Food and MoodsMature

Dinner was a quiet affair, Sylver had a small smile on his face for the whole meal and Marcus kept fidgeting uncomfortably. Gabriel looked up and frowned as Sylver sniggered quietly to himself.

“Alright what's going on?” Gabriel growled, Sylver looked at him and smiled.

“Nothing” he said.

“Sylver” Gabriel snapped.

“All right” Sylver put his knife down “I've been down to the reservoir” he said.

“What?” Gabriel shouted Dawn jumped slightly.

“There’s nothing down there” Sylver said calmly.

“You idiot” Gabriel snarled “what if something had happened?”

“Nothing did” Sylver smiled serenely “but something had happened.” Sylver smiled as Gabriel shoved his chair back and stood angrily.

“Why didn’t you wait for us?” he snarled, Dawn pushed his chair away as he felt power begin to build in the prince.

“Stay there Dawn” Sylver said to him he looked at his brother again. “That’s enough there is nothing down there.”

“I don’t care” Gabriel said trying to keep his voice quiet and calm his temper.

“You will when I tell you that by the magick residue down there you were right to leave quickly this morning.”

“What?” Gabriel frowned his curiosity overpowering his temper.

“A necromancer” Sylver said Gabriel stopped moving his body froze.

“Are you sure?” he asked Sylver nodded.

“Positive” Sylver sighed “as you well know I know those power imprints anywhere.”

“So what do we do?” Dawn asked glad that his prince had stopped shouting.

“We follow the trail that their little friends have left.” Sylver frowned and looked at his hands “but before that I need to write to the weather mages families and inform them”

“The water well and truly gone hasn’t it?” Marcus said Gabriel nodded, a bad sense of déjà vu was creeping over him.

“Gabriel” Sylver said “at least we have some warning this time.” Gabriel nodded.

“Dawn” he said “I need you to be a scribe for me I’ll leave a report for mother.” Sylver nodded as did Dawn.

“Yes sire” Dawn said.

“I need your help Marcus” Sylver said looking at the small angel. “I have a lot of letters to write.”

“Yes sire” Marcus said Sylver stood up and looked at his brother.

“We’ll be fine” he said Gabriel looked at him.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He said Sylver smiled sadly knowing what had prompted his brother’s remark, then he and Marcus left.   

The End

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