Half an hour later and Dawn had a thick paste of lavender, willow bark and saffron on a piece of cotton cloth. He frowned at the dark brown goo and rubbed a little on a cut on the back of his hand. It stung for a moment then numbness spread up his arm and he smiled.

“You see?” Lou said “the saffron binds it to the blood and carries it around the body. The lavender is and antiseptic and the willow bark a painkiller.” Dawn nodded.

“Its true sire” he said to Gabriel. “It works”

“Fine” Gabriel said his stomach was clenching painfully as the smell of roasting hare washed over him.

“It will help your wounds princeling” Lou smiled not his wide grin but a small tired smile.

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel growled

“My apologies” Lou said his image flickered and faded “I cannot stay for long, the paste wont help concussion though” he said his body sinking into a sitting position. “I will leave you both with a thought to ponder. Dawn the hare needs a little longer use your magick.”

“But…” Dawn stuttered

“No buts” Lou smiled “you mustn’t be afraid of your gifts unbind your tail too your prince doesn’t mind that you have it and your balance will greatly improve.”

“How do you…?”

“I know a lot of things youngling” Lou said his image fading even more. “I also know a little.” He turned to Gabriel “and as for you, stop being scared”

“I'm scared of no one” Gabriel growled.

“Perhaps not but you are afraid of people knowing you, love who you please your path is not the one that has been set for you by your mother.” Lou's form flickered and vanished. “You have twenty four hours before you're caught.” Lou's voice said from nowhere.


“What the hell was that?” Gabriel growled into the darkness as the small fire went out.

“I'm not sure” Dawn sighed lighting the candle again. “Things are getting a little odd for my liking.”

“And mine” Gabriel agreed.

“I do think though, for some strange reason, that I trust him” Gabriel sighed then he nodded.

“I think I did too” he said touching the wound at his temple wincing as pain spiked through his head.

“Don’t do that” Dawn demanded he moved towards Gabriel with candle and saw the princes blue eyes were almost obscured by the wide black pupils. “your heads worse than I thought.” Dawn frowned passing the candle in front of the princes eyes the pupils didn’t react.

“I'm okay” Gabriel insisted “I'm just tired is all and hungry” Dawn nodded putting the candle down.

“Me too” he sat cross legged by the partially roasted hare and closed his eyes.


Sylver and Marcus stood up from their own finished meal.

“I hope they're okay” Marcus said voicing Sylver's worries.

“Gabriel should be” Sylver said “but I don’t know about Dawn” his magick flared as a figure appeared in front of them.

“Good morning” the figure said.

“Who are you?” Sylver growled.

“You know not long ago your brother asked me just that and in the same tone of voice.” Lou smiled. “I'm Lou”

“And?” Sylver growled.

“And in answer to your earlier question Dawn and Gabriel are fine” Lou pulled the length of wood from his waistband “here” he passed what was left of the staff to Sylver.

“What happened to it?” Sylver frowned

“It broke in the rockslide.” Lou said “I forgot to pass it to Dawn. They do have a few injuries that you will have to deal with.”

“What injuries?” Sylver asked. Lou's image flickered a look of pain on his face. “You’re using too much magick” 

“I know” Lou grimaced “Gabriel has a head wound and Dawn has general scrapes and bruises.” Lou groaned and his image faded slightly. “Keep going there is an intersection up ahead, go left.”

“Okay” Sylver said slowly unsure whether to trust this creature.

“I am a friend trust in that at least.” Lou's image vanished.

“Sire did you notice?” Marcus asked after a few seconds.

“Notice what?” Sylver sighed starting walk again.

“He had no wings.” Sylver looked at Marcus a frown creasing his tired face.




The End

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