Dawn returned to the fire over an hour later Gabriel was stretched out beside the small fire his hands behind his head. Sylver and Marcus were further down the tunnel the occasional flash of light told Dawn that Marcus was having his magick lesson.

Dawn sat down quietly, he put his bag down noting that Gabriel appeared to be sleeping, he sighed.

“Dawn” Gabriel said opening his eyes “my apologies” he said looking at him.

“For what?” Dawn said lightly.

You know perfectly well what I'm sorry about.” Gabriel frowned.

“I do but you were right.” Dawn said.

“I don’t like being right all the time.” Gabriel said he rolled over and propped himself up on his elbows.

“You’re not” Dawn smiled at him. “But this time you are right.” Gabriel grinned.

“That’s the Dawn I like” he laughed Dawn looked at his hands.

“Sire there's something I need to say” he said slowly.

“Well you're getting better” Sylver said as they came back to the fire “but a bit more control is definitely needed.” Gabriel snorted with laughter as he noticed Marcus looking distinctly singed. Dawn's mouth snapped shut and Gabriel frowned. “Did we interrupt?” Sylver smiled.

“Actually…” Gabriel said looking at Dawn.

“No” Dawn said quickly Gabriel looked surprised at being interrupted then slowly shook his head.

“No” he repeated unsurely. Sylver held his hand out and the tiny fire leapt up from the floor into his palm.

“Are we moving?” he asked.

“Yes” Gabriel replied standing up he strapped on his sword and lifted his pack.


They walked in silence for over three hours, Gabriel stopped first.

“Sylver” he growled “put it out”

“What?” Sylver asked doing as he was told, Gabriel stayed perfectly still listening. Dawn could only hear his own breathing seeming loud in the silence. Then he frowned as a low rumbling sound met his ears a high screeching noise accompanying it. Suddenly a loud crunch had him leaping backwards knocking Sylver into Marcus. Gabriel's cry of pain echoed over the thunderous crash of falling rocks and stones.

“Sire?” Dawn shouted not daring to move in the dark.

“Gabriel?” Sylver yelled at the same time.

“I'm alright” the princes voice sounded far away, “I think.” Sylver magick lit up again and Dawn looked down, he stepped back instinctively as he saw the enormous crater in front of him. The tunnel had collapsed leaving a thin path and a cliff of fallen rock below.

“Gabriel?” Sylver called again.

“Yes?” he replied from below.

“I'm coming down.” Dawn said loudly.

“No” Gabriel shouted back but the large angel was already sliding and skidding down the rocks towards him. “Sylver, Marcus stay put” Gabriel snapped as the badly stacked stones began to move once more. Halfway down Dawn slipped and landed on his back sliding the rest of the way down the sharp stones tearing clothes, wings and skin as he went.

He groaned in pain as he landed at Gabriel's feet, the prince looked down at him blood dripping down his face, he was holding his side. “Glad you joined me.” He said.

“Gabriel, Dawn?” Sylver called “we can’t come down we’ll cause a rock slide.”

“I know” Gabriel said blinking dust out of his eyes. He looked around and spotted a dark tunnel nearby.

“What do we do?” Sylver called as Dawn slowly stood up.

“We can’t climb up” Gabriel said holding Dawn's arm to keep him upright. “keep going” Gabriel said looking at the small light bobbing around over fifty feet above them.

“What about you?” Sylver called.

“There’s a tunnel” Gabriel replied.

“Are you crazy?” Sylver shouted “it could lead anywhere.”

“Do you have a better idea?” Sylver took a step forward and a shower of stones, pebbles and dust rained down on Gabriel and Dawn. The rocks around them groaned.

“Move” Gabriel snapped at Dawn gripping his arm and dragging him into the tunnel. He had no time to feel guilty about the yell of pain as the enormous mountain of loose rubble began to move once more. Gabriel just got Dawn into the tunnel as the air filled with dust again.





The End

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