Should You Trust a Stranger?Mature

Lou frowned at the dammed up spring the water was flowing the only way it could, away from the city, he shrugged and held the wineskin in the small bubbling stream then with a grin he vanished.


Gabriel tried to stop the cough that was building in his chest Dawn was sitting a few feet away leafing quickly through his book.

“Found it” he said smiling.

“Good” Lou's voice said Dawn leapt up dropping the book. “Lost it” Lou smiled.

“Don’t sneak up on people”

“My apologies youngling.” Lou held the neck of the wineskin to Gabriel's cracked lips.

“Why do you call me that?” Dawn asked as Gabriel drank.

“Because in comparison to me you are” Lou said pulling the skin from Gabriel and passing it to Dawn ignoring the growl that Gabriel directed at him. “No more princeling, you'll make yourself ill. Don’t drink it too quickly.” He said to Dawn.

“We need to move on” Gabriel said

“Not yet” Lou said gently.

“What now?” Gabriel growled.

“I have another surprise for you” Gabriel frowned and Lou looked down the tunnel Gabriel twisted to look and saw Sylver and Marcus running down the tunnel towards them. Sylver threw himself down wrapping his arms around his brother.

“You amaze me” Sylver cried happily once he was standing again.

“Why?” Gabriel coughed.

“You’ve been down here for five days” Sylver smiled “and you're both okay”

“he's not okay” Dawn frowned.

“He’s alive” Sylver growled.
“I agree with Dawn” Lou said “you must take better care of yourself princeling”

“But…” Gabriel began to stand up.

“I'm not trying to be rude” Lou said “but the reason you fell ill so quickly is that you weren’t well enough to begin this journey.”
“I know but it couldn’t wait” Gabriel snapped.

“I am aware of that” Lou smiled “but now you have a serious head injury and an even more serious enemy to face, not one of you is ready for that.”

“What enemy?” Marcus asked Lou ignored him. Sylver took Gabriel's hands their interlocked fingers beginning to glow. Sylver grimaced at the sick feeling in the princes head.

“You did hit your head, didn’t you” Gabriel didn’t answer as Sylver's magic flowed gently through him.

“Your pursuers are no issue for now” Lou said, Dawn frowned.

“But you said…”

“I am aware of what I said youngling” Lou smiled at him. “I also have a circle of my people around me right now and am leeching their magick I have stopped the closest pursuers. The rest are over three days away half of their number was lost at the cave in”

“Why are you helping us?” Marcus asked Lou turned to him and frowned.

“I'm not helping you you're in the right place at the right time therefore receiving the benefits.”    

“That’s enough” Sylver growled at Lou his magick flaring Gabriel whose hands still glowed yelped. “Sorry, Gabriel.” Sylver said still glaring at Lou.

“As am I” Lou said “that was uncalled for. There is a village just outside the tunnel you have a few days journey left to get there.”

“I want to know why you're helping us too” Gabriel said Lou smiled.

“Because it’s in my best interest.”

“But why?” Gabriel growled.

“Because if you three…” Lou paused “four, fail on your excursion then its not good for me” Lou looked down at Gabriel's confused face “ensure you are all well before you leave the village.” He vanished before anyone could speak.



The End

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