A Little of Dawn's PastMature

Dawn stared down at his half empty plate, for a reason he didn’t know, he wasn’t hungry any more. He stood up just as a brown haired maid hurried over to them.

“Sir” she said to Dawn “your master instructed me to fetch you, there is a fresh bath waiting for you upstairs.”   

“Thanks” Dawn stood up as Marie hurried away again.

“Goodnight Dawn” Sylver smiled.

“Night” Dawn said quietly.

It was only when Dawn reached the top of he stairs that he realized that he didn’t know what room was his. Then he saw a cloaked figure carrying a pile of clothes and look up at him.

“In here Dawn” Gabriel said quietly dropping the clothes in a large basket outside the door the he disappeared back inside. Dawn hurried to close the door he looked at the small double bed and then he smiled at the sight of the metal tub that was steaming lightly.

“Have you had yours sire?” he asked as Gabriel pulled off the spelled cloak and Dawn saw sopping wet silver hair. “I’ll take that as a yes” Dawn grinned.

“Do you mind if I stay in here?” Gabriel asked Dawn watched him move around in a pair of loose, white cotton trousers.

“No” Dawn said Gabriel smiled

“Have you always stared as much as you do now?”

“Since I met you it seems to have gotten worse sire.” Dawn said vaguely not really concentrating on the words coming out of his mouth, he shivered as Gabriel laughed.

“Really?” the prince sounded amused. “Have your bath Dawn its getting cold, you can stare at me later.”

“Promise?” Dawn ginned wickedly.

“I do believe Dawn” Gabriel matched his grin and sat down on the edge of the bed “that you're flirting with me” Dawn turned a deep shade of red.

“I didn’t realize I was being so obvious” Dawn said “sorry”

“don’t start that again” Gabriel growled his smile gone “I like it better when you're yourself”

“I’ll try” Dawn said “its just habit to be wary of what I'm saying”

“I can understand that” Gabriel bent down to his almost empty bag and pulled the map from it.

“Don’t we already know the route we’re taking?” Dawn asked quickly stripping and climbing into the metal bathtub. He gritted his teeth as the water heated his skin up to fast. Gabriel didn’t notice his attention on the map once more.

“Hm?” Gabriel asked vaguely realizing that Dawn had asked him something.

“Don’t we know where we’re going?” Dawn said his voice strained as the salt water washed over the almost healed cut on his ribcage.

“Yes” Gabriel frowned as he looked up “but I'm hoping that if I look at this thing for long enough another route will jump out at me” Dawn sniggered slightly

“Do you think you could pass me my knife sire?” he asked looking down at his new scar.

“Why?” Gabriel asked moving the map from his lap and standing up.

“My stitches are useless now” Dawn said running a finger over one of the black threads. Gabriel picked up Dawn's abandoned trousers and took the knife from the belt loop. After a quick inspection of the blade he passed it to Dawn.

“Where did you get that from?” Gabriel asked returning to the bed Dawn looked at the princes back as he moved the wounds at the base of his spine were an angry red.

“It was all I had with me,” Dawn said “apart from the clothes I stood in, when I was left at the orphanage” swallowing he looked down at the weapon in his hand.

“Do you know anything about it?” Gabriel asked.

“Not really” Dawn sighed as he began to remove the stitches the tiny beads of blood left behind were washed away by the water. “I remember that it was my fathers” Dawn stopped talking.

“Well its beautifully made for a dagger” Gabriel smiled “I presume it was made especially for your father due to the initial on the hilt.”

“I think he had it made” Dawn frowned “but I don’t really remember”

“Nothing about him?” Gabriel asked Dawn shrugged his large shoulders making the water in the bath slosh up the sides.

“Only this” he said holding up the dagger. “And the smell” he added with a small smile.

“What smell?”

“it was a burning smell like he worked in a forge” Gabriel nodded he knew the smell well having endured weeks of punishment from his mother after being found in one of the local smithies making the sword now hung on the bedpost beside his pillow.

“That’s all?” he asked Dawn nodded.


“Your mother?” Gabriel asked but Dawn shook his head slowly.

“No” Dawn said “nothing”

“Dawn” Gabriel sighed and pulled on a loose shirt. “How old were you?”  

“When I went to the orphanage?” Dawn asked Gabriel nodded “five sire” Dawn said simply he ducked down beneath the water and quickly rubbed the soap over his hair before the salt got in his eyes. He came back up shaking drops of water from his face and hair. “its all I knew” he continued “as soon as I was old enough I threw myself into the fighting arts, not the sword that is for guards and knights, but the dagger the staff especially bare hand” Dawn smiled “the axe was my weak point I always ended up hitting myself on the head with the handle.” Gabriel laughed.

“I do the same with staff” Gabriel admitted “maybe your lessons with me could improve your swordplay and in return you could teach me more hand to hand, mother doesn’t think its gentlemanly to fist fight but I enjoyed what little I learnt.”

“I’d like that” Dawn smiled.

“Good” Gabriel smiled then looked away as he felt the hairs on his arms rise.

“Is there a towel sire?” Dawn asked looking over the edge of the tub.

“Behind you” Gabriel said “on the little shelf” he turned and walked to the window looking out into the dark street below to give Dawn some privacy as the big angel dried off.

“Do I have any clothes left sire?” Dawn asked wrapping the towel around his waist.

“Sorry Dawn” Gabriel turned and moved back to the bed. “I sent most of our clothes to be washed but I saved these for you and some for tomorrow” he passed Dawn some loose clothes for the night and then the clothes for the next day and turned away again. 

The End

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