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The tunnel entrance loomed in front of them a massive cavern that narrowed at the back into a thin low tunnel, just tall enough for Dawn to stand upright.

“No fire” Gabriel said stopping at the back of the cavern.

“I have bread, biscuits and a little cold meat from last night” Sylver said digging in his pack for the small food sack.

“Good I'm starving”


Gabriel took the first guard watch that night to make sure their pursuers couldn’t sneak up on them. He yawned after four hours and woke Dawn.

“Nothing to report” Gabriel said yawning again as Dawn stretched and rubbed his eyes.

“Good” he said.

“I'm getting some sleep don’t forget to wake Sylver after two hours”

“Can I light a candle?” Dawn asked as Gabriel settled down. “I would like to get further in my book”

“Okay but keep the flame small” Gabriel said closing his eyes.

“okay, Gabriel” Dawn said pulling his book and a new pack of candles, glad that he'd spent two silver pieces on them. He opened his book at the marked page and sat back to read. He didn’t see the prince smile at the use of his name.


Gabriel woke slowly to someone laying something over him, it was still dark but he saw Dawn settling back down beside him in the glow of the candle.

“Dawn?” he said quietly.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up” Gabriel pulled the fur cloak tighter around himself. “You were shivering”

“It’s cold” Gabriel said

“A bit chilly” Dawn smiled “but not too bad.” Gabriel sat up and watched Dawn trim the wick of his candle Gabriel smiled.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“About an hour” Dawn said picking up his book again. Gabriel lit a cigarette and offered on to Dawn. “Are you alright?” Dawn asked lighting his from the candle flame.

“Not too bad” Gabriel sighed.

“You only seem to smoke when you're stressed” Dawn said he watched a few strands of the prince’s hair fall into his face and Gabriel pushed them away irritably.

“I'm just wondering what we do next?” Gabriel said

“Don’t wonder now” Dawn smiled “wonder in the morning.” Gabriel sighed out a breath of smoke, Dawn watched him carefully.

“Why do you do that?” Gabriel asked looking out of the massive cavern at the starry sky.

“Do what?” Dawn asked vaguely.

“Stare at me” Gabriel turned to look at him.

“I don’t know” Dawn frowned “I guess I like to look at people”

“At me?” Gabriel said “you don’t do it to Marcus or Sylver.”

“I like the way you look sire” Dawn said feeling uncomfortable.

“I look like Sylver though”

“No” Dawn smiled “you two look nothing alike”

“We’re identical twins” Gabriel said confused.

“Maybe when you were younger but not now” Dawn said “not to me”

“I think you have an admirer Gabriel” Sylver said opening his eyes. Dawn flushed a deep red and Sylver laughed quietly.

“Shut up” Gabriel snapped he pulled the covers up over himself and lay down facing away from them.

“Oh come on Gabriel” slyer sighed “you always tell me to shut up but it never works”

“Piss off” Gabriel grumbled Dawn fidgeted unsure of what to do with himself.

“I was joking Dawn” Sylver said “no need to worry”

“Your version of a joke is like a slap in the face Sylver.” He pulled the cloak up further and smiled slightly as he smelt soap and Dawn he closed his eyes as sleep suddenly settled over him.

“There he should sleep right through” Sylver said pulling his magick back. “Now Dawn” Sylver looked at the large angel and Dawn looked at his hands.

“Yes sire?”

“Do you like my brother?”

“Of course he's my prince.”

“But you like him more than that” Sylver said Dawn didn’t reply. “I'm not blind Dawn, you like him as more than a friend or a boss.”

“So?” Dawn said defensively.

“Just be aware that if anything were to happen between you two it won’t last.” Dawn growled.

“I don’t know what you mean” Dawn growled.

“Well…” Sylver said before Gabriel sat up to look at him making Dawn jump. The large angel knocked his candle over the flame went out pitching them into darkness again.

“Don’t you dare do that again” Gabriel snapped

“Bloody hell, Gabriel don’t do that” Sylver growled.

