In the ForestMature

Dawn was glad to leave the marketplace and began to head away from the city. Gabriel walked quickly, a frown on his face. Dawn kept looking at him wondering what was wrong but every time he went to ask the words seemed to stick in his throat.

The sun climbed high and Gabriel pulled his cloak off, the glamour spell shutting down, and stuffing it into his pack. The prince lit a cigarette and carried on moving his eyes fixed on a forest ahead. Dawn dropped back to walk with Sylver and Marcus who walked a few yards behind.

“Is he okay?” Dawn asked quietly, nodding at Gabriel. Sylver looked up and noticed his brother far ahead of them.

“I think he's looking for a place to stop” he said Dawn saw Marcus smile slightly.

“Good idea” he said the tall angel still wasn’t fully recovered from his long journey to the palace.


Gabriel sighed as he walked into the humid and sticky shade of the trees. He turned to see Dawn, Sylver and Marcus a few yards behind him.

“I think we need a rest Gabriel.” Sylver called.

“I know we do” Gabriel said loudly “and some food.” Gabriel turned and moved further into trees.



Dried fruit and flatbread were eaten gratefully by all the food pulled from somewhere in Sylver's pack. Dawn was deep in thought when he was rudely brought back to reality by Gabriel shoving a wineskin into his hands.

“Do you what this or not?” Gabriel growled

“Sorry sire” Dawn mumbled “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I hadn’t noticed” Gabriel said laying down on his side and pulling his cloak over himself and tugging his pack under his head for a pillow. Dawn smiled at him glad for the dark that covered the blood rising to his cheeks.

“Get some sleep Dawn” Sylver said “if you can” he relieved Dawn of the wineskin. Dawn nodded and licked his lips the sweet red wine had made his mouth dry, then he followed Gabriel's example and settled down closing his eyes.


Dawn awoke to a crackling fire and he sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Good evening” Sylver smiled, Dawn frowned noticing Marcus and Gabriel were nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s his highness?” Dawn asked.

“Call his Gabriel, Dawn” Sylver smiled stirring the contents of a small cooking pot. Dawn sniffed he could smell stew of some kind and his stomach growled loudly. 

“sorry.” Dawn said sitting up properly.

“You had a rough time getting here didn’t you?” Sylver asked putting the lid back on the small travel pot. Dawn rubbed his hands over his hair trying to flatten it.

“What makes you say that?”

“Gabriel explained whilst you were asleep, that you were travelling for over a week and you were injured.” Dawn looked away suddenly and unexplainably uncomfortable. Sylver chuckled quietly to himself. “Don’t worry about it” he said. “Marcus is over there practising his magick and as for my brother I have no idea where he is, he was awake before me.” Dawn sat straight up and looked at him for a moment.

“Aren’t you worried?” Dawn asked.

“Not really.” Sylver shrugged.

“What if something happens?”

“Then I feel sorry for anyone or anything that comes across Gabriel” Sylver laughed.

“Sire?” Marcus walked towards them.

“Yes?” Sylver asked Marcus held his hands up and Dawn saw sparks light between his fingers then Marcus frowned.

“I did it a minute ago” he said confused.

“Don’t worry” Sylver said gently “it takes time and practise, don’t wear yourself out.” Marcus sighed and sank down sitting beside Sylver still sighing. Sylver smiled at his young student then he turned to look at Dawn. “How about you?” he asked “do you have the gift?”

“I don’t use it” Dawn growled looking away from him.

“Any reason?” Sylver prodded gently.

“It’s dangerous and it’s cheating.” Dawn snarled.

“How so?” a calm voice came from behind him, he jumped slightly his hand flying to his sword hilt. Gabriel sat down next to him and he relaxed slightly. The prince had two fresh rabbits in his lap his hand wrapped around their back legs, he passed one to Dawn. “Make yourself useful.” He said pulling a knife from his boot and in one swift motion he'd skinned the rabbit he held, the fur coming off in one piece. Then he looked at Dawn who sat staring down at the glassy eyes of the creature in his lap. “Anything wrong?” Gabriel asked as Sylver lifted the small cooking pot by its handle and passed it to Gabriel.

“No” Dawn said quietly then using the same method as the prince he skinned his own rabbit faster than Gabriel had and set about removing the few edible bits from it.


“Dinner will be around half an hour.” Sylver informed them when the pot was back on the fire. Gabriel nodded and stood up gracefully he looked down at Dawn who still stared at his lap.

“Dawn” he said sharply “follow me” he walked away and Dawn looked nervously at Sylver who nodded encouragingly. He stood and quickly followed the prince into the trees.


The End

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