A Little MagickMature

“Sire?” Dawn said standing up.

“Dawn you don’t have to come with us you haven't really recovered from the journey here” Gabriel said looking at the tall angel “and add to that you’re still injured.” Dawn smiled.

“As your man at arms in training sire I do have to go and besides you’re injured too” Gabriel frowned at him.

“What?” he snapped, Dawn shook his head.

“I just wish I had time to get a proper weapon before we go” Dawn sighed changing the subject he looked at the sword at his waist Gabriel nodded.

“Me too” he said still frowning slightly.

“I don’t mind too much” Dawn smiled at him.


In the bedroom Gabriel pulled a thin black leather strap over his head and Dawn frowned at him as the prince strapped his wings down.

“why do that?” Dawn asked packing his clothes into his oil sack, he looked up as Gabriel pulled a long jacket on over the top and thought how much smaller the prince looked without his wings visible.

“My wings are distinctive” Gabriel said then he tugged his braid, “there’s not much I can do about this though”  

“On the contrary” a voice said from the doorway Gabriel spun around and Dawn saw the princes hand fly to his sword hilt.

“Don’t do that” he snarled at Sylver who merely smiled.

“My apologies.” the angel said, Sylver was dressed in a long dark grey tunic made from thick wool and loose cotton trousers of the same colour. “I have something for you both” he said holding out a bundle of black cloth.  

“What is it?” Gabriel frowned and reached his hand out, suddenly snatching it back as the complex magick in the material bit at him like a static shock.

“nothing harmful” Sylver sighed “just trust me” Gabriel reached out again more carefully this time and the magick seemed to wrap around his hand twining around his fingers and up his wrist and forearm before seeming to disappear. “And you Dawn” Sylver said separating the cloth to reveal two thick black cloaks.

“Thank you” Dawn frowned standing up he warily took the larger of the two from Sylver, he expected to feel something but he didn’t instead he held it watching as Gabriel pulled his on.
“Pull the hood up” Sylver said Gabriel frowned then did as he was told, Dawn swore loudly as Gabriel's eyes flashed the bright blue being replaced by a deep, chocolate brown. The small section of Gabriel's hair showing around the hood was now coal black.

“What?” Gabriel asked looking at the tall rather surprised looking angel.

“Look in the mirror.” Sylver said smiling Gabriel moved to the wardrobe pulling the door open he studied his reflection for a moment then Dawn saw his grin. Sylver turned to Dawn as the angel looked down at his own cloak. “You only have a little magick in yours” Dawn nodded slowly and swung the cloak around his shoulders. Then he moved near to Gabriel the prince moved aside to let him see the mirror.

“Nothings different.” Dawn frowned

“I hope you realize that a perception filter is different to a glamour” Sylver said as Marcus came in a thin cloak around his shoulders the hood was pulled down deactivating the magick.

“What’s a perception filter?” Dawn asked he turned away from the mirror and saw Sylver smile.

“Marcus could you find Dawn for me please?” he asked Marcus nodded and walked straight past the tall angel and knocked Dawn's bedroom door. Dawn grinned pulling his hood down Marcus jumped as the angel seemed to appear out of nowhere. “it doesn't make you invisible, just unnoticeable” Sylver smiled “yours does the same Marcus” he looked at the small angel, who had a strange look on his face as he watched Dawn. “Anything wrong?” Sylver asked frowning.

“No sire” Marcus said staring for a moment longer before quickly leaving the room.

“Why does Gabriel have one that changes is appearance?” Dawn asked ignoring Marcus’ strange behaviour.

“Because a glamour is always a glamour but a perception filter ceases to work once someone knows you're there” Sylver smiled “excuse me a moment.” He left to find Marcus.

The End

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