What's in a name?Mature

The reservoir was darker than before the moon and stars outside casting no light down the single light shaft. Gabriel stayed perfectly still, he could hear Sylver muttering something nearby and saw his hand begin to glow a bright white ball of light floating up and out over the centre of the reservoir.

“See nothing to worry about” Sylver smiled Gabriel ignored him looking out over the lake of sludge and silt.

“Nothing” he heard Dawn whisper nearby and Gabriel sighed.

“Let’s go” he said reluctantly. He began to move around the edge of the massive room. Dawn followed him copying the prince’s footfalls exactly his hand still on the deep blue hilt of his sword. He heard Sylver and Marcus following behind him and he frowned half out of concentration and half out of annoyance at the memory that seemed to slide away, just out of reach, in his mind.  


Dawn could hear dripping as they left the reservoir. The journey around the edge of the room had taken just over an hour the enormous room being deceptively large. He watched Gabriel climb a steep set of stairs and he followed him out into a small, thin, stone tunnel. Sylver's light had followed them bobbing up near the ceiling occasionally flashing as it hit the low ceiling.

“How do you know that way through here sire?” Dawn asked as Gabriel passed yet another intersection, not even pausing to consider which tunnel to choose.

“Gabriel used to skive off from his duties and go down to the city” came Sylver voice from behind them.

“Don’t lie Sylver.” Gabriel said.

“I'm not” Sylver retorted.

“You are, you said I used to.” Dawn heard the grin in Gabriel's voice.

“Okay, you still do” Sylver smiled. “But as far as I'm aware you don’t go this way now.”

“No I just casually stroll out the front door” Gabriel said Dawn smiled even as his ribs decided to twinge slightly.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked not stopping.

“Fine sire.” Dawn said the pain gone already.

“Good” Gabriel said “because if you keep calling me that you wont be.” Dawn couldn’t quite tell if Gabriel was joking or not.

“Sorry” he muttered and heard Marcus snigger from behind Sylver. 

The End

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