriel moved away form them going to sit by Marcus his back to them.


Sylver sighed as he saw Gabriel light another cigarette.

“Should I go and speak to him?” Dawn asked.

“Perhaps I should go.” Lou sighed.

“No” Sylver said to him “even if the ice princess is being antisocial I want to talk to you.” Dawn snorted and Lou smiled,

“I actually meant I could go and speak to him he can’t hurt me.” Lou said.

“Don’t be so sure.” Sylver said he looked at Dawn “wait until he's finished this cigarette then go.” Dawn nodded

“That reminds me” Lou said “I brought you all a present.” He stood up and giving Gabriel a wide berth he retrieved a paper bag from the caves entrance.

“You shouldn’t have.” Sylver said.

“It’s nothing” Lou smiled handing him the bag Sylver pulled out a full wineskin and a bottle of expensive brandy.

“You really shouldn’t have.” Sylver smiled.

“I thought it would be useful to have another wineskin and the brandy will help keep everyone warm.” Lou said sitting back down.

“I should do” Sylver smiled retrieving his bag from beside Marcus glancing at his brother who was oiling his sword, Gabriel didn’t look up. Sitting back down he pulled four metal cups from his pack.

“How much stuff do you have in there?” Dawn frowned.

“You’d be amazed.” Sylver grinned at him then turned to Lou. “Do you drink in this form?” the bottle neck was suspended over the third cup.

“I'm not sure.” Lou frowned “I’ll give it a go but I apologize now if I make a puddle.” Dawn laughed.


Gabriel automatically rubbed beeswax into the leather belt that held his scabbard the task was so well know to him that he let his thoughts drift. Dawn crouched behind him and being careful not to kneel on the princes wings he wrapped tow arms around Gabriel.

“Leave me alone.” Gabriel said.

“Talk to me” Dawn muttered.

“I don’t want to” Gabriel growled.

“Then come and listen to the conversation.” Dawn suggested. “I can keep you warm if you want me too.” Gabriel tried to stop himself smiling and nodded standing up and strapping his belt back on, sliding the sword into the scabbard and making sure he wasn’t grinning he went to join the others.


The End

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