“Then don’t do magick on me” Gabriel snarled his eyes adjusting quickly to the darkness. He saw Dawn trying t get warm candle wax of his arm. “Sorry Dawn.”

“s’okay” Dawn flinched as the wax took a few hairs with it.

 “Did I get your book?” Gabriel asked.  

“I don’t know” Dawn said picking up Sylver's hand lit up a small flame bobbing over his palm. Gabriel closed his eyes against the harsh light. “No sire” Dawn said.

“Good. Sylver” he turned to his brother “it’s your watch” he snapped settling back down as Dawn passed the half burnt candle to Sylver. He slid his book into his bag before laying down his own spelled cloak over him. He closed his eyes, they snapped open again as a cold hand wrapped around his own. He smiled and tightened his fingers. “Goodnight” Gabriel muttered beside him.


When Dawn awoke the next morning the prince was sitting up cleaning his sword a small metal tub of oil sat beside him.

“Good morning” Dawn yawned.

“Morning” Gabriel grumbled.

“Where are the other two?”

“Out looking for something to eat” Gabriel said laying his sword across his knees and lighting a cigarette.

“What would they find here?” Dawn asked pushing the cloak away from him.

“Here” Dawn Gabriel passed him a cigarette and Dawn smiled. “I don’t think they’ll find much.” Gabriel sighed “besides Sylver's not good at hunting but I'm sick of it”

Dawn laughed.

“Do you mind if I read some more? Until they come back?”

“Sure” Gabriel smiled. “Have you learnt anything interesting yet?”

“I haven’t read much of it I'm still near the beginning” Dawn said “but I've learnt that there are different types of mage. I'm a natural elemental, I was born with the powers I have” Gabriel put his cigarette out and lifted his sword again.

“So what's Sylver then?”

“He’s a taught mage” Dawn said “so is Marcus” Gabriel nodded.

“So what's the difference?”

“A taught mage has to learn all of the spells and they can learn more” Dawn said “but elementals are what the name suggests I can control the elements but one is more natural to me than the others.” Gabriel nodded and smiled.

“Anything else?” he asked

“There are a few meditation techniques explained for learning more control” Dawn smiled. “I'm slow at reading though”

“You can do better than me” Gabriel said smiling.

“Haven’t you ever tried to learn?”

“Repeatedly” Gabriel said “learning to read would be highly useful but the letters turn inside out and back to front in my mind”

“Oh” Dawn frowned “maybe I could teach you”

“Maybe” Gabriel smiled “for now though learn your magick and the sword.” Gabriel said “I can recognize a few names and sign my own name that’s got me this far.” Dawn nodded.

“And what about magick?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t have the patience. I have a little bit of natural magick and its enough for me besides my tempers to volatile to have too much.”   

Dawn laughed at this and Gabriel smiled at him.

“Your tempers not that bad” the tall angel said Gabriel raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “It flares regularly but not for long.” Dawn shrugged.

“Underneath that servile exterior you're very observant and I think you actually have a good amount of intelligence too” Gabriel smiled. “And I don’t say that often.”

“I'm not intelligent sire” Dawn flushed “not like Sylver”

“Books don’t make you intelligent Dawn.” Gabriel said “he may know the history of Paradise but it won’t keep him alive.”

“We’re back” Sylver said from the mouth of the cave. He sounded pleased with himself. Marcus shuffled along behind him looking embarrassed.

“What did you find?” Gabriel said suspiciously even as his stomach growled loudly.

“Fennel, wild garlic, nettles, May apples and blackcurrants” Gabriel pulled a face.

“What?” he growled “Sylver look at these” he pointed to the sharp canines in his mouth “we all have them they are for eating meat”

“And the flat ones are for eating leaves” Sylver smiled pulling out the cooking pot. “I have herbs and a few potatoes and the berries are for desert.

“No thanks” Gabriel grumbled standing up he re-sheathed his sword and walked towards the entrance of the cave.

“Gabriel, wait” Dawn said he scrambled up and followed the prince.

“Fine none of you can appreciate good food.”

“We can” Gabriel replied “that’s the problem”



The End

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