The Black MongrelMature

Surprisingly the Black Mongrel was clean and only a few people sat in the common room. The innkeeper, a large burly angel with a grubby apron on, bustled over to them.

“Evening’ lords and masters” he smiled kindly “we ‘ave warm beds and hot baths and good food”

“Baths?” Gabriel asked.

“Certainly sir” the innkeeper said “water shortage ain’t no burden this close to the SouthSea”

“Salt baths” Gabriel said Dawn heard the smile.

“Finest in the city sir”

“And your name?” Gabriel asked.

“Leon Cudledon sir” the man said.

“Very well” Gabriel smiled.
“Did I hear food mentioned?” Sylver asked from behind him.

“Indeed young sir” Leon said “plenty of tables most of my guests ‘ave retired for the night but we do only ‘ave two rooms left”

“We’ll take them” Gabriel said “and baths sound good.” Leon nodded and swept away his big bulk moving almost silently through the crowds of tables and chairs.

“Thanks” Dawn muttered and from somewhere near the bar Leon's voice came.

“Welcome young sir” Gabriel smiled.


Gabriel looked around as they ate he saw a tall broad redhead sitting by the banked fire who was so drunk he couldn’t even drink more without spilling half of it down his tunic. A few women cloaked and hooded like them sat whispering in one corner.

“Witches” Sylver snarled.

“Enough” Gabriel growled “lets at least get one nights sleep before you get us kicked out” the prince stood up “I'm going to look at our rooms and hopefully a bath is ready”

“Fine” Sylver grumbled still glaring at the women in the corner.

“And I suggest we stick together where possible” Gabriel said bending to lean his hands on the table and speak quietly. “I have a bad feeling not about this place but something is happening nearby.”

“I agree” Sylver said finally looking up at him. “I'm sharing with Marcus, Dawn you know where you are.” Dawn nodded trying not to smile he was glad to be sharing with the prince he was deciding quickly that he didn’t like everything about Sylver.


At the bottom of the stairs Gabriel ran into a chamber maid.

“Oh sir” she said “sorry”

“That’s fine” Gabriel smiled making sure his hood was still in place.

“Your bath is ready” Gabriel's smile widened.

“Thank you” he said quietly.

“Will you require anything else?” she asked.

“Another bath once I'm done for my manservant” Gabriel said the woman nodded “and do you have a washing room here?”

“Of course” the woman said “if you and your companions would like to leave any laundry in the baskets outside the rooms I’ll gladly have it done by early afternoon weather permitting” Gabriel nodded.

“Thank you again.” he said gratefully.

“Welcome sir” she smiled.

“I'm sorry I didn’t catch your name”

“Marie” she said her cheeks slightly red.

“Hello Marie” Gabriel said “I'm Gabriel”

“Like the prince?” Marie said 

“Just like the prince” Gabriel agreed.

The End

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