Settling Down for the NightMature

Gabriel looked out of the cave entrance taking a moment to work out where Lou had taken them the small caves at the base of the mountain range were numerous they inhabited one of the larger ones. Sylver put a hand on the rocks beside the entrance and Gabriel frowned as the light was cut off, rocks and stones seeming to grow in the opening.

“Why do that?” Gabriel frowned.

“Because it’s safer” Sylver said “Gabriel we need to work out what to do next.”

“Unblock the Rannin” Gabriel answered.

“Each day our group is getting more and more battered and bruised we can’t keep going like this.”

“We only have the river to unblock.” Gabriel growled.

“And the repercussions afterwards?” Sylver sighed. “I don’t know about you but war is the last thing we can deal with right now.” Gabriel ran his hands over his hair and looked round at Marcus and Dawn.

Dawn was trying to start a fire his magick kept flaring and going out.

“Concentrate Dawn.” Sylver said walking over to him.

“I'm trying” Dawn growled.

“And you're getting annoyed” Sylver said kneeling beside him “stay calm, concentrate and it'll happen.” The fire flared again and Dawn swore as it went out. Gabriel crouched down behind Dawn his hands on the large angels shoulders.

“concentrate.” He muttered in Dawn’s ear.

“That’ll make it easier” Sylver laughed as Dawn shivered at the feel of the prince behind him he cleared his throat and tried again a few sparks lit up and they were treated to a miniature flash before Dawn sighed.

“No more” Sylver smiled.

“Sorry if I put you off” Gabriel said.

“No” Sylver said “I cant work out why you're using so much power for a few sparks.”

“Whatever I do I can’t control it.” Dawn huffed. Gabriel squeezed his shoulders gently pushing his thumbs into the knotted muscles in Dawn's back.

“Relax” Sylver said “that’s your best bet you're terrified you're going to fail.” Dawn opened his mouth to argue but shut it again and nodded. Gabriel brushed his lips against Dawn's neck.

“Gabriel get a room.” Sylver grumbled.

“Got one thanks,” Gabriel grinned. “The problem I see is you're worried about losing control, yes?” he looked over Dawn's shoulder as the large angel looked at his palms Dawn nodded. “Then that’s what's wrong”

“I don’t understand.” Dawn said Gabriel smiled.

“Imagine I was afraid of my sword” Dawn laughed. “I wouldn’t want it to have a mind of its own so therefore wouldn’t use it.”

“So what you're saying is, because I don’t want to lose control my mind wont let me use my magick in case I do” Dawn frowned.

“Exactly” Gabriel said Dawn nodded.

“Let me try again” he said but Sylver shook his head.

“Not now” he said “I don’t want you worn out”

“Huh?” Dawn asked.

“With magick Dawn of you use it all it takes a long time for it to refill.” Sylver explained. “If you leave some it fills up faster.” Dawn nodded slowly trying to understand.

“Do we have any food?” Gabriel asked.

“No” Sylver said “I threw away what little we had, I thought we’d have more time to get supplies” Gabriel nodded.

“I don’t think I'm in any condition to hunt” he coughed grimacing at the taste of blood.

“We ate before we got here” Marcus frowned.
“I know but we’re going to need something if we’re going back into that tunnel” Gabriel said.

“I could try and find something” Dawn said as Gabriel moved from behind him.

“Tonight?” Sylver asked as Gabriel began to cough again, “Gabriel do you want some help?”

“I'm fine” Gabriel could still taste blood but it was nothing serious.

“I hope we didn’t offend Esme and Victoria” Marcus said.

“How could we?” Gabriel growled. “I paid goddess knows how much for a room for an hour and a very nice meal, we’re out from under their feet so what's the problem.”

“I do hope they're safe now though.” Sylver frowned.

“Me too” Gabriel said “I think I need to lay down.” He coughed again.

“Gabriel” Sylver stood up and moved towards his brother.

“I'm okay” Gabriel growled.

“Just let me do this” Gabriel sighed.

“Fine” he said “but not too much your magick makes me feel drunk”  

“I know” Sylver said watching as Gabriel settled on the stony floor away from the fire, Sylver knelt down beside him. “Gabriel” Sylver muttered as he took his brothers hands.


“I like Dawn” he said quietly.

“I know you’ve told me” Gabriel said as he started to relax.

“He’s good for you” Sylver smiled “he seems to keep you calmer.”

“Only just” Gabriel smiled.

“You seem to unnerve him slightly but he seems to be building his confidence.” Gabriel nodded.

“It can’t last though” he sighed.

“I know” Sylver said “but maybe if you speak to mother…” Gabriel snorted.

“No chance.” Gabriel laughed bitterly.

“I suppose not” Sylver sighed.

“Come on Sylver I have to marry a ‘lady’ have a snotty kid and that’s me done. As long as I end up with a daughter mother will be satisfied. Whether I am or not doesn't matter.” Gabriel looked at Dawn “I don’t know about you but Dawn doesn’t look like the childbearing type.” Sylver laughed his magick hiccupping and making Gabriel jump.

“Sorry” Sylver sniggered.

“Don’t tell him I said that.” Gabriel grinned Sylver's magick was making him tired and his eyes kept sliding shut,

“I won’t” Sylver said “Dawn” he called.

“Yes, Sylver?” Dawn replied turning to look at them.

“Your prince needs you.” Sylver stood letting go of Gabriel's hands.

“What’s wrong?” Dawn asked hurrying over.

“It’s cold.” Sylver smiled. “Be gentle with him.” Dawn nodded and smiled at him.

“I will sire.” He said Sylver moved back to the fire and Dawn quickly grabbed his pack, pulling the fur cloak out. “Hey” he smiled as he saw Gabriel's eyes open in the dim light from the fire.

“Hi” Gabriel smiled he felt light and a little disoriented.

“How are you feeling?” Dawn asked laying the cloak over Gabriel, the prince smiled.

“Not too bad.” Gabriel said.

“Good” Dawn sat down beside him.

Dawn?” Gabriel lifted the edge of the cloak and Dawn smiled settling down beside him he grinned when the prince wrapped an arm across his chest.

The End

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