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“Sylver grab the bags” Lou snapped he gripped Gabriel tightly and vanished.

“Wait” Dawn shouted to thin air.

“Dawn” Sylver passed the large angels pack to him just as Lou appeared again.

“your turn” Lou said holding onto Dawn they disappeared, Dawn's breath caught in his throat he had the strangest feeling he was being squeezed tightly. Then he looked around and saw stone walls, he doubled over as he coughed violently. “Sorry” Lou said “it’s a little rough the first time.” Dawn bent down to Gabriel. “Back soon.” Lou vanished again.

“Gabriel” Dawn said quietly the prince looked up at him, “how are you feeling?” Gabriel smiled painfully.

“Apart from the piece of wood stuck through my chest I'm feeling pretty good.” Dawn put a hand on Gabriel's shoulder the smaller angel was having trouble breathing.

“It’ll be okay” Dawn said stroking Gabriel's hair.

“Gabriel?” Sylver appeared with Lou, the daemons eyes rolled up and he collapsed, Sylver swore loudly. “Lou” he shouted “this had better work.” He muttered rubbing his hands together then held his palms towards Lou. The fading form of the daemon shone as Sylver's magick poured into it.

Lou groaned and opened his eyes.

“That was not a pleasant experience.” He grumbled. “How did you do that?” he asked staring at Sylver.

“I have no idea but Marcus was left behind.” Lou nodded and vanished once more. Sylver knelt behind Gabriel. “Undo his shirt Dawn” he said Dawn reached out to Gabriel but the prince gripped his wrists.

“No” Gabriel growled.

“Gabriel please this is no time to worry about dignity.” Sylver sighed the prince groaned and let Dawn go.

“It’s okay” Dawn smiled as he only undid the top buttons of Gabriel's shirt. Sylver used Dawn’s dagger to cut the shirt from the collar down to the arrow.

“How is he?” Lou asked he sounded out of breath as Marcus began to cough behind him.

“I'm fine” Gabriel said then to Dawn's surprise he laughed a croaky, painful sound.

“What’s so funny?” Dawn smiled gently.

“I sound ridiculous.” Gabriel said

“I think he's in shock” Lou said crouching down beside Dawn “hold still princeling.” He said

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel growled.

“sorry.” Lou smiled.

“So how do we do this?” Sylver asked

“You don’t know?” Dawn asked worriedly.

“Don’t panic” Lou said calmly he moved around Dawn and laid his hand on Gabriel's face. “Dawn cut the arrow head.”

“Me?” Dawn frowned looking at the sharp piece of metal the protruded from Gabriel's chest just beneath his collarbone.

“Yes, you” Lou said “Sylver I hope you have some magick left I'm almost out.” Sylver nodded.

“I have enough”

“Okay, get it ready.” Lou looked at Dawn who was holding Gabriel's hands. “It’ll be okay” he said gently Dawn nodded and Sylver passed him his dagger.

“Take it easy.” Sylver said his hands starting to glow. “don’t rush it.” Dawn nodded and took a deep breath before slipping the blade behind the arrowhead Gabriel gripped his arm before Lou gently tugged his hands away holding on to them. The blade slid through the wood easily.

“Luckily it’s only a hunting arrow” Lou said “at least it’s not a war bolt. Okay Marcus pull it through and slowly.”

“No way” Marcus said shaking his head Sylver sighed.

“Now Marcus.” He snapped his head was beginning to spin from holding the healing spell for too long. The small angel knelt and gripped the arrow, the slight movement made Gabriel grip Lou's fingers hard.

“slowly.” Lou said “give Sylver time to work.” Marcus nodded and slowly began to pull the arrow out through Gabriel's back. Sylver's eyes were closed his mouth moved as he spoke silently, Gabriel coughed spraying blood over the rocky floor. “Slowly Marcus” Lou said again Lou moved his hands and held Gabriel's head still. Dawn dropped the dagger and took the princes hands.


Gabriel was floating at the top of the cave he looked down at the scene below him a disgusted look on his face. A hand rested on his shoulder.

“Hello again” the voice hurt his ears but he didn’t turn to look at her he knew the woman beside him well.

“Hello my Mother.” He said the woman moved up beside him her image shone, her black hair floating in a non existent breeze.

“You are giving up?” she asked her voice had no hint of accusation.

“Not giving up my Mother” Gabriel said tonelessly.

“Then why are you here?”

“Because I can be” Gabriel said “it doesn’t hurt here”

“Pain is something you are used too though” the goddess said. “Why fight it?”

“I fight everything” Gabriel said.

“Even your young and handsome new friend.” The goddess smiled Gabriel looked at Dawn.

“Yes my Mother you know why”

“Do I?” she said “your other new friend is correct your birth mother is not the chooser of your path”

“My path is nothing” Gabriel growled.

“Your path will change the course of many lives.”

“How?” Gabriel asked watching as the arrow left his body.

“I am not here to tell the future.” The goddess said especially not one like yours.”

“Like mine” Gabriel repeated. “I still don’t know who you are.” He said.

