Everyone is DifferentMature

Gabriel coughed clearing his lungs and blinking the dust out of his eyes he realized the light had gone.

“Sylver” he shouted loudly there was no reply. He turned as Dawn lit a candle the angel was moving slowly.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel said squinting against the bright light, he moved forward but Dawn took a step back.

“No” Dawn said his voice harsh.
“Are you hurt?” Gabriel frowned as Dawn moved back again.

“No” he repeated loudly his shirt and the woollen tunic hung in bloody tatters. The angel’s thick cotton trousers weren’t in much better condition. Gabriel put his pack down the thick oilskin was designed to take damage and was scuffed but fine as was Dawn's.

“Dawn” Gabriel frowned.

“Let me get some decent clothes on” Dawn said Gabriel could see the blush even in the dim light.

Gabriel nodded, regretting it instantly as the tunnel seemed to tilt.

“Sire?” Dawn saw the prince stumble and he wedged the candle between two rocks. He moved forward, almost forgetting his nearly undressed state as he saw the dark line of blood running down from the princes left temple. Dawn caught him as he stumbled again Dawn lowered him to his knees.

“I'm okay” Gabriel said his words slightly slurred but Dawn smiled as he felt the slight swaying of Gabriel's body had stopped, he let go and stood up shuffling backwards.

“Dawn?” Gabriel frowned he wasn’t focusing well but the tall angel was acting strangely. “What’s wrong?”

“I've got to get some clothes on” Dawn mumbled.

“Turn around” Gabriel said sharply.


“That’s an order.” Gabriel snapped Dawn swallowed and lowered his pack to the floor the even more reluctantly he did as he was told. Gabriel saw blood soaked strips of cloth, cut and grazed skin was visible beneath that. Gabriel’s eyes travelled down taking in blood soaked feathers. Then he frowned as he saw through a hole in Dawn’s trousers something black wrapped around the angels upper left leg. “What’s that?” Gabriel asked.

“Its nothing” Dawn snapped turning back around his cheeks burning. Gabriel stood shakily holding onto the rough stone wall for support.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled through the wave of nausea that washed over him.

“It’s a tail” Dawn mumbled Gabriel barely heard him shame made the large angel feel sick.

“A tail?” Gabriel frowned.

“Yes sire”

“Why do you have a tail?” Gabriel asked.

“Because I'm a freak.” Dawn growled

“No you're not” Gabriel smiled gently moving nearer to him.

“I am” Dawn said miserably. “It’s why no one wanted me, why no one wants me”

“I want you” Gabriel said touching Dawn's now pale face. The prince’s world spun and he dropped to his hands and knees Dawn looked down his mind screamed at him to move but his body wouldn’t respond.

“You’re a prince” he said “you’ve already said no to wanting me and you have concussion so I'm not listening to anything you have to say right now.” Dawn watched as Gabriel sat back clumsily to look up at him.

“I'm perfectly fine” he groaned.

“See?” Dawn smiled sadly his muscles finally allowed him to sink to his knees “you're not fine.”

“I am” Gabriel argued his head was throbbing and he covered his face with his hands.

“Let me clean you up” Dawn suggested.

“What about you?” Gabriel slurred taking his hands away.

“I’ll be okay” Dawn said he smiled attempting to hide the fact that his back and the backs of his legs were stinging fiercely.

“Now who's lying?” Gabriel growled Dawn laughed painfully.

“If you want you can help me after I've sorted you out, only if you're able to though.”


Dawn dug the tub of lavender and vervain from his slightly torn pack and using a clean section of one of Gabriel's clean shirt he spread some over the small but deep wound on the prince’s head.

“Your turn” Gabriel said quietly he moved slightly and red spots flashed in front of his eyes.

“After you’ve had some sleep” Dawn smiled the fabric of a clean tunic and cotton trousers pulled at the rough edges of his multiple, small wounds. He didn’t care right then the smell of lavender in the confines space was making him tired. Gingerly he sat down beside Gabriel and pulled the duty fur cloak from his pack laying over both of them and closing his eyes. Gabriel smiled sleepily and shuffled closer to the warm angel wrapping his arms carefully around him trying to avoid his injuries. Dawn smiled down at him sadly.






The End

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