Into the TunnelMature

Dawn watched Gabriel patiently as the prince stayed perfectly still crouched beside a rabbit hole. He stayed there for almost an hour among the sparse, stunted plants. When he finally moved Dawn jumped, a loud squeal pierced the air until Gabriel broke the rabbit’s neck.

“Quickly” Gabriel hissed heading back to the cave “someone probably heard that.”

“Where did you find that?” Sylver frowned as Gabriel put the rabbit down in front of him.

“Out there” Gabriel replied.

“Obviously” Sylver growled.

“Did you want me to gut it for you too?” Gabriel said “maybe I can eat it for you”

“Don’t be an arse” Sylver said watching as Dawn picked the rabbit up and quickly sorted it ready for the pot. “Thank you Dawn” he said glaring at Gabriel.

“Please stop” Dawn sighed as Gabriel stuck two fingers up at his brother. Marcus had settled himself down and seemed to be asleep, Sylver looked away from Gabriel.

“Dawn's right” he said lets stop this we cant get anything done if we’re arguing all the time. Gabriel shrugged and dug the beeswax from his bag then passed it to Dawn who was wiping the worst of the rabbit blood, on his hands, on a rock nearby.

“Wax the staff Dawn” he said “I’ll put my seal on it then after dinner we’ll be off again.”

“Thank you” he said Gabriel nodded.

“I'm going to get a little more rest.”

“What about the group following us?” Sylver asked.

“Gone” Gabriel said “I checked before we got dinner.” Sylver nodded stirring the pot.


It took Gabriel less than an hour to carve his seal into both of the black caps on Dawn's staff, using the tip of his dagger. Dawn watched as the prince braced the length of wood between his knees and set to work.

“I do have a question” Sylver said packing away the cooking things.

“Hm?” Gabriel asked not looking up from his work.

“What will we eat in the tunnel?”

“That’s your call” Gabriel muttered.

“Will you complain at everything?” Sylver asked.



An hour after Gabriel passed the staff back to Dawn he stood up and stretched.

“I think its time to go” he said. Dawn looked at the intricate little design on each end of the staff and he smiled. “I've left space for more” Gabriel said as the large angel stood up too.

“Thank you” Dawn smiled he doubted that the prince realized what it meant to him to have the crest on the dark metal. He had a place now and his smile widened. “I don’t think I’ll use the rest of the space.”

“You will” Gabriel said.

Sylver and Marcus picked up their packs and they moved into the dark tunnel entrance. Sylver let a small ball of light float up to the ceiling lighting the way.



Gabriel shivered as the cold bit into any flesh that was exposed, the dark tunnel holding the chill of the rocks around them.

“Gabriel” Sylver said “I need to rest” the ball of light flared and dimmed.

“Okay” Gabriel looked at his brothers pale face as Sylver sank down the wall sitting on the cold floor. Dawn realized what was wrong and used a sulphur match to light one of the candles. Sylver smiled weakly at him and let his magick dissipate. Gabriel knelt down.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I've just over extended my magick is all.” Sylver said Gabriel could feel the muscles in Sylver's shoulders spasming slightly beneath his hand.

“You should have said so earlier.” He said kindly.

“We’ve wasted enough time already” Sylver said.

“We’ll lose more if you make yourself ill” Gabriel growled. “Get some rest” Sylver nodded and closed his eyes still sat up against the stone wall.

“Allow me” Marcus said moving nearer, the small angel’s voice sounded strange to Gabriel and he realized that Marcus had barely spoken recently.

“Are you always so quiet?” Gabriel asked as Marcus took both of Sylver's hands. The silver haired angel didn’t stir as their intertwined fingers began to glow slightly, but a small smile spread across his face and Gabriel began to relax.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said behind him the prince looked up and saw Dawn holding the fur lined cloak. Gabriel moved aside and watched as Dawn tucked it around Sylver after Marcus had let him go.

Gabriel smiled and sat down opposite them leaning against the wall of the tunnel. Dawn settled down beside him and blew out the candle. Gabriel jumped as he felt something move near him.

“Relax” Dawn said tucking his spelled cloak around the prince “its only me” Gabriel pulled the cloak up to his chin then realized that Dawn had nothing to keep him warm.

“Dawn” he said un-tucking half of the cloak and passing it to Dawn. He shifted closer to the large angel and Dawn smiled in the dark as Gabriel tucked the cloak around him. “You have this half” Gabriel said as Dawn shivered beside him. Dawn grinned to himself as Gabriel settled beside him he pulled his arm out from between them. “Sorry” Gabriel said moving away slightly then he squeaked slightly in surprise as Dawn wrapped his arm around his shoulders and pulled him closer. Dawn was warm and Gabriel was tired he didn’t feel like arguing about dignity as he rested his head against Dawn's chest.






The End

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