A Little DisagreementMature

Around two miles further into the forest Gabriel stopped and put his pack down.

“We’ll rest up here” he said Dawn sawn the prince flinch slightly as he sat down.

“Gabriel?” he said quietly Sylver seemed not to notice anything.

“Fine” Gabriel smiled, he touched his back discreetly as Dawn sat down and swore silently as he felt warm blood trickling down his back. Quickly he stood and moved quickly away into the trees taking his bag with him.

“Gabriel?” Sylver called after him but his brother didn’t look back.


Behind a tree Gabriel touched his back again then mumbling swear words to himself he pulled out a clean shirt and wiped his back with it. He was bleeding quite heavily and he swore a bit louder.

“Sire?” Dawn's voice Gabriel hid the bloody cloth behind his back “I saw that” Dawn said frowning.

“Saw what?” Gabriel snapped Dawn looked taken aback for a moment before taking a step forward.

“You’re bleeding” he said pointedly.

“So?” Gabriel growled.

“So let me help.” Dawn said gently, holding his hand out for the bloody shirt.

“I'm fine” Gabriel said not moving.

“I think so” Dawn smiled “but you're still bleeding” Gabriel looked away from him as blood began to soak into his waistband. “Please?”

“If you tell anyone I’ll kill you myself.” He snarled holding the shirt out for Dawn, which nodded and took it and nodded. Gabriel turned around and Dawn saw the dark stain across the light material of Gabriel's loose shirt. Dawn lifted the shirt gently and saw the four angry red gashes stretching from one side of the princes back to the other. The longest one was bleeding profusely and Dawn folded the shirt he gently pressed it against Gabriel's back, gripping the prince’s shoulder he felt him flinch and heard the hiss of air through the prince’s teeth.

“Sorry” Dawn squeezed the prince’s shoulder lightly, Gabriel didn’t say anything. “How did you get these?” Dawn asked.

“That doesn’t matter.” Gabriel growled.

“Fair enough but when we get to the city I would like to have a proper look, they need stitches.”

“No” Gabriel snapped “no stitches”
“okay” Dawn said “but they at least need cleaning up properly.”

“Fine” Gabriel said tersely. Dawn tied the shirt sleeves around Gabriel's middle creating a makeshift bandage.

“That should do for a little while.” Dawn smiled.

“Thanks” Gabriel said his voice still clipped Dawn looked at him carefully in the darkness.

“You’re welcome” he said before lifting Gabriel's pack and swinging it over his shoulder.
“I can do that” Gabriel growled following Dawn quickly and stopped him by gripping the back of the tall angel’s belt.

“I know” Dawn said.

“I need a clean shirt” Gabriel said Dawn nodded and stood still as Gabriel unbuckled his pack then Dawn heard him growl.

“What’s wrong?” Dawn asked.

“You’re too tall I can’t see” Dawn laughed and gracefully sank to one knee.

“Better?” he asked.

“You’re an idiot sometimes.” Gabriel grumbled a small smile hidden by the darkness.

“I know sire, I am also a genius though”





The End

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