A Clean ConversationMature

Gabriel still didn’t feel himself as they approached the underground stream he looked at the deep pool it made before it flowed down its secret little channels to the outside world.

“Can we get this sorted out?” Gabriel asked.

“If we do it now” Sylver said examining the rocks and stones that blocked the waters usual route “then someone will know we’re here. Also whoever did this is an experienced mage it could take me days to unpick the spells.”

“We don’t have days” Gabriel growled more to himself then the others.

“So we press on?” Sylver asked.

“I don’t know about you three” Gabriel said “but I'm getting in there” he pointed at the deep pool.”

“This is no time or place for a bath” Sylver grumbled

“I don’t care” Gabriel said pulling his pack off. “I am not walking into that village like this”

“I think he's right sire” Marcus said “we’re all filthy and Dawn and his highness are both covered in blood. We’re anyone’s worst nightmare” Sylver sighed.

“Fine you two first” Sylver said “Marcus, you can help me with some food.” Gabriel smiled as Sylver and Marcus moved away from them taking the light. In the dark Gabriel pulled his thin trousers off and lowered himself into the icy pool biting his lip as the chill bit at sore and tired muscles and any injuries it covered. A small splash told Gabriel that Dawn was in the pool.

Sylver smiled slightly as he heard a low laugh coming from the pool and increased the fires strength the roar covering any sounds.


An hour later saw Marcus and Sylver stepping out of the pool avoiding as many stones as they could until their boots were tugged on.

Gabriel shivered despite the fire he could still feel the chill of the water in his skin and he huddled deeper into his cloak cursing his wet hair but for now all he really cared about was the fact that he was clean.

“So who do you think Lou is?” Dawn asked as Sylver and Marcus came over to them.

“You’ve been waiting for a while to ask me that haven’t you?” Gabriel smiled and Dawn nodded.

“I wanted to make sure you're okay before asking you anything.”

“I don’t know in answer to your question” Gabriel sighed.

“Nor me” Sylver said sitting down.

“But?” Gabriel asked.

“But,” Sylver said slowly “I don’t like the fact that he had no visible wings.”

“Why not?” Dawn asked.

“All angels have wings.” Sylver said.

“Humans don’t” Gabriel said

“True but humans can’t harness that amount of power.” Sylver frowned rubbing his head. “I can do astral projection but not for long of to another plain and it leaves me as weak as a kitten for days afterwards.”

“Another plain?” Dawn frowned “why can’t they be in Paradise?”

“Not likely” Gabriel said “maybe the elves?” he suggested.

“I've never seen a dark haired elf nor one with dark eyes.” Gabriel hummed thoughtfully twisting his own light braid in his fingers. “I think we should ask mother when we get home.”

“If we get home we seem to be attracting bad luck” Gabriel growled. 

The End

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