In TroubleMature

Gabriel coughed hard his throat was dry and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Sire?” Dawn said a hand resting on the princes back.

“Hello you two” a voice said Gabriel looked up to see Lou.

“Unless you have something to drink you can piss off” Gabriel snarled.

“That’s not very nice” Lou smiled.

“Tough” Gabriel growled he coughed again.

“You don’t sound well princeling” Lou frowned he moved closer to Gabriel.

“we need water” Dawn said his throat scratching as he spoke, it made him want to cough but he held it in knowing that if he started he wouldn’t stop.

“Dawn didn’t you listen to what I told you?” Lou asked.
“About what?” Dawn said helping Gabriel to sit down.

“You’re an elemental” Lou said.

“So what?” Dawn growled.

“You have the power to pull moisture out of the air.”

“I cant” Dawn snapped “I don’t know how”

“You can” Lou said settling a hand on Dawn's shoulder.

“I cant” Dawn said firmly.

“Very well it is in your book and well within your power but I suppose it will take to long to teach you now.” Gabriel glared at him.

“Can’t you do it?” Dawn asked wrapping a protective arm around Gabriel's shoulders.

“I'm afraid not” Lou said “fire I can do but water evades me. Then again I did speak to a certain Sylver Black-Lightning earlier” Gabriel's eyes widened.

“They’re okay?” he rasped Lou put his hands up.

“Calm yourself” he smiled “they're both fine no injuries or anything”

“So?” Dawn asked.
“So I asked Sylver if he could locate a water supply nearby”

“Can he even do that?” Gabriel asked.

“Apparently so” Lou smiled “your brother informed me that there is a water supply a little further down the tunnel. I believe it’s the source of the Rannin.”  

“How far is a little further?” Dawn asked.

“A day” Lou said Dawn's face fell.

“We’ll never make it” he cried.

“We will” Gabriel said he'd pushed himself halfway up before Lou put a hand on his chest and pushed him back down.

“No young princeling” Lou smiled.

“What?” Gabriel growled.

“Allow me” Lou said.

“We can’t wait for you to come back” Dawn said.

“You can” Lou said “fortunately most physical laws don’t apply to me. I know where you are, so I can find you instantly and I have a sure idea where this water supply is so I can get there and back quite quickly.”

“I don’t understand” Dawn frowned.

“Not now” Gabriel said “please.”

“I’ll explain when I return” Lou smiled then his image faded and Dawn looked at Gabriel. The prince was pale and unfortunately beads of sweat were rolling down his face.

“Gabriel” Dawn said “I hope we can trust him or we’re screwed”

“We’re what?” Gabriel frowned confused at the strange slang.

“In trouble.” Dawn reiterated.

“We are anyway” Gabriel coughed “if he takes too long our apparent pursuers will have caught up and I'm in no state for fighting.” Dawn's heart sank.

“I didn’t think about that.”




The End

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