Sunrise came quickly lighting up the small camp as Gabriel packed up the cooking things after cleaning them with a handful of grit and stowed them back in Sylver's pack. Dawn watched the prince work as he dressed.

“Dawn” Gabriel said not stopping his task. “You’re staring”

“Sorry” Dawn said continuing to pull his shirt on. Sylver smiled as he opened his eyes.

“What’s the problem?” he asked looking at his brother a small mischievous look on his face. “I thought you liked being looked at”

“Screw yourself, Sylver” Gabriel snapped.

“I love you so much in the morning” Sylver said “have a cigarette before you bite someone’s head off who's not used to it”

Gabriel sniffed and swung his pack onto his back making sure it clipped Sylver on the way.

“Ow” Sylver grumbled “you're a bastard”

“Then you are too” Gabriel retorted smiling, Dawn snorted with laughter and Gabriel flashed him a small smile unseen by Sylver and Marcus.


The city of Jord was enormous and Gabriel smiled making sure his hood was up securely.

“Why the smile?” Dawn asked quietly as people pushed past them.

“Because a crowd this size won’t notice four new members.” Gabriel replied. Dawn nodded the noise of the marketplace was deafening compared to the peace and quiet of the forest and open country they had come from.

“it must be almost closing” Sylver frowned referring to the market stalls “the town clocks almost at the hour” Gabriel looked up and saw the massive tower a clock set at the top read a few minutes to seven.

“I hope it doesn’t go on all night, I can’t deal with this noise.” Dawn said.

“nor me” Gabriel said he saw a group ahead of them and swerved to avoid it, Dawn lost sight of him for a moment then he saw the cowled prince holding a young boy by the collar. “Try to rob me again and I’ll cut your fingers off.” Dawn heard Gabriel say he saw the young boy swallow. “On the other hand show us to a reputable inn and there's a gold coin in it for you”

“Yes my lord” the boy said quickly, grinning he scurried away and Gabriel followed the others jogging slightly to catch up.


Soon after traversing a maze of darkening streets Gabriel saw a swinging sign outside a tavern naming it as the Black Mongrel.

“Here we are my lord” the young boy said “best in th’ city sir” Gabriel smiled tiredly but kindly and flicked a coin at the boy who caught it and bit it. “Goddess bless sir” the boy grinned again and vanished into the dark streets beyond the inn.

“Gabriel we could be going into anywhere” Sylver frowned as he, Dawn and Marcus came up behind him.

“I don’t care” Gabriel said “as long as they have comfortable beds and no bugs I'm happy”


The End

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