Food and AccusationsMature

That evening Gabriel awoke to a light breeze blowing into the cave he opened his eyes and looked up to see Sylver watching something outside.

“Sylver?” he called.

“Shhh” Sylver replied.

“Sorry” Gabriel grumbled sitting up he finally realized that Dawn had gone. “Sylver where's Dawn?” he asked.

“Come and see” he smiled Gabriel stood up stiffly and moved over to stand beside Sylver. Outside Gabriel saw Dawn sitting on the floor in front of a blazing fire.

“Sylver are you insane?” Gabriel hissed “what if someone sees it?”

“They can’t” Sylver said pointing up and Gabriel realized that he couldn’t see any stars the sky above them was black.

“I put a glamour up.” Sylver smiled “no one can see into the valley. It was impressive to see though he started practising in the rain.”

“Really?” Gabriel said.

“How long has he been there?” Gabriel asked.

“About an hour.” Sylver smiled.

“Shouldn’t he stop?” Gabriel frowned Sylver shook his head and pointed behind them. Gabriel turned and saw half a deer carcass hanging from the roof.

“Dawn caught breakfast.” Sylver said “goddess only knows how.”

“Didn’t you ask?” Sylver shook his head.

“Where’s Marcus?” Gabriel frowned lighting a cigarette.

“Finding water.” Sylver smiled.

“Good” Gabriel said.

“I’ll go and tell Dawn to turn down the heat a little.” Sylver said leaving Gabriel alone.


The prince smiled as the fire died down into a small campfire, Gabriel stood and walked down the small slope to Dawn and Sylver.

“Well” he said as Dawn looked up at him “you got the hang of that quickly.”

“I thought about what you said last night” Dawn said.

“And?” Gabriel smiled.

“And I realized that you were right I am scared of my magick and I shouldn’t be.”

“No you shouldn’t” Sylver smiled.

“I think I have a long way to go though” Dawn said.

“Don’t get despondent yet.” Sylver smiled. “You’ve managed fire and that is the most foreign elemental power for us.”

“Really?” Dawn asked.

“You have water inside you and air and you walk on the earth all the time.” Sylver said. “Fire is alien to us but it can be harnessed.” Dawn nodded.

“That smells lovely.” Gabriel grinned as Dawn extinguished the fire completely.

“It should be ready now.” Dawn said

“I'm wondering where Marcus has got to” Sylver frowned “he's been gone for over an hour.”

“Should we search for him?” Dawn asked.

“no” Gabriel said “he could be on the way back lets give him a bit longer and cut this beautiful creature up.”


Half an hour later the food pouches that Dawn and Sylver had in their packs were full.

“Marcus still isn’t back” Sylver frowned.

“I’ll go” Gabriel stood up.

“We’ll all go” Sylver argued joining him.

“And me?” Dawn asked Sylver nodded.



They searched the lower region of the mountains for over an hour but Marcus was nowhere to be seen.

“Marcus?” Sylver shouted nearby a flash of white light leapt up from behind a large boulder. Sylver's ands lit up and Gabriel gripped his sword hilt.

“Don’t panic.” A bored voice called.

“Lou” Gabriel relaxed as the daemons head popped up over the rocks.

“Hello” Lou grinned “we've had a small accident.” Gabriel and the others hurried over to see a bruised and bloody Marcus sat on the ground clutching his arm.

“What happened?” Sylver asked kneeling down.

“I fell sire.” Marcus said not looking at him, Gabriel snorted.

“I've heard that before.” He growled.

“I did” Marcus looked up at him.

“Lou” Gabriel said “a word”

“I don’t think…” Lou started.

“Now” Gabriel ordered walking away Lou followed him slowly.


What happened?” Gabriel asked.

“You heard him” Lou said “and I've only just got here”  

“He’s lying about falling.”

“Prove I did it princeling.” Lou growled.

“I can’t but will find out what happened.” Gabriel snarled. Something is going on here and I want to know what.”

“Well find out and then you'll know I'm telling the truth.” Gabriel moved around him

“Someone is playing games with us and right now I'm inclined to believe it’s you.”

“Its not” Lou snapped “if it weren’t for me you would be dead twice over.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Gabriel snapped.

“He’s right” Dawn said walking over to them.

“I don’t think so” Gabriel growled.

“Gabriel Black-Lightning you are not invincible.” Lou sighed.

“I've managed so far.” Gabriel shouted.

“Then carry on” Lou snapped “I wont bother you again”

“Good” Gabriel walked towards Sylver and Marcus.


“I'm sorry” Dawn said to Lou.

“No need.” Lou said dully.

“I am though” Dawn sighed “I can’t work out why he's been so volatile the last few days.”

“He’s got a lot on his mind.” Lou said.

“Don’t leave Lou” Dawn said.

“I can’t stay for ever Dawn” Lou smiled.

“I know, I just…” Dawn shook his head. “I trust you.”

“You shouldn’t.” Lou smiled sadly at him.


“No” Lou said “I'm here for my own selfish reasons.”

“Like what?”

“I want this war over.” Lou said. “It affects my world as much as yours.”

“Your people?” Dawn asked Lou nodded.

“Yes” Lou sat down.

“Then surely it’s not selfish” Dawn said.

“Maybe not but I need to know that certain people are safe a few angels included.”

“You mean him” Dawn asked looking at Gabriel.

“Among others Dawn yes/”

“Any advice so I can help.”

“Yes actually.” Lou smiled at him “get them home”

“Even Marcus?” Dawn asked.

“He is nothing to do with this.”

“Why do you hate him?”

“I don’t he's an extra piece in this game.”

“But he's involved now.”

“Maybe” Lou nodded “but he was no part before recently I don’t hate him I’m merely indifferent to him.”


“I see tiny glimpses of the future and I don’t see Marcus among your number.” Lou said.

“He dies?”

“I have no idea.” Lou sighed and stood up “then again I have no idea when, where or how the glimpses occur.”

“Did you hurt him?” Dawn asked.

“No” Lou said steadily. “I am telling the truth about that.” Dawn nodded “get them home Dawn, don’t take the tunnel.”

“But the water?”

“Will be dealt with.” Lou said he gripped Dawn's shoulders. “It’s why I bought you all down here you can go around the mountains from here. Do not go through the tunnel.”

“What if I cant stop them?” Dawn asked looking at Gabriel.

“Do your best” Lou smiled. “I'm sorry Dawn but this is as much for your benefit as theirs.”

“Why mine?” Dawn asked “I have nothing to lose.” Lou smiled sadly at him.
“What about your prince?”

The End

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