Something for the PrinceMature

Gabriel bit back a yelp as Dawn's magick flared beside him.

“Sorry” Dawn said his eyes opening he was breathing hard, sweat pouring down his face and back, stinging the grazes and cuts.

As he ate Dawn's lips began to crack and bleed he looked at Gabriel and saw the prince was having the same problem.

“I hope there's water down here somewhere” Gabriel said wiping his hand across his mouth.

“So do I” Dawn said putting the rest of the meat he had into the small food pouch he had. Gabriel passed his to him and Dawn smiled. “For now” Dawn said pulling the drawstring on the bag and making sure he tucked it safely into his pack “come here” he looked at Gabriel as the prince stood up Gabriel's blue eyes stared at him. “Please?” Dawn added and Gabriel smiled. Dawn steeled the prince in front of him then lifted his shirt.

“Dawn?” Gabriel snapped.
“It helps I promise.” Dawn said unwrapping the cotton cloth and used another piece to smooth the mixture over Gabriel's back. The prince hissed as the strong smelling herbs burnt and stung for a few seconds before a wonderful warming numbness spread over his skin. He smiled and relaxed Dawn felt the princes muscles loosen as he wrapped new bandages around his lower back. Then tugging Gabriel's shirt back down he wrapped his arms around Gabriel's shoulders pulling his back so the prince was laying in his lap. Gabriel smiled up at him.

“Better?” Dawn asked.

“Nice” Gabriel mumbled for the first time in weeks he wasn’t in any pain.



The two angels dealt in turn with each others wounds then Dawn turned to Gabriel.

“Do we have enough time for some decent sleep?”

“A few hours, perhaps.” Gabriel nodded. Dawn smiled the fur cloak was till laid out on the ground and Dawn settled back onto it Gabriel gladly knelt beside him allowing Dawn to pull him into a tight embrace. “Dawn?” Gabriel said after he'd put out the candle.


“Against my better judgement I'm going to trust what Lou said”

“What do you mean?” Dawn frowned

“About loving someone.” Gabriel mumbled “if you still want me” Dawn laughed.

“Of course” he grinned in the dark his he felt Gabriel's hands on his cheeks, the princes breath tickling his neck and he shivered wrapping his arms tightly around Gabriel as the princes lips met his own.


Gabriel opened his eyes and groaned Dawn's arm was wrapped tightly around him the large angels feather tickling his skin.

“Good morning” Dawn smiled down at him

“Hi” Gabriel replied “Dawn?”

“Yes sire?” Gabriel shifted in the darkness.

“Did anything….” Gabriel paused “happen last night?” Dawn laughed gently.

“No” he said stroking Gabriel's hair. “We kissed” Gabriel could hear the smile in the large angels voice. “Then you passed out”

“Oh goddess” Gabriel swore “I'm sorry”

“Don’t be” Dawn said lightly. “I wouldn’t have let anything happen anyway.”

“I thought you wanted something to happen?” Gabriel frowned confused.

“I do” Dawn smiled tracing his finger along a thin scar on Gabriel's neck “but not when you have concussion and your brains half addled.” Gabriel shivered.

“True” he smiled standing up “come on” he sighed “we’d better get going”












The End

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