“You know well” she smiled. “And I still like you your life is good” Gabriel snorted in disbelief.

“You are rude, loyal and will fight for what you believe in” Gabriel laughed.

“What makes you think I won’t lay back and give in this time?” Gabriel asked finally looking at the face of the woman beside him. She smiled and Gabriel thought again how perfect her face was too perfect to be real.

“Because my child that is not you” she said. “Your family is in danger and you can protect them.”

“What in that shipwreck?” Gabriel growled pointing to the body on the floor as Dawn tried to force air back into its only working lung.

“Yes” the goddess smiled. “Your physical scars will heal your friend Dawn can help any others you have.” Gabriel frowned at her. “Love your friend and say hello to Lucifer for me” she kissed his forehead blocking his view of the scene below.


When he opened his eyes again he coughed clearing blood from his throat and looked up into Dawn's brown eyes they shone with unshed tears the prince licked his lips.

“So I got another kiss off you then?” he said trying not to cough between words. Dawn grinned and the tears fell.

“Marcus help me set up camp.” A pale faced Sylver said. “Welcome back.” He smiled before standing up.

“Hey” Gabriel growled as his wound pulled. “What are the tears for?”

“Easy Gabriel” Lou said as Gabriel tried to sit up “Sylver didn’t have enough magick to heal you completely he's made your injury seem around a week old.” Dawn helped him pull on a clean shirt.
“That’s fine” Gabriel said.

“I'm sorry” Dawn said as Gabriel ran a thumb across the large angels cheek “I should have done more to protect you”

“What like become psychic?” Gabriel smiled “there is nothing you could have done.” Gabriel turned to Lou. “Will you stop that?” he growled Lou kept looking at the dagger in the dirt beside him.

“My apologies” Lou said shaking his head.

“What is it?” Dawn asked picking up the blade he wiped it on his shirt and tucked it back in his belt.

“Nothing” Lou smiled.

“A word” Gabriel growled at the daemon “excuse us Dawn” he said Dawn nodded glad of the excuse to leave so he could wipe his face.

“I need to um…” he didn’t finish his sentence but quickly moved away from them.

“Lou?” Gabriel said quietly Lou nodded “Lucifer” Gabriel lowered his voice even more.

“You worked that out?”

“No” Gabriel said “an old friend says hello”

“Who?” Lou frowned.

“The goddess” Gabriel said Lou's eyebrows rose.

“You’ve seen her?” he hissed,

“Three times in my lifetime and hopefully never again.”

“A little respect Gabriel” Lou growled.

“Why?” Gabriel snapped “I don’t know who she is people worship mother as a goddess so how do I know she's not just like mother. She pops in and out just like you do for all I know she's a daemon.”

“She is not” Lou said

“And nor were you when we first met you.”

“I cannot go between life and death”

“True but everyone has there gifts.” Gabriel hissed.

“They do but she is no daemon or I would know”

“Fine” Gabriel said “but I’ll tell you this the next time we meet you will be answering some questions or I will come down and ask you in person”

“Why not now?” Lou asked.

“No time and no privacy.” Gabriel said seeing Sylver watching them.

“Very well” he stood up “next time then I will answer your questions.”

“I have one for now” Gabriel said pulling himself up he coughed as something inside his chest pulled.

“Yes?” Lou asked.

“As my mothers man at arms you were there before Sylver and I were born.”

“Yes” Lou frowned “and a little while afterwards.”

“Then you know why our father left.” Lou's eyes widened. “Gabriel I can’t tell you that”

“Why not?”

“I…” Lou sighed “please don’t ask me that I cannot break that promise.”

“What promise?”

“You don’t need to know” Lou growled.

“Lou” Gabriel snapped.

“Young prince I promise I cannot tell you.”


“Your mother.” Lou sighed.

“You have no loyalty to her anymore.” Gabriel shouted.

“Gabriel” Lou's voice echoed loudly around the small cave they were in. “enough, I can’t tell you people will get hurt.” Lou vanished and Gabriel let out a yell of frustration even Sylver took a step backwards as power seemed to radiate from his brother making the stones around them screech in protest.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said moving towards him Gabriel shook his head slowly but Dawn still wrapped his arms around him and held the princes head against his chest.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“Shush” Dawn whispered Gabriel felt Dawn's feathers against his back and he sighed closing his eyes.

“I got so close.” Gabriel muttered.

“Gabriel” Sylver said Dawn moved his wings again so Gabriel could see his brother. “Don’t worry we’ll find out somehow what happened. I want to know as much as you do”

“You heard the conversation?” Gabriel asked.

“The last part yes” Sylver smiled “it was hard not to” Gabriel nodded then looked up at Dawn.

“This must seem so selfish to you.” Dawn frowned.

“Not really.

“We have one parent though and I throw a temper tantrum because we don’t know where the other one is.”

“I know how you feel, don’t forget.” Dawn smiled “I never knew my mother but I did know my father same thing.”

“Not really” Gabriel said “at least we know our mother well.”

“Do you?” Dawn asked Gabriel thought for a moment.

“Maybe not.”  



The End

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