Monsters in the NightMature

Gabriel returned a few hours later with a rabbit and a small pigeon.

“How the hell did you get this?” Sylver asked beginning to pull out the feathers.

“Don’t ask” Gabriel said dully he sat down a few feet from Dawn his back resting against a massive boulder.

“Anything wrong?” Sylver asked.

“No” Gabriel said.

“Anything right?” Sylver smiled.

“No” Gabriel sighed.

“As long as you're sure” Sylver said putting the small amount of meat from the pigeon into the pot as Dawn skinned and gutted the rabbit.


An hour later Gabriel barely ate passing most of his share to Dawn.

“Not hungry sire?” Marcus asked.

“No” Gabriel said “I might be for steak or something but not rabbit”

“Fussy git” Sylver smiled at his brother.

“Aren’t you hungry at all?” Dawn asked still looking at the princes share of the stew.

“A little but not for that” Gabriel said.
“I could make you some flatbread” Sylver offered.

“No thanks” Gabriel said folding his arms and resting his chin against his chest he closed his eyes.

“Fair enough” Sylver smiled shrugging as Gabriel appeared to go to sleep.



A few hours later and Dawn stood and settled the fur cloak over Gabriel. The prince looked up at him.

“I thought you were asleep” Dawn frowned.

“What?” Gabriel asked “while I'm sitting up?” Dawn nodded. “I was just thinking.”

“Well sleep is good for you” Dawn said.

“I know” Gabriel sighed twisting around until he was laying in the grass the boulder sheltering hm from the wind.

“Can I join you now?” Dawn asked Gabriel smiled.

“Sure” he lifted the fur cloak up and Dawn slid in beside him.

“Sire?” Dawn said quietly “why don’t you like religion?”

“What?” Gabriel growled.

“You got annoyed when Marcus mentioned the temple.”

“So what?” Gabriel rolled away from Dawn.

“Sorry” Dawn said “I won’t mention it again”

“Don’t worry Dawn” Gabriel said “I just don’t like it maybe I’ll tell you why one day”

“Sounds good” Dawn smiled “but don’t you believe in the gods?”

“On the contrary Dawn it’s the other way around I believe too much”


“Never mind.” Gabriel said closing his eyes.


Dawn slept badly that night he kept waking up to check on Gabriel. Surprisingly Gabriel slept soundly even rolling over to rest a hand on Dawn's chest.


Dawn opened his eyes feeling tight fingers gripping his shirt.

“Gabriel?” he whispered the prince growled in his sleep his nails digging into Dawn's chest. The tall angel wrapped his arms around Gabriel pulling him closer “wake up” Dawn said quietly in the dim light from the sunrise he could see the frown that creased Gabriel's face.

“Dawn?” a voice said Dawn looked up to see Lou perched on the boulder beside them.

“What do I do?” Dawn said looking down at the prince in his arms.

“Nothing Dawn” Lou said “he has to deal with this alone.”

“But what's wrong?”

“Nightmares Dawn” Lou said climbing down to sit beside him. Dawn stoked Gabriel's hair.

“There has to be something I can do”

“No Dawn this is his battle not yours” Lou smiled “help him when he wakes up”


“I think his head wound has made them worse.” Lou said thoughtfully.
“How do you even know about them?” Dawn asked Lou smiled kindly.

“I've always kept an eye on him” Lou said “and you”

“But why?”

“Because I can” Gabriel's hand tightened even more and Dawn looked down as the princes eyes snapped open and Gabriel panicked.

“Sire its me” Dawn said quickly as Gabriel tried to push away from him.

“Dawn?” Gabriel panted.

“Yes” the large angel ran a hand over Gabriel's hair. “Take it easy.” Dawn said as Gabriel began to relax again. Dawn didn’t say anything about the smaller angel shivering he looked up at Lou who winked and vanished.

“Dawn let me go” he was breathing slowly to try and slow his racing heartbeat.

“Stay there” Dawn smiled

“Dawn” Gabriel growled Dawn looked down at him and saw the red flush across his cheekbones. “Let go” Dawn lifted Gabriel's chin.

“Don’t” Dawn said quietly.

“Don’t what?” Gabriel snarled.

“Don’t run from me” Dawn pleaded.

“I run from no one” Gabriel growled.

“Then stay there” Dawn smiled brushing the sweat soaked hair from Gabriel's face. Dawn smiled at him Gabriel looked annoyed for a moment longer before he sighed and rested his head back on Dawn's shoulder. “You scared me” Dawn muttered.

“Sorry” Gabriel replied taking a deep breath.

“Don’t be” Dawn grinned “I like learning new things about you.”

“Like what?” Gabriel said Dawn heard the growl and knew that Gabriel's defences were up once more.

“That you do have some weaknesses.”

“What?” Gabriel snapped.

“I’d worry if you didn’t” Dawn said squeezing the princes shoulder. “We all have bad dreams sire.” He said softly Gabriel looked at him.

“You do?”

“Sure Dawn smiled at him “everyone does, but they aren’t real.”

“The problem is Dawn that the monsters in mine are very real” Gabriel said snuggling down under Dawn's feathers as the large angel wrapped his wing around the prince.

Dawn didn’t reply he had no answer.

The End

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