A Little Fire After a Little PromtingMature

“Did you want your bag?” Sylver asked before he shut the door to the small bedroom.

“Yes please” Dawn said, once he had it and Sylver had closed the bedroom door, he pulled the curtain on one side of the bed back slowly trying not to let it make a sound. He saw that Gabriel was sat in the bed his les under the covers and he was staring blankly at the end of the bed. “Sire?” Dawn said quietly Gabriel turned his head slowly.

“yes?” he said dully.

“Sylver told me to sleep in here a bed hasn’t been set up for me yet and Sylver and Marcus have my room.”

“Fine” Gabriel said turning his head back to look at the curtains at the end of the bed. Dawn moved so that the curtain was between himself and Gabriel before stripping off and pulling on a pair of soft, cotton trousers. He folded the clothes he'd been wearing and stacked them on top of his bag. He moved back to the open curtain and looked at Gabriel.

“Am I sleeping this side sire?” Dawn asked he saw Gabriel shrug one shoulder and Dawn slowly climbed in staying as far from his prince as he could.

“I apologize” Gabriel said not turning or moving at all.

“For what sire?” Dawn asked genuinely confused.

“For this” Gabriel turned slowly to look at him. “For the strange situation I have put you in” Dawn frowned.


“It is your first day and I have already put you in danger at least once, maybe even twice.” There was a slight change to Gabriel's voice now and Dawn levered himself up on one elbow to look at him properly.

“In reality sire.” Dawn said “I haven't been put in that much danger and to be perfectly truthful I am enjoying every moment of it” Dawn grinned.

“Good answer” Gabriel smiled the warmth rushing back into his voice.


A few hours later Sylver shook Dawn awake.

“Time to get up” Sylver smiled “and you can have the pleasurable duty of waking his lordship up.” Dawn nodded tiredly.

“Sire?” he said looking down at the angel beside him.

“Use his name Dawn” Sylver called from the lounge. “Or he won’t respond.”

“Gabriel?” Dawn whispered unsurely. The sleeping prince rolled over to face Dawn. “Gabriel time to get up” Dawn looked at the pale face in the dim light he somehow looked softer and gentler in his sleep. Dawn reached out to touch his face his fingers just brushed the princes cheek when he noticed a pair of bright blue eyes watching him. “Sire, I…” Dawn stuttered snatching his hand back. Gabriel just looked at him for a moment before twisting and sitting up, Dawn started at the speed the angel could move.

“What were you doing?” Gabriel asked his voice was harsh.

“I was trying to wake you up sire” Dawn said.

“At first perhaps” Gabriel turned to look at him, “but not just then”

“Sire” Dawn swung his legs out of the bed and put his head in his hands. Gabriel shifted up onto his knees and shuffled up behind Dawn. He rested both hands on the angel’s shoulders feeling the strength as they rolled slightly beneath his hands. Gabriel bent forward his mouth near Dawn's ear.

“Here’s a little bit of help for you” Gabriel said quietly “Dawn could hear something in the angel’s voice that he couldn’t place. “And also you should never turn your back on me” Gabriel added Dawn felt his fingers move slightly and then he winced as he felt the blood supply to his wings start to cut off.

“Sire” he said.

“Dawn, answer me something” Gabriel said Dawn tried to stop himself shivering as the princes breath tickled his neck.

“Yes sire” he said gritting his teeth pins and needles beginning to creep into his wings, then Gabriel's fingers relaxed slightly.

“Do you want this job?” Gabriel asked his voice still quiet.

“Yes sire.” Dawn said again.

“Why?” Gabriel said.

“I'm not sure sire” Dawn frowned. “I think I’ll be good at it and I can try and keep you safe.” Dawn made a small sound of pain as Gabriel's fingers tightened again.

“You know Dawn” Gabriel said “I don’t think I need someone to keep me safe”

“In your mind you do sire” Dawn said.

“Most people would have fought back by now Dawn” Gabriel whispered in the tall angel’s ear.

“I'm not most people sire” Dawn said.

“True” Gabriel said he dug his fingers deeper knowing that he couldn’t really do any permanent damage to the angel. Dawn growled then twisted knocking Gabriel backwards he grabbed the prince’s arms and pinned him down his face inches from Gabriel's.

“Don’t do that” Dawn hissed Gabriel laughed.
“That’s better.” The prince smiled not attempting to fight the angel having got the reaction he wanted, then Dawn's eyes widened.

“Sire I…” he unwrapped his legs from around the princes and moved quickly off the bed standing still he chanced a look at Gabriel. “I'm sorry.” He said seeing Gabriel still laying on the bed his head raised slightly to look at Dawn.

“I was starting to think you had no fire in you at all” Gabriel grinned sitting up “I'm glad you do” Dawn flushed a deep red.

“I…” Dawn started but he didn’t know what to say and shut his mouth again. Gabriel stood up and walked to the embarrassed angel he beckoned for Dawn to lower his head.

“I have no objection to being touched” Gabriel said in Dawn's ear “just not when I'm asleep” Dawn went even redder as Gabriel moved away from him.

“I bet you would mind if I did it” he muttered to himself as he bent down to pull some clean clothes from his bag.

“Not at all” he heard Gabriel say on the other side of the curtained bed.


The End

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