Gabriel awoke to a pounding headache he groaned against Dawn's chest the large angel did the same as he opened his eyes slowly.

“What the hell happened?” Gabriel grumbled he sat up his ribs grinding slightly. Dawn grimaced as he sat up too his clothes were stuck to the dried blood and the cuts on his back. He jumped as something touched his leg in the dark. “It’s just me” Gabriel said moving his hand away.

“Hang on” Dawn said he felt around in the dark for the candle and his box of matches. Gabriel clenched his eyes shut in the bright flare of the match his headache increasing.

“Let me clean you up now” Gabriel said the pain dulling down again.

“Sire, I…” Dawn said wedging the candle in the rocks again.

“Are you arguing again?”

“Yes sire” Dawn nodded he was tugging gingerly at the back of his thin shirt.

“Can I advise against arguing with me when I have a monster of a headache?” Gabriel growled holding Dawn's shoulder firmly and leaning him forward slightly.

“Sire please” Dawn said clenching his teeth as his wounds pulled. “let me unstuck it?”

“Very well.” Gabriel released him.


Sylver grabbed Marcus as the stones around them shifted and fell. Automatically a copper globe of magick surrounded them. Sylver relaxed as the thunderous roar subsided then he realized that the magick that protected them wasn’t his.

“Marcus?” Sylver bent to put his hands on the small angel’s shoulders. Marcus was crouched down and he was muttering something. “Its okay Marcus” Sylver said Marcus looked up at his green eyes and Sylver smiled pushing the long brown hair from Marcus’ eyes.

“Where are the others?” Marcus asked straightening up Sylver sighed.

“I have no idea.” He said.

“So what do we do?”

“We press on” Sylver said his eyes burning “there's no point stopping.”

“How do you know they're okay?” Sylver shook his head he didn’t trust his voice.


Dawn yelped as Gabriel carefully wiped the lavender paste over his back.

“And your legs Dawn” Gabriel said.

“Sire no” Dawn said.

“Yes Dawn” Gabriel growled Dawn pulled a face at him.

“I do want a little of my dignity in tact” Dawn said tugging on his last clean shirt.

“Dawn I have no dignity left and nor do you.” Gabriel smiled Dawn sighed and began to unhook his belt.

Dawn looked into the darkness trying to ignore the princes gentle hands on his legs. He bit the inside of his cheek hard and Gabriel's hands moved further up. “unwrap it Dawn” the prince said behind him.


“Your tail” Gabriel said “unwrap it.” Dawn did so and tasted blood as he bit his cheek harder. Gabriel treated the few grazes on Dawn's extra appendage and stood up. “You’re all done.” He said wiping his hands.

“Thanks” Dawn muttered Gabriel looked at him.

“Dawn why are you embarrassed?”
“I…” Dawn looked away from him, “I don’t like what I look like”

“You don’t like your body?” Gabriel frowned.

“Why not?” Gabriel moved nearer to him as Dawn turned hooking his belt up again.

“I'm not the same as everyone else.”

“Because you have a tail?” Dawn nodded. “Oh Dawn.” Gabriel smiled.

“It’s a demonic trait sire” Dawn growled “that’s what they said every time they tried to remove it.”     

“Remove it?” Gabriel said outrage clear in his voice, Dawn nodded Gabriel took a deep breath to calm himself and smiled. “Dawn wings are a demonic trait and we all have them.” Dawn looked at him questioningly. “Mother won’t accept it but daemons and angels have the same genetic makeup.”

“No they don’t” Dawn growled.

“They do” Gabriel rested a hand on his cheek. “Say you were a cat” Dawn laughed “other cats are different colours different sized some have tails some don’t fundamentally they're still cats. Same with us.”

“Really?” Dawn frowned not quite believing him Gabriel nodded. “Besides I like the fact that you're a bit different” Gabriel brushed the tips of his fingers across the large angel’s cheekbone. “It’s nice to see a little variety.”

“I suppose.” Dawn said

“Don’t suppose it’s true” Gabriel looked at the candle “we had better get moving before we run out of light.”

“I have four more candles” Dawn said.

“And I have no idea how long his tunnel is” Gabriel said picking up his pack.

“Sire” Dawn looked at his hands. “My staffs gone” Gabriel smiled gently

“Don’t worry” he said “we can get another one for you.”  

Gabriel stumbled as the stub of the candle he held went out, he heard a crash behind him as Dawn fell Gabriel turned and knelt down in the dark.

“Dawn?” he said

“I can’t sire” Dawn said as Gabriel tried to lift him up.

“Come on” Gabriel pleaded.

“I cant” Dawn groaned Gabriel felt blindly for Dawn's pack searching inside until he felt four wax cylinders bound together. He pulled one out and lit it putting it down. Then he tugged of Dawn's pack and put it aside.

“Come on” Gabriel repeated putting his hands under Dawn's arms he hauled him up into a sitting position.

“Sire I'm exhausted”

“I know” Gabriel said sinking to his knees beside Dawn. “So am I. we need food and some decent sleep.”

“I could murder a bowl of rabbit stew” Dawn smiled tiredly and Gabriel groaned as his stomach growled.

“Me too” Gabriel smiled back “I also wish I knew what time it was.” Dawn nodded.

“Can we please stop for an hour?”

“Yes” Gabriel said pushing Dawn's sweat soaked hair from his chocolate eyes.


“Yes Dawn?” Gabriel braced a hand on the wall beside Dawn's head.

“Gabriel” Dawn muttered he wrapped his arms around the prince pulling him onto his lap. Gabriel fought tired laughter as he laid his head on Dawn's chest.

“Dawn your legs.” Gabriel said as the large angel visibly winced.

“Don’t worry.” Dawn sighed burying his face in the prince’s hair. Gabriel sniggered and hooked his arms around Dawn's waist carefully.

“We can’t sleep like this.” Gabriel said reluctantly after a few moments.

“No” Dawn agreed.

“Let me put the candle out” Gabriel said shifting off Dawn's lap he picked up the candle.

“Sire hang on” Dawn said slowly unhooking the fur cloak form around his neck and laid it out on the rocky ground after brushing as many loose stones as he could from beneath it. He lay down and held his arms out to Gabriel who sighed and put the candle out placing beside Dawn's bag. He lowered himself down in the dark and crawled forward until Dawn's arms wrapped around him the thick fur below them made a comfortable bed. Gabriel smiled as Dawn tugged him closer and he could settle his head on the large angel’s chest. Gabriel moved his wing laying over Dawn to keep him warm, Dawn smiled and wrapped his own wing around the prince.






The End

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