Into the ResevoirMature


Gabriel waited outside the locked reservoir door Dawn saw him shift his feet again.

“Sire?” he said quietly Gabriel looked at him.

“I hate waiting” the prince said he looked up at the low ceiling for a moment.

“What are they doing?”

“Sylver decided to write to mother” Gabriel said he looked down again.

“So what the plan?” Dawn asked after a few moments silence.

“We go down to the reservoir, check around then leave via the waterway avoiding the main city.” Gabriel said.

“Do you always talk like that?” Dawn frowned Gabriel smiled. “What about the palace?” Dawn asked “isn’t it dangerous to leave it with no one here”

“That’s why we’re avoiding the city” Gabriel said “the fewer people see us the less realization that we’re gone.”  Gabriel looked past Dawn down the corridor behind him “finally” he grumbled as Marcus and Sylver appeared, walking towards them.

“You never were patient” Sylver smiled “even when we were born you had to be first”

“That is not a pleasant image Sylver” Gabriel said pulling a face.

“Maybe not but its true.” Sylver shrugged.

Gabriel lifted his pack and swung it onto his back Dawn did the same watching the prince closely. Gabriel stepped back slightly as Sylver pulled the locking bar from the door.

Nothing jumped out at them, no strange smells or sounds and Dawn sighed with relief.

“See?” Sylver smiled “all fine” he walked in first and Marcus followed him after a nod from Gabriel then the prince followed with Dawn bringing up the rear.



Gabriel noticed that every so often on of the previously failed light spells had been renewed by Sylver and he felt a little more relaxed. Behind him he could hear Dawn breathing heavily.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel whispered over his shoulder.

“Fine sire” Dawn said keeping an eye on the stairs in the dim passage. “Just a little nervous.”

“Good” Gabriel said back “I’d be concerned if you weren’t”

“How about you?” Dawn asked

“Terrified” Gabriel grinned Dawn could hear the smile in his voice.

“Is that a good thing?” Dawn asked confused.

“Yes” Gabriel said “it lets me know I'm still alive and keeps me awake and alert.”

“True” Dawn laughed.

“Nearly there” Sylver said from the front of the small group. From the rear Dawn saw Gabriel's hand tighten on his sword hilt and he unconsciously copied him.




The End

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