To MarketMature

Two hours passed and they stopped at an intersection.

“What is it?” Sylver asked.

“Do we want to bypass the city altogether or stop at the market before we go?” Gabriel asked undoing the strap that held his wings down beneath his jacket. Dawn watched the magickal light above them lightly bouncing on the stone ceiling above them. He looked down and smiled slightly as he saw the light reflecting off Gabriel's light hair. “Dawn?” Sylver waved a hand in front of the angels face.

“Sorry?” Dawn asked shaking his head his mind vaguely back on the task at hand.

“Do you need anything from the market?” Gabriel asked again.

“Like what?” Dawn frowned.

“Anything?” Gabriel said.

“I don’t have any money sire” Dawn said carefully.

“That’s not what I asked.” It was Gabriel's turn to frown. The prince knelt down pushing his coat into his bag while pulling the spelled cloak out. He swung it on and looked at Dawn. The tall angel watched Gabriel's wings flex beneath the thick material and cleared his throat.

“We might as well have a look at the market Gabriel.” Sylver sighed seeing that Dawn wasn’t going to say anything. He pulled his own cloak on and fastened the silver clasp at his throat then tugged the hood up. Dawn and Marcus followed suit and they carried on walking.


The tunnel came out in a dark back alley, Gabriel pulled his hood up as Sylver extinguished the magickal light. Gabriel was the first to step out into the already crowded street.

Dawn stopped as he saw the stalls and booths already set up in the streets, supplied by wagons and trailers the horses waiting patiently, used to the noises and smells of the marketplace.

“What time is it?” Dawn asked quietly, Gabriel looked up at the sky.

“Around three thirty” he said.

“Why are they here so early?”

“As far as I know there are two reasons.” Gabriel said keeping his voice low. “one, its first come first served for a selling spot, the ones that turn up too late cant sell anything. Second because anything of questionable legality can be sold before guard duty starts at five.”

“You don’t mind?” Dawn asked Gabriel shrugged.

“Not at all. As long as there's no fighting before the guards get here.” Gabriel smiled his glamoured eyes sparkling slightly. “How do you think I manage to keep up my smoking habit?” he looked at one of the stallholders and winked, the blonde angel grinned and beckoned to him. Gabriel slipped past a small group of angels and Dawn saw him and the blond stallholder climb into the back of a living wagon before he could reach the prince. The blond angel pulled a curtain across the door of the wagon. Dawn wondered if he should go and join them until Sylver put a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

“Don’t worry yourself Dawn.” He said gently. “Lewis and Gabriel go back many years it’s nothing to be concerned about.” Dawn nodded and saw Sylver move into the crowd then to a nearby stall. He saw Sylver pick a few things out of the seemingly chaotic mess on the table and pass over a gold coin, making the old angel at the stall grin widely as Sylver refused the change. Dawn looked back as he heard a laugh come from the curtained wagon. Then Gabriel emerged tugging his hood back up and the blond angel, Lewis, followed him.  Gabriel smiled at Dawn then turned to Lewis who pulled something small from his pocket and pressed it into Gabriel's hand Dawn frowned as Gabriel slipped the item into his own pocket.

“Good luck” Lewis said Gabriel nodded and walked to Dawn.

“Come on then” Gabriel said his voice light. Dawn followed him as the prince looked around for Sylver among the early morning crowds.

The End

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