Gabriel opened his eyes as fingers tangled themselves in the long hair behind his ear, his body tensed as he realized he couldn’t see, he didn’t risk moving as the fingers tightened.

“Shhh” a voice said beside him “it’s okay” soft feather wrapped around him.

“What?” Gabriel said warily.

“The other two are still asleep” Dawn said quietly untangling his fingers he rested his hand on Gabriel's shoulder. “You should be too”

“What were you doing?” Gabriel said.

“nothing” Dawn said quickly Gabriel lifted his hand to his shoulder and gripped Dawn's wrist moving it back to the side of his head.

“Then you can carry on doing nothing” the prince smiled Dawn grinned as Gabriel let go of his wrist and wrapped his arms around the large angel.

“Sire?” he said.

“Don’t” Gabriel said shutting his eyes again.

Gabriel's eyes shot open as a light flared in front of him, his head snapped backwards and the back of his skull connected with the wall. Sylver laughed as stars flashed in front of the princes eyes.

Beside him Dawn awoke to Gabriel cursing and holding the back of his head.

“Morning to you too” he said yawning Gabriel glared at him and Sylver laughed even harder.

“Oh shut up” Gabriel growled checking his palm to make sure there was no blood coming from his head.

Dawn's hand still rested on his shoulder and the large angel smiled and moved.

“Well it take it you two stayed warm?” Sylver smiled.

“What?” Gabriel grumbled Sylver sniggered as the tiny fire crackled beneath the cooking pot.

“You two looked so sweet cuddled up like that”

“It was cold” Gabriel snarled.

“It wasn’t that bad”

“Shut up.” Gabriel growled again “what's for breakfast?”

“I'm making flatbread” Sylver said “and we have some fruit left”

“Fine” Gabriel said picking up his bag “excuse me” he stood up and moved off down the tunnel into the darkness.

“Go with him Dawn” Sylver said.

“Yes sire.” Dawn said grabbing his own pack and following Gabriel.


“Hey” Dawn smiled seeing Gabriel silhouetted in the dark.

“What did you want?”

“To change” Dawn said stripping off his shirt. He watched Gabriel his eyes adjusting slowly to the light the prince was already in clean clothes and his hair was unbound. Dawn stopped to look at him properly.

“You’re staring again” Gabriel said as he pulled a brush through his hair.

“I know I'm sorry” Dawn shrugged into a loose shirt tugging a thick woollen tunic over the top. “About last night sire?” Dawn said as Gabriel braided his hair once more.

“Don’t” Gabriel growled Dawn faltered it wasn’t the reaction he was expecting.  

“Don’t what?” he asked Gabriel's eyes flashed in the dim light.

“Just don’t” the prince warned.

“Okay” Dawn said his heart sinking. Gabriel watched the tall angel as he looked at the floor.

“Dawn” Gabriel said quietly Dawn looked up at him as the prince took a step forward. “I'm sorry” he sad looking at the tall angels face the prince swallowed then smiled sadly.

“For what?” Dawn forced the words out.

“You intrigue me but we can’t be more than we are” Gabriel sighed.

“No” Dawn agreed “it’s not proper.”

“Screw proper” Gabriel smiled “but I couldn’t think of hurting you”

“Why would you hurt me?” Dawn frowned.

“My futures decided.” Gabriel said resting a hand on Dawn's face “yours is just beginning”

“But…” Dawn rested a hand on Gabriel's holding the princes palm against his cheek.

“No buts Dawn” Gabriel said “I can’t and you have a chance of a life, don’t risk that for me.” Gabriel pulled away and began to walk away.
“Sire?” Dawn called Gabriel turned to him.


“I'm sorry.” Dawn said Gabriel smiled sadly.

“Don’t be sorry Dawn” Gabriel said after a moment “I should be sorry.”

“What for?”

“For saying no to you” Gabriel sighed “I want the same as you do but I cant risk getting you killed”

“By who?” Dawn asked

“Mother” Gabriel's said “it’s my duty to get married and continue the line of females for the throne.”

“I know” Dawn said he kissed Gabriel's forehead and let him go. Gabriel watched him sit down against the wall.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said gently.

“Please sire, go away” Dawn said sadly Gabriel nodded and walked back to Sylver and Marcus.


“Are you okay?” Sylver asked.

“Fine” Gabriel said he felt numb but he couldn’t work out why. He barely even knew Dawn but it hurt to think about the conversation they’d just had.


Dawn let the tears fall down his cheeks, then angrily wiped them away. What Gabriel said didn’t matter, if anything, it made his job easier.





The End

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