Feeling StupidMature

Gabriel could barely smell the strange mixture beneath the thick bandages and he was grateful. Dawn was still moving around the room when Sylver opened the door.

“You’re awake then” he said closing the door again then he stopped and sniffed. “Who’s been using lavender and why?” Gabriel looked away.

“Me sire” Dawn said “I have an almost healed cut on my ribs and its annoying me”

“I see” Sylver smiled “do you know much herb lore?” he sat down at the small table by the fire.

“No sire” Dawn said “when I went into town I asked at the local healers.”

“You could have asked me” Sylver smiled “by the way vervain is ridiculously expensive and probably unnecessary”

“I took all of the stitches out last night and I didn’t want any chance of an infection, seeing as we’re not sleeping in the cleanest places.”

“Very wise” Sylver looked at Gabriel a small smile on his face. “Nice try Dawn. Gabriel you pissed her off again didn’t you?” he said.

“What?” Gabriel frowned.

“Mother” Sylver said.

“I don’t know what you're talking about” Gabriel growled.

“Fine,” Sylver smiled “I don’t want an argument”

“Then back off” Gabriel snarled.

“Very well” Sylver sighed standing up. “You only had to ask and I would have helped though”

“Only under protest and after a strong telling off” Gabriel snapped

“True but at least I am practised in what dosages and herbs to use”

“I'm learning” Dawn said defensively, Sylver smiled at him.

“And therein lays my problem.” He said then he left pulling his hood up and closing the door.

“Stupid, stuck bastard” Gabriel growled.

“Sorry” Dawn said “I tried”

“I know Dawn” Gabriel sighed. “I didn’t mean to make you feel stupid”

“You didn’t” Dawn said “he did”

“He has a knack for that” Gabriel said closing his eyes.  



The End